Final wrap: Li-Ta Hsu wins Player of the Series; Xu Jie, Seina Asagiri, Chih Ying Liang, Hirotaka Nakanishi win trophies

APT Korea Incheon 2019 is a wrap! The seventh Asian Poker Tour festival of the calendar season concluded last night at the luxurious Paradise City Casino. It ran from August 2 to 13 featuring two major events and 22 side games for a total of 24 very happy champions. Congratulations to all the winners! 

Full event results

Over the course of the twelve days, the event attracted 1715 entries with 645 unique players representing 62 nations. Japan brought in the largest contingent and claimed 8 trophies. This was officially the richest APT Incheon stop with a grand total KRW 1,641,236,000 (~USD 1,352,200) in prizes. 

The APT sends its gratitude to everyone that came to support our event here in Incheon. If you missed the announcement, we will be returning to Korea for another two years hosting events in both Seoul and Incheon. We have exciting things planned ahead so make sure to be on the lookout for the dates in the coming future. The APT also sends its gratitude to the staff of Paradise City Casino for all the hard work to help run this event as smooth as possible. 

Our next stop is APT Philippines 2019 taking place from September 11 to 22 at the 2nd floor of the Grand Wing in Resorts World Manila integrated resort complex. We hope to see everyone there! As always there are two featured events – PHP 55,000 Main Event and PHP 82,500 Championships Event – 21 side events, and a total of PHP 24 Million (~USD 459,000) in guaranteed prizes. 

APT Philippines 2019 schedule 

Closing day awarding

The final day of the series saw the last of the side event trophies handed out. The APT Player of the Series title was also determined on closing day. We’ve got all the results for you below. 

APT Player of the Series

The APT Player of the Series is the most distinguished title awarded by the tour at every festival. From the start of the event, players that reach the money immediately earn points towards the APT POS race. Only the top three spots win prizes. 

APT Player of the Series standings

1st place: Li-Ta Hsu – 965.98 points

Crushing everyone in points was Chinese Taipei’s Li-Ta Hsu with 965.98 points. Hsu was on fire throughout the series, cashing in five events. In addition to his event winnings, he received the APT POS 1st place trophy, customized APT POS Ring, an exclusive watch, and USD 800. 


  • 3rd at the Championships Event
  • 2nd at the No Limit Hold’em #1
  • 2nd at the Pot Limit Omaha Hi #1
  • 3rd at the Short Deck 
  • 9th at the No Limit Hold’em Single Day #2

2nd place: Graeme Siow Wei Lik – 725.40 points 

Singapore’s Graeme Siow Wei Lik also performed incredibly well at the series to earn 2nd place in the race. He triumphed at the featured Championships Event, overcoming a field of 219 entries for his first-ever major international victory. In addition, he also reached the final table of the Main Event and cashed at a side event. For this, he accrued 725,40. He was awarded the 2nd place POS trophy and USD 100. 


3rd place: Tsang Dicky Siu Hang – 669,91 points

Deja vu for Hong Kong SAR player Tsang Dicky Siu Hang. Two months ago, he took 3rd at the APT Korea Seoul 2019 Player of the Series race. Once again, he is our 3rd place winner. Tsang had a very successful APT Incheon series. He triumphed at the Main Event to win his first-ever major international title; he also cashed at the Championships Event and a side event. For this, he earned 669.91 points. He was awarded the APT POS 3rd place trophy and USD 100 to add to his event winnings.


Final day side event winners

High Rollers #2: JIE XU 

The High Rollers #2 was one of the events book-ending the series. It ran during the last two days with 43 signing up at KRW 3,200,000 each for a pot of KRW 125,130,000 (~USD 103,200). This was a much healthier turnout than its first edition that only drew one table.

China commanded the final table with five out of the eight players representing the flag. At three-handed, the players struck a deal. Jie Xu went on to ship it for a pocketful KRW 29,979,000 (~USD 24,700). He defeated fellow countrymen Dong Guo (2nd) and Zhu Jing Xian (3rd) for his first-ever APT cash and APT title. 

1st Jie Xu – China – KRW 29,979,000 (deal made)
2nd Dong Guo – China – KRW 24,340,000 (deal made)
3rd Zhu Jing Xuan – China – KRW 29,320,000 (deal made)
4th Wang Wuyi – China – KRW 13,144,000
5th Sakurai Kongo – Japan – KRW 9,829,000
6th Tian Hao – China – KRW 7,586,000
7th Isang Gu Kim – Korea – KRW 6,024,000
8th Iori Yogo – Japan – KRW 4,908,000

Monster Stack #2: SEINA ASAGIRI

The other event book-ending the series was the Monster Stack #2. This event drew the largest side event crowd of 152 entries. Due to this, Event #20: Deep Stack Turbo 2, scheduled to run in the evening, had to be cancelled. With each entry at KRW 660,000, it built a hefty pot worth KRW  88,464,000 (~USD 73,000) of which 26 earned a piece. 

Banking it was a newcomer, Japan’s Seina Asagiri for a KRW 20,613,000 (~USD 17,000) payday. Asagiri became the third female at the series to ship an event. With no prior stats recorded, this may well be her first-ever live tournament cash. If so, then kudos to her for a very impressive showing.  

 Japan brought in the largest contingent of the series. They nearly swept the final 8 of this event if not for Chinese Taipei’s Hung Sheng Lin (6th place) raining on their parade. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Seina Asagiri – Japan – KRW 20,613,000
2nd Murata Yosuke – Japan – KRW 13,744,000
3rd Shindo Yusuke – Japan – KRW 9,554,000
4th Kijima Yosuke – Japan – KRW 6,901,000
5th Nakatsuka Yuki – Japan – KRW 5,161,000
6th Hung Sheng Lin – Chinese Taipei – KRW 3,983,000
7th Kudo Koki – Japan – KRW 3,163,000
8th Nobuhito Ogo – Japan – KRW 2,577,000

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo #2: CHIH YING LIANG

Prior to this sereis, Chinese Taipei’s Chih Ying Liang already had 62 cashes accumulated in 2019. He just added another for his victory at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo #2 event. This was his second-ever APT win having triumphed at the Deep Stack Turbo 1 event in Taiwan back in March. 

This event drew a big field of 102 runners each one contributing KRW 220,000 to generate a pot of KRW 19,788,000. Only 17 players turned a profit. Final 8 payouts
1st Chih Ying Liang – Chinese Taipei – KRW 5,121,000
2nd Hiromi Ono – Japan – KRW 3,415,000
3rd Chi Wai Law – Hong Kong SAR – KRW 2,374,000
4th Jordan Thomas Brocato – Canda – KRW 1,715,000
5th Seiya Kasahara – Japan – KRW 1,283,000
6th Yukistugu Ono – Japan – KRW 990,000
7th Shunsuke Suzuki – Japan – KRW 786,000
8th Yohei Nakajima – Japan – KRW 640,000

High Rollers Single Day #3: HIROTAKA NAKANISHI

The last event offered was the High Rollers Single Day #2 at KRW 2,150,000. It drew the largest High Roller Single Day field of 52 entries for a prize pool worth KRW 100,880,000 (~USD 83,200). Japan nearly claimed the entire pot. Shipping the largest cut was Hirotaka Nakanishi for his first-ever APT win. He pocketed KRW 26,089,000 after heads up deal with fellow countryman Hiroyuki Noda. 

1st Hirotaka Nakanishi – Japan – KRW 26,089,000 (deal made)
2nd Hiroyuki Noda – Japan – KRW 25,000 (deal made)
3rd Tian Hao – China – KRW 14,206,000
4th Toshimasa Sakato – Japan – KRW 10,261,000
5th Wang Wuyi – China – KRW 7,674,000
6th Masato Shimizu – Japan – KRW 5,922,000
7th Rui Kojima – Japan – KRW 4,703,000
8th Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – KRW 3,832,000
9th Masatoshi Tanaka – Japan – KRW 3,193,000