Main Event Day 2 ends with Koichi Haruta in the lead; 35 players advance to Day 3

Big day at APT Korea Incheon 2019 with 116 runners returning to Paradise City Casino for Day 2 of the Main Event. Over the course of two starting days, the tour’s featured tournament attracted 206 entries – 71 at Day 1A and 135 at Day 1B – and with registration open for one last hour in Day 2, another 30 signed on to bring the total to a series record-setting 236 entrants. This turnout also generated a guarantee smashing prize pool worth KRW 274,704,000 (USD 226,300) of which only 24 will eventually earn a cut. Compared to previous years’ results, this is now the largest field and largest Main Event pot amassed by the APT in Incheon. 

Recapping the action at Day 2, at the end of the scheduled eight rounds, 35 players bagged up which meant the money wasn’t reached. With the event paying out only the top ten percent, 11 players will have to crawl out empty-handed in Day 3.  

Looking like he won’t have to worry about missing out on the cash is Japan’s Koichi Haruta who ended Day 2 as chip leader with 451,000. He made great strides coming in situated 12th rank then bringing it to the top. Haruta is having an excellent run at the series, he already shipped a High Rollers title on opening day. 

Trailing the leader by a small margin was Russia’s Eduard Pak with 434,500. Pak entered Day 2 wedged in the middle of the returnees that his strong performance today makes him a very big threat coming Day 3. To round out the top three was the day’s entering chip leader, USA’s Michael Fan with 381,500 in chips. By the rate Fan is going, he looks to be in fine shape for another great day ahead.  

In addition to the three leaders were numerous pros ensuring themselves a spot in the next round. Among them were: Xixiang Luo, Graeme Siow, and Tae Hoon Han. As for the list of APT major title-holders in battle today, only Taiwan’s Hung Sheng Lin survived. Lin will have quite the challenge with a stack of 62,500 (< 16 big blinds) to work with. 

Day 2 survivors return to action on Wednesday, August 7 at 1pm for the race to the money and a coveted Final 8 seat. 

End of Day 2 survivors (by chip count) 

Rank Name Country Chips
1 Koichi Haruta  Japan 451,000
2 Eduard Pak  Russia 434,500
3 Michael Fan  United States 381,500
4 Kevin Song Korea 301,500
5 Wu Yu Fai Hong Kong 268,800
6 Xixiang Luo China 248,500
7 Takahiro Abe  Japan 242,500
8 Shogo Otani Japan 225,500
9 Ryo Daicho  Japan 217,500
10 Disuke Arashi Japan 211,000
11 Tsang Dicky Stu Hang Hong Kong 209,000
12 Vladimir Mefodichev Russia 205,500
13 Yuya Nakatani Japan 178,500
14 Kunimaro Kojo Japan 173,500
15 Graeme Siow Singapore 166,000
16 Tae Hoon Han New Zealand 164,000
17 Yoichiro Deguchi Japan 159,000
18 Jwa Hyoung Kim Korea 153,000
19 Diana Koszegi Hungary 142,000
20 Nobuyuki Okuda Japan 125,000
21 Kenichi Takarabe Japan 123,500
22 Tsai Du Ming Taiwan 122,000
23 Jun Yoshida Japan 114,500
24 Kengo Sakurai  Japan 111,000
25 Chi Chung Ho Hong Kong 110,500
26 Ng Pui Cheung Hong Kong 110,000
27 Dom Choi  Australia 91,500
28 Li Yong Feng China 87,500
29 Takuto Sakamoto Japan 76,000
30 Hashimoto Akira Japan 66,500
31 Akihisa T Japan 65,500
32 Hung-Sheng Lin Taiwan 62,500
33 Shoichi Horio  Japan 45,000
34 Ryoji Takahashi Japan 36,000
35 Xiao Tian Yang China 25,000

Day 1B results

Day 1A results