Money reached! Main Event Day 2 wraps up with Albert Paik leading the final 27 players

The APT Korea Incheon 2017 concluded another action packed day at Paradise City with 95 players out of the 185 total entries returning for Day 2 of the Main Event. By the time the money round was reached, it was bagging time with Albert Paik emerging as the chip leader out of the 27 remaining contenders. Paik closed the day with 760,000 in chips.

Chip Leader Entering Main Event Day 3, Albert Paik

Unlike most Day 2s we’ve seen, this one began with only a handful of players falling on the first hour. Usually tables break quickly with short stacks on a “make or break” mode. But not this time. With blinds increasing gradually and stacks very playable even at below average, the mood was more of “the grind”. It was only midway through the day where we began to see some significant shifts in the chip rank.

The day’s entering chip leader, Jeremy Alan Graves, was still enjoying his spot at the top, though not for long, while Choong Kian Weng was nowhere to be found. New faces emerged in the spotlight such as Jiwoon Kim and Taehoon Han. In addition was Bi Qiang who amassed an enormous stack after winning a three-way showdown with his 9 9 turned full house. Click here for the hand history.

A couple of rounds later, more big changes occurred. Graves was out of the running, losing three costly pots well before the money, and so was Mitsuru Sano one of the top movers of Day 1B. As for the reigning APT POY champion, Iori Yogo, he lagged behind all day, unable to recover after paying out a double up in the early round to an A-K that outdrew his pocket jacks. Just before the bubble round Yogo lost more of his short stack and bagged up 71,000 in chips, the lowest on the totem pole.

With the day’s entering leaders suffering major troubles, slipping out of the shadows was Yuki Ko winning a countless number of small pots then railing Gerald Keener to finish with a towering 692,000 in chips. Andy Li Xueyan was another power hitter today, consistently in the upper bracket. Xueyan landed one of the wildest hands of the day, eliminating Gen Nose just before the bubble round with quads over full house. It is worth a read so make sure to click here for the hand history.

The crowd immediately reacts as the the bubble bursts!

The final hand of the day (pictured above) was of course the bubble bursting. This happened when Kazuto Sato called Hyatt’s three-bet shove. Sato had A A while Hyatt had Q Q. The board bricked and Day 2 was officially over with everyone now guaranteed a payout.

Day 3 will resume at 1pm tomorrow, Friday, August 18th. They will play down to the Final 8 players. Payouts will begin at KRW 1,970,000.

Chip counts

Don’t forget, we will have a live reporting team on the premises so make sure to follow the action in the Live Updates page of the website. You can also read up on the thrilling action that went down in Day 2.

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