One for the Motherland: Korea’s Whan triumphs in S-DST, Japan bounces back thru Kawasaki in High-Rollers

INCHEON CITY, Korea – Aeisler Benjamin Whan gave the host nation its first win in the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Korea Incheon 2022 competition by defeating Japan’s Kengo Sakurai and snatch his first APT title at the Paradise City Hotel and Casino here.

Whan bested a field of 173 entries and reached a deal during four-handed play that also involved Kim Gong Pyeong and Shimizuke Yutaka

In the end, it came down to Heads-Up between Whan and Sakurai–who has a High-Rollers crown from APT Korea Seoul in 2019

After an ICM chop, Aeisler Benjamin Whan (KOR) battled Kengo Sakurai (JPN) for the Super Deep Stack Turbo title

The final hand had Whan raising from UTG/D and Sakurai defending his BB.

The Flop came: 6 5 4 as the Japanese veteran checked. Whan’s CBet was greeted with a shove from Sakurai and after some consideration, the Korean called.

Sakurai tabled 10 7; a One-Card Open-Ended Straight Draw. Whan showed K 9 having two over cards to the board.

The Turn was the J giving Whan a redraw to a Flush and still ahead with King high as Sakurai failed to get his 8-outer on the River with the 5 appearing.

Whan became richer by KRW10,479,000 (US$7,301) while Sakurai got the adjusted runner-up prize of KRW8.2M (US$5,712)

Third place went to Kim (who was second in chips during the ICM Chop) for KRW9.6M (US$6,686) while fourth went to Yutaka for KRW9.3M (US$6,476)

In (Event #7) the second of the KRW3.2M (US$2,237) single-day High-Rollers, Japan got back on track with Goichi Kawasaki topping a field of 54 entries to earn his first ever APT title and the biggest payout of his career by snaring the KRW47,748,000 (US$33,287) top prize. 

Gochi Kawasaki (JPN) gets the biggest cash of his career but also gets his country back on track in dominating the competition

Goichi had previously placed fourth in an event here a few weeks back and used that momentum for the win. 

Finishing second was Canada’s Ryan Yu (2013 APT Asian Series Jeju Main Event champion) for KRW31,832,000 (US$22,221) while (Event #2) the 2-day KRW4M (US$2,792) High-Rollers champion Shijima Yoshihito of Japan added to his haul with his third place prize of KRW22,129,000 (US$15,456)

Another KRW550K (US$384) NLH (Event #8) and (Event #9) the third KRW3.2M (US$2,237) single-day High-Rollers commence later (22nd October) at 2:00PM (UCT+9) and 3:00PM, respectively, while another popular tiff in (Event #10) the Deep Stack Turbo (DST) takes place at 6:00PM. 

Of course, Day 1C of the Main Event will be the focus of the day at 1:00PM with the biggest influx being expected.