Final wrap: Edward Yam Chun Ho wins Player of the Series; last side winners inside

APT Korea Seoul 2019 is a wrap! After twelve days of competition that ran from May 29 to June 9 at Grand Walkerhill Paradise Casino, the festival concluded with plenty of winners including the awarding of the Championships Event and the APT Player of the Series.

For the first time in Seoul, the APT guaranteed KRW 360 million in prizes split between the two featured events, the Main Event and the Championships Event. Both events exceeded the guarantee. Japan’s Go Saito won the Main Event for KRW 54,364,000 and Thailand’s Punnat Punsri shipped the Championships Event for KRW 60,430,000. 

Over the course of two featured events and 22 side events, the series attracted 343 unique players representing 31 countries for a total of 1238 entries and a grand prize pool of KRW 1,069,931,000 (~USD 905,700). 

The APT extends its gratitude to everyone that came out to support our event. Our next stop is APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2019 at Pro Poker Club. The upcoming festival runs from July 3 to 14 with VND 14 Billion (~USD 597,000) in guaranteed prizes. We hope to see you all there!

 Here are all the final winners of the festival. 

For a full list of the results, click here —– APT Korea Seoul 2019 results

APT Player of the Series 

1st place: Edward Yam Chun Ho 

Hong Kong’s Edward Yam Chun Ho may not have championed any of the events at the festival but with six cashes, his 775.50 points accrued was just enough to win the APT Player of Series title. Yam takes home the POS Ring, Trophy, exclusive watch, and USD 800. 

  • 6th place – Dafabet Head Hunter 
  • 3rd place – Short Deck High Rollers Single Day
  • 2nd place – Deep Stack Hyper Turbo #1
  • 4th place – Deep Stack Turbo 1
  • 8th place – Monster Stack 2
  • 4th place – Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 2 

2nd place: Go Saito

Japan’s Go Saito had a great run at the series as well. Saito triumphed at the Main Event to capture his first-ever major live tournament title. He accrued 769.23 points over three events to claim 2nd place in the POS race. He was awarded USD 100 and a POS Trophy. 

  • 1st place – Main Event
  • 2nd place – Monster Stack 1
  • 9th place – No Limit Hold’em Single Day #2

3rd place: Tsang Dicky Siu Hang

Another Hong Kong player was up there at the end of the tally. Tsang Dicky Siu Hang took 3rd place in the POS race with 607.13 points. Tsang was the first player to ship two side event titles. For his impressive finish, he was awarded USD 100 and a POS Trophy. 

  • 4th place – Monster Stack 1
  • 1st place – Dafabet Head Hunter 
  • 1st place – Short Deck

APT Player of the Series standings

Side Event winners

Vladimir Mefodichev wins the High Rollers 2

The two-day High Rollers 2 was one of the final day’s closing event. It attracted 28 entries at KRW 3,200,000 each for a prize pool of KRW 81,480,000. Only 4 players shaved a cut with USA’s Vladimir Mefodichev pocketing the lion’s share KRW 34,810,000. This was Lee’s first-ever APT title. 

1st Vladimir Mefodichev – Russia – KRW 34,810,000
2nd Jamie Jin Ming Lee – USA – KRW 20,177,000
3rd Yasuyuki Tsuji – Japan – KRW 12,490,000
4th Zhou Yue Yang – China – KRW 8,237,000
5th Zentaro Nakayashiki – Japan – KRW 5,766,000

Michal Mrakes wins Monster Stack 2

The second edition of the highly popular Monster Stack event ran for two days. It concluded with Czech Republic pro player Michal Mrakes overcoming the 60 entries to ship the KRW 10,339,000 first prize. This was his first-ever APT title. He also cashed in 16th place at the series Main Event. 

1st Michal Mrakes – Czech Republic – KRW 10,339,000
2nd Daiki Horikawa – Japan – KRW 6,892,000
3rd Jeffrey Kuen Wai Lo – Hong Kong – KRW 4,791,000|
4th Dian Koszegi – Hungary – KRW 3,461,000
5th Masahiro Marumoto – Japan – KRW 2,588,000
6th Chen Chin Ho – Taiwan – KRW 1,997,000
7th Kwok Ting Shum – Hong Kong – KRW 1,586,000
8th Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – KRW 1,292,000
9th Azusa Kotabashi – Japan – KRW 1,077,000
10th Tanaka Masatoshi – Japan – KRW 897,000

Daniyar Avbakikov joins the two-time champion club

Kazakhstan did not have many players at the series but Daniyar Avbakikov made sure to represent the country well. In the earlier games, Avbakikov shipped the Super High Rollers event. He went on the finish 8th at the Main Event but just before that, he seized another side title at the Deep Stack Turbo 2. Avbakikov topped the 49 entries to add KRW 4,333,000 more to his winnings. The event had a KRW 330,000 buy-in for a prize pool of KRW 14,259,000. 

1st Daniyar Avbakikov – Kazakhstan – KRW 4,333,000
2nd Kato Masayoshi – Japan – KRW 2,888,000
3rd Wong Wai Yew – Malaysia – KRW 2,008,000
4th Wang Jiabin – China – KRW 1,450,000
5th Yan Kay Philemon Ip – Hong Kong – KRW 1,085,000
6th Masato Shimizu – Japan – KRW 837,000
7th Shinryo Nonin – Japan – KRW 665,000
8th Yamashita Kazuki – Japan – JRW 542,000
9th Miku Mochii – Japan – KRW 451,000

Gen Nose wins the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 2

Awarded his first-ever APT Golden Lion trophy was Japan’s Gen Nose at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 2 event. Gen and USA’s Ryan Park struck a heads up deal that split the money down the middle. Gen had more chips and was instantly crowned the winner. This event drew 42 entries at KRW 220,000 each for a prize pool of KRW 8,148,000. 

1st Gen Nose – Japan – KRW 2,300,000 (deal made)
2nd Ryan Park – USA – KRW 2,300,000 (deal made)
3rd Khoo Kah Hock – Malaysia – KRW 1,213,000
4th Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – KRW 855,000
5th Watabe Naohiro – Japan – KRW 627,000
6th Shigeho Yoshioka – Japan – KRW 477,000
7th Kenji Kurashina – Japan – KRW 376,000

Thananat Therdtakoonrat claims last High Roller title

The last event of the series went to Thailand’s Thananat Therdtakoonrat. He rose above the 28 entries, defeating USA’s Ronald Yomin Choi at heads up. Both players struck a deal that guaranteed Choi a slightly larger payout of KRW 18,974,000. For the champion Therdtakoonrat, he claimed KRW 17,684,000. This event had a buy-in of KRW 2,150,000 for a prize pool of KRW 54,320,000. 


1st Thananat Therdtakoonrat – Thailand – KRW 17,684,000
2nd Ronald Yomin Choi – USA – KRW 18,974,000
3rd Kusakabe  Shijegi – Japan – KRW 8,327,000
4th Ahn Myung Keun – New Zealand – KRW 5,491,000
5th Yuan Yilu – China – KRW 3,844,000

Congratulations to all the winner of the series! See you in Vietnam!