Kelvin Beattie wins the Main Event Warm Up; APT Player of the Series race update

We have a new player taking down one of the APT Korea Seoul 2018 trophies here at Paradise Casino at Grand Walkerhill. Japan resident Kelvin Beattie topped the Main Event Warm Up and earned himself KRW 7,073,000 for his impressive run.

Kelvin Beattie, Main Event Warm Up champion

The Main Event Warm Up resumed from a night’s break with 14 players out of the 51 entrants back at the felt. With only 9 players paid, action was surprisingly lightning fast with 4 players downed in just twenty minutes. One of the players profiting was eventual champion Beattie. He amassed a dominating stack and further grew by eliminating Andrew An to burst the money bubble.

Final 9 of the Main Event Warm Up

With 9 remaining, action slowed significantly. Chips moved around the felt until a big pot came down between Czerwinski “John Paul” Krzysztofjacek and Albert Paik. Czerwinski doubled up with J J over A Q. Several hands after, the Beattie beast booted Paik in 9th place, then did the same to Eric Ahn (8th). Next out was Toru Terauchi (7th) whose Q-Q ran into Czerwinski’s K-K; this was followed by the fall of Kenta Hiroki (6th) and Jae Kyung Ro (5th).

At four-handed, Czerwinski landed a massive double up through Beattie. He risked his stack on K 10 and won the bout against Beattie’s J 10 shove. Beattie quickly made up the lost chips by sending Aleksandr Grigorev packing in 4th place. Grigorev’s A-Q wasn’t able to improve against Beattie’s pocket 3s.

The three-handed round lasted one quick hand. Czerwinski shoved Q 5 on the button and Yee Eun Yul called for his tournament life with K 7. The board ran J Q 10 9 6 for a straight to Yee and a double up. An ICM deal was then discussed and reached to end the tournament with Kelvin Beattie as the festival’s latest champion. Beattie now becomes the single biggest earner at the ongoing series and has moved up to second rank in the APT Player of the Series race. 

Prize pool: KRW 29,862,000 – Buyin: 660,0000 – 51 entries

1st Kelvin John Beattie – Japan – KRW 7,073,000 (deal made)
2nd Czerwinski “John Paul” Krzysztofjacek – Poland – KRW 6,117,000 (deal made)
3rd Yee Eun Yul – Germany – KRW 6,090,000 (deal made)
4th Aleksandr Grigorev – Russia – KRW 2,993,000
5th Jae Kyung Ro – USA – KRW 2,223,000
6th Kenta Hiroki – Japan – KRW 1,713,000
7th Toru Terauchi – Japan – KRW 1,368,000
8th Eric Ahn – USA – KRW 1,133,000
9th Albert Paik – USA – KRW 972,000

APT Player of the Series race update

With three events in the books, here’s the latest update on the APT Player of the Series race.