Side event winners: Lee Chul Hoon, Han Ze, Nikolai Kosirov, & Kosuke Tajima

Running alongside the Championships Event were several side events. The past two days saw APT Korea Seoul 2019 award four more winners at Grand Walkerhill Paradise Casino.

You can view all the results here —-> Full APT Korea Seoul results

Players reaching the money at the series earn points towards the APT Player of the Series race. With over half of the events wrapped up, including the Main Event, make sure to check your standing via the link below:

APT Player of the Series leaderboard

Below are the lastest champions: 

Lee Chul Hoon wins the WeLoveSport Super Deep Stack Turbo

Lee Chul Hoon

New Zealand’s Lee Chul Hoon claimed the title at the WeLoveSport Super Deep Stack Turbo. Lee bested a field of 40 entries for a lion’s share KRW 4,000,000. This event had a KRW 330,000 buy-in for a prize pool of KRW 11,640,000. The top seven places got paid.

Impressively, USA’s Bernard Park ran up to 3rd place. Park is already a multi-winner at the series and is making a strong bid for a win at the APT Player of the Series race. He is currently ranked 3rd. 

1st Lee Chul Hoon – New Zealand – KRW 4,000,000
2nd Jiabin Wang – China – KRW 2,571,000
3rd Bernard Park – USA – KRW 1,733,000
4th Yuki Sakamoto – Japan – KRW 1,221,000
5th Ichiki Mao – Japan – KRW 896,000
6th Jeffrey Lo Kuen Wai – Hong Kong – KRW 682,000
7th Wei Fan – Hong Kong – KRW 537,000 

Han Ze wins the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo #1

One of the lowest buy-in events at the series was the KRW 220,000 Deep Stack Hyper Turbo. 31 players entered for a prize pool of KRW 6,014,000. China’s Han Ze topped the competition, defeating well known player Edward Yam Chun Ho for the title. Han pocketed KRW 2,289,000.

Han Ze

As for Yam, he has now picked up his fourth cash at the ogoing series and though he hasn’t plugged a win, he is up there in the APT Player of the Series race. Back in January, Yam placed 3rd at the APT Vietnam Kickoff festival’s Player of the Series. He is currently ranked 4th and not too far behind Bernard Park. 

1st Han Ze – China – KRW 2,289,000
2nd Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – KRW 1,405,000
3rd Yee Eun Yul – Germany – KRW 912,000
4th Edgar Kim – Hong Kong – KRW 624,000
5th Yuan Yilu – China – KRW 448,000
6th Akira Okada – Japan – KRW 336,000

Nikolai Kosirov wins the Deep Stack Turbo #1

34 players turned up for the first edition of the Deep Stack Turbo. AT KRW 330,000 each, players were in for a KRW 9,894,000 prize pool. The top six places made the money with Russia’s Nikolai Kosirov banking the largest for his victory. He earned KRW 3,168,000 after defeating Japan’s Hideki Izutsu at heads up. 

Nikolai Kosirov

1st Nikolai Kosirov – Russia – KRW 3,168,000 (deal made)
2nd Hideki Izutsu – Japan – KRW 2,908,000 (deal made)
3rd Kenji Hata – Japan – KRW 1,501,000
4th Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – KRW 1,027,000
5th Manabu Onda – Japan – KRW 737,000
6th Zhujun Huang – China – KRW 553,000

 Kosuke Tajima wins the No Limit Hold’em #2 

There have been quite a number of first time winners at the series, Japan’s Kosuke Tajima is one of them. Tajima bested a field of 48 runners at the KRW 550,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em #2. The event ran for two days. Players battled for a piece of the KRW 23,280,000 prize pool. The final table was littered with Japanese players. Only 8 players earned a cut. It was an all Japanese affair at four-handed. When it was down to three players, they struck a deal that eventually saw Tajima pocket the largest cut of KRW 5,380,000. 

Kosuke Tajima

1st Kosuke Tajima – Japan – KRW 5,380,000 (deal made)
2nd Kojo Kunimaro – Japan – KRW 4,890,000 (deal made)
3rd Yuki Miyakura – Japan – KRW 5,291,000 (deal made)
4th Kazuki Yamashita – Japan – KRW 2,445,000 
5th Cheung Ngai Yi – Hong Kong – KRW 1,829,000
6th Akira Ise – Japan – KRw 1,411,000
7th Masahiro Marumoto – Japan – KRW 1,121,000
8th Hei Lam Tsang – Hong Kong – KRW 913,000