Gu Huidong, John Jisang Chung, and Dicky Hang Tsang capture early side trophies

APT Korea Seoul 2019 kicked off with a decent turnout of players coming out for the opening games, the Monster Stack and the High Rollers  #1. By night’s end, the remaining players bagged up and returned today to Grand Walkerhill Paradise Casino for its final day.

Joining on the poker floor was the Dafabet Head Hunter event. The first three trophies were eventually claimed. Under the spotlight were Gu Huidong, John Jisang Chung, and Dicky Hang Tsang. 

All of the early winners and players that cashed now populate the APT Player of the Series leaderboard. You can view the standings here. 

Dicky Hang Tsang wins the Dafabet Head Hunter  

Asia online gaming giant, Dafabet, sponsored the Head Hunter event that drew 39 runners to the tables. The money pie amounted to KRW 15,015,000 with 7 players shaving off their respective cuts. Owning the largest of KRW 5,160,000 was Hong Kong’s Dicky Hang Tsang after defeating Kenji Hata at heads up. 

Dcky Hang Tsang – Dafabet Head Hunter

1st Dicky Hang Tsang – Hong Kong – KRW 5,160,000
2nd Kenji Hata – Japan – KRW 3,316,000
3rd Tsang Heilam – Hong Kong – KRW 2,236,000
4th Kose Ichinose – Japan – KRW1,575,000
5th Kengo Sakurai – Japan – KRW 1,156,000
6th Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – KRW 880,000
7th Chi Chung Cheung – Hong Kong – KRW 692,000

Gu Huidong wins the High Rollers #1

17 runners turned up for the first High Rollers event of the series. With each entry at KRW 3,200,000, this brought about a prize pool of KRW 49,470,000. Only three players earned a cut. Macau’s Gu Huidong and Japan’s Kishi Takeshi struck a deal at heads up. Although Takeshi claimed the bigger money share of KRW 25,229,000, it was Huidong who lifted the trophy along with KRW 16,820,000. Taking third was Japan’s Haruta Koichi for KRW 7,421,000.

Gu Huidong – High Rollers #1

John Jisang Chung wins the Monster Stack #1 

Opening the festival was Monster Stack #1 with 64 coming out to try and capture the bragging rights first trophy. Out of the KRW 31,040,000 prize pool, only 11 players profited. Earning the lion’s share KRW 8,958,000 was USA’s John Jisang Chung

John Jisang Chung – Monster Stack #1

1st John Jisang Chung – USA – KRW 8,958,000
2nd Go Saito – Japan – KRW 5,973,000
3rd Melvin Bender – Germany – KRW 4,152,000
4th Dicky Hang Tsang – Hong Kong – KRW 2,999,000
5th An Hieon Woo – Korea – KRW 2,243,000
6th Cui Hongri – China -KRW 1,731,000
7th Jonathan Ong Wen Hao – Singapore – KRW 1,375,000
8th Kimura Lee – Korea – KRW 1,120,000
9th Tsang Heilam – Hong Kong – KRW 933,000
10th Sungha Kim – KRW 778,000
11th Kojo Kunimaro – Japan – KRW 778,000