MAIN EVENT P15M gtd starts today! Bubble protection in effect; Final 8 of High Rollers and Head Hunter

Today the Asian Poker Tour kicks off the MAIN EVENT! Through the years, this has been the tour’s most prized tournament. Its custom crafted deep structure is considered one of the best in the region. For APT Philippines 2022, we have raised the bar to a whopping Php 15 Million guarantee, which is a third more than previous. Two starting days are scheduled with late registration open for one hour in Day 2. Buy in is Php 55,000. 

The past two days we’ve already seen several APT Main Event champions on the felt including two time winner Henrik Tollefsen who shipped the Mystery Bounty opener. Other champions seen on the battlefield were multi winners Iori Yogo and Lester Edoc, Mike Takayama, Feng Zhao, Christopher Mateo to mention a few. Can they add another to their awards shelf? We shall find out! The hunt for the next champion begins! 

Dates: April 29 to May 3
Buy in: Php 55,000 (~US$ 1,050)
Guarantee: Php 15,000,000 (~US$ 287,139)

Day 1A: Friday, April 29
Day 1B: Saturday, April 30
Day 2: Sunday, May 1
Day 3: Monday, May 2
Final 8: Tuesday, May 3
*Live updates on Day 2 and Day 3, Live stream for Final 8 on APT YouTube and APT Twitch.

Starting stack: 25,000
Opening blinds: Level 1 – 50-100
Level intervals: 60 minutes
Bagging time: end of Level 9

Bubble Protection

To spice up the action, the APT extends an incentive for all the early birds, the Bubble Protection. This is a very powerful perk to have. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself busting on the bubble, the APT will give you back your buy in in the form of APT credits. To qualify for Bubble Protection all that’s required are these simple steps:

  • Pre-register
  • Draw for your seat
  • Have your chips in play by the first deal of round 1.

It’s that easy. One important reminder, for Day 1A players re-entering on Day 1B, you will have to re-qualify for Bubble Protection in order to be insured. 

Side Events

High Rollers – Final 8

The two-day High Rollers saw 22 players pony up the Php 107,500 (~US$ 2,052) buy in for a prize pool of Php 2,134,000 (~US$ 40,735). The final 8 players bagged up for the night led by two time highly decorated APT champion Lester Edoc. When they return on Friday, April 29 at 1pm, the will be chasing money starting at 4 places and the Php 1,043,800 (~US$ 19,925) first prize.

Lester Edoc Philippines 252,300
William Teoh Malaysia 172,000
Mike Takayama Philippines 143,000
Alexandr Merzhvinskii Russia 90,500
Vamerdino Magsakay Philippines 62,000
Webster Lim Malaysia 56,000
Shunpoker Japan 58,000
Yohei Kituzato Japan 41,000

Chips in play: 880,000
Average stack: 110,000
Opening blinds: 1500 – 3000 – 3000 BB Ante


1st Php 1,043,800
2nd Php 559,900
3rd Php 325,400
4th Php 204,900

Head Hunter – Final 8

The two-day Head Hunter will also be returning with the Final 8 players. The event drew 103 entries for a cash prize pool of Php 1,386,400 (~UA$ 26,464) and bounty pool of Php 412,000. Day 1 ended at the fall of Mike Takayama in 9th place. He pushed his short 6 BB stack with 10 9 and was eliminated by Takahiro Kidokoro with K 6

Buy in: Php 19,800 
Entries: 103
Cash pool: Php 1,386,400
Bounty Pool: Php 412,ooo (Php 4,000 / buy in)
ITM: 18 places

Final 8 players

Christopher Mateo Philippines 171,500
Yoon Kyo Sung Korea 141,500
Edgar Asehan Jr Philippines 136,000
Takahiro Kidokoro Japan 133,000
Feng Zhao Singapore 130,000
Renniel Galvez Philippines 126,500
Lester Timonera Philippines 112,500
Bell John Perez Philippines 89,000

Chips in play: 1,040,000
Average stack: 130,000
Opening blinds: 2000 – 4000 – 4000 BB Ante

Remaining payouts

1st Php 353,300
2nd Php 235,600
3rd Php 163,800
4th Php 118,300
5th Php 88,500
6th Php 68,300
7th Php 54,200
8th Php 44,200

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