Terry Nguyen locks up High Rollers Single Day; Nguyen Manh Tuan wins Super Deep Stack Turbo

Another two trophies have left the awards table and into the hands of the newest APT Vietnam Hanoi Loyal 2022 side event champions. Terry Nguyen claimed the win at the High Rollers Single Day and Nguyen Manh Tuan raced to victory at the Super Deep Stack Turbo. Congratulations to the winners! We’ve got those highlights for you down below. 

With seven events completed, the race for Player of the Series is on. Mystery Bounty champion Huy Quang Nguyen still holds the lead. Everyone that cashed at the events (satellites not included) earned points so make sure to check the leaderboard for your standing. 

Player of the Series leaderboard 

Terry Nguyen wins the High Rollers Single Day

The second installment of the High Rollers Single Day drew a larger field of 34 entries for a prize pool of VN₫ 989,400,000 (~US$ 42,683). Last night’s winner Phachara Wongwichit attempted for a back to back but was unsuccessful, busting before the money round. Same result as well for runner up Thananat Therdtakoonrat and Super High Rollers runner up Florent Benlloch. Falling the hardest was India’s Zarvan Tumboli on the bubble. You can catch the rest of the action via APT YouTube or read on for the recap. 

The only non Vietnamese player, Michael Soyza, entered the final table as chip leader but within the first twenty minutes, he ran into two big pairs that sent him crashing out in 6th place. One player benefiting was Cuong Ngoc Huynh aka Winter Sea who stormed to the top of the counts, but just like Soyza it didn’t last. Huynh’s A K ran into Terry Nguyen‘s A A to drop down and eventually bust in 5th place with pocket Nines losing to Terry’s pocket Jacks. From there, Terry kept a tight grip on the chip lead. He eliminated Quang Nguyen next then stripped Tu Phuong Nguyen down to 6 BB with a higher straight. Heads up against Tai Gia Lai lasted 15 minutes. During that time, Terry grinded  Lai down to 6.5 BB who pushed with a desperate J 5 that missed the board for Terry’s 5 5 to bring home the win. Terry pocketed a cool VN₫ 376,460,000 (~US$ 16,240) and his career second APT high rollers trophy. 

Buy in: VN₫ 32,500,000 (~US$ 1,402)
Entries: 34
Prize pool: VN₫ 989,400,000 (~US$ 42,683)
ITM: 6 places

Payouts in USD

1st Terry Nguyen Vietnam 376,460,000
2nd Tai Gia Lai Vietnam 231,200,000
3rd Tu Phuong Nguyen Vietnam 150,110,000
4th Quang Nguyen Vietnam 102,670,000
5th Cuong Ngoc Huynh Vietnam 73,690,000
6th Michael Soyza Malaysia 55,270,000


Nguyen Manh Tuan takes down the Super Deep Stack Turbo

The Super Deep Stack Turbo sped off and in just under six hours, it concluded with Vietnam’s Nguyen Manh Tuan locking up his first ever APT win.


After the bubble burst on the struggling Paul Elliott, the final table of nine was quickly formed. Nguyen entered as chip leader and made quick work disposing of his tablemates. The first two busts were the result of a four way clash with Nguyen delivering the axe while splitting the main pot with Anton Widjaya. Widjaya went on to reach the the final three and busted holding mid-pair to Ito Akira‘s higher pocket Kings. It didn’t take long for the next all in. Akira risked it with 9 8, Nguyen called with K 8, the board ran dry for the king to hold. Nguyen pocketed VN₫ 6,102,470,000 (~US$ 4,420) for his victory and an APT trophy. 

Buy in: VN₫ 6,600,000 (~US$ 285)
Entries: 61
Prize pool: VN₫ 355,020,000 (~US$ 15,316)
ITM: 11 places

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Nguyen Manh Tuan Vietnam 102,470,000
2nd Ito Akira Japan 68,310,000
3rd Anton Widjaya Thailand 47,490,000
4th Jinlong Hu Vietnam 34,300,000
5th Sang Van Nguyen Vietnam 25,650,000
6th Phan Trong Linh Vietnam 19,800,000
7th Le Hoai Nam Vietnam 15,720,000
8th Anupad Khongdechudomkul Thailand 12,810,000
9th Nguyen Trung Hieu Vietnam 10,670,000
10th Vu Minh Duc Vietnam 8,900,000
11th Nguyen Hai Phong Vietnam 8,900,000