Marcos bursts Bubble, PhP1.7M in Mystery Bounties now in play

PASAY CITY, Philippines – 2-time Asian Poker Tour (APT) titlist Czar Ian Marcos of the host nation eliminates fellow Filipino William Dizon, Jr. to breach the Bubble in (Event #1) the APT 2022 Philippines Mystery Bounty to ensure the 35 remaining runners of a share of the over PhP3.4M (US$59.500.00) in the prize pool of this record-shattering field at the Grand Wing Casino, Newport World Resorts here.

Marcos, who won Side Events in the 2013 Iron Man Poker Challenge and the 2018 APT Manila, was on the BB when it was folded to Dizon on the D and put his remaining stack of less than 50,000 in chips in the middle of the table, declaring he was All-In. After the SB folded, Marcos decided to make the duty call.

Dizon showed KhQd while Marcos delightedly showed he was ahead with A2d.

The flop immediately gave Marcos an almost insurmountable edge: 3d2s2c.

Dizon, needing running cards to overturn the trend and stay alive, saw the 3h on the turn and could now only chop the pot if another 3 came on the river. It never came as the 8s sealed the deal for Marcos with his Full House and guaranteeing all those remaining at least PhP21,000.00 (US$367.00) in this PhP16,500.00 (US$289.00) buy-in opener.

Filipino tournament grinder Don “Pusang Gala” Carmona eventually drew the first of three PhP288,000.00 (US$5,036.00) bounties. There is over PhP1.7M (US$29,720.00) worth of bounties up for grabs.

Don “Pusang Gala” Carmona draws the first of 3 Mystery Bounties worth PhP288,000.00

The champion of the Mystery Bounty takes home PhP746,100.00 (US$13,044.00).