Final side event winners: Zhou Yueyang, Ori Kossonogi, Kotake Yusuke, and Muang Min Feng

The awards table cleaned out! A thrilling finish at APT Finale Taiwan 2019 with the last four side event trophies claimed at partner / host venue Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association. Zhou Yueyang added a side event title to his Main Event win. Ori Kossonogi and Kotake Yusuke lifted their first-ever APT trophy, and Muang Min Feng rivered a winner to close the series filled with celebration. Congratulations to all the winners! We have recaps for you below along with the full results. 

APT Finale Taiwan 2019 Event Results

Zhou Yueyang displays prowess at the High Rollers


The two-day High Rollers event pulled in 21 players at NT$ 77,000 (~US$ 2,500)  each for a pot of NT$ 1,425,900 (~US$ 46,700). Five players returned today, the money one spot away. Despite doubling up his short stack twice, Peter  Chien still bumped the rail first to walk away empty. 

Leader Wong drained out

The four-handed round saw chip leader Anson Wong pay four double ups, the first one to Zhou Huijie 6 6 holding against Wong’s A 8. The next two went to the other player from China, Zhou Yueyang (Main Event champion) with J-10 connecting for two pair to overtake A-2, then set of kings fully paid. The fourth one crippled Wong. Huijie’s K J found two jacks on the board J 5 6 J 4 to overtake A K. Wong fell in 4th place with 3 3 counterfeited on a board 8 6 7 6 8 for Huijie’s K J kicker to play. 


Next to fall was entering chip leader Vincent Li Kwun Ngai who lost his lead early on to Wong. With Huijie the big stack at three-handed, he called Li’s push. Li K 5, Huijie A 5, the board 6 A K 9 3. This brought about heads up. Huijie was up over 4:1 against Yueyang. 

Heads up

Zhou Huijie

Early hands went to Huijie, successfully grinding down Yueyang with multiple uncalled shoves. However, after Yueyang exposed a bluff by calling a river bet holding 10 4 two pair on a board K K 5 4 6, Huijie had 8 2, the momentum shifted. Yueyang called Huijie’s shove with K Q higher spread against J 7 on a board 3-5-3-3-6. Another three pots went Yueyang’s way to amass a 3:1 lead. 

Final hand

The final hand arrived. On a board Q 4 9 J Q that saw a preflop raise, bets on the flop and turn, Huijie checked the river, Yueyang shoved, Huijie tanked using two time banks then called for his tournament life with 10 9 two pair. Yueyang shipped it with Q 7 trips. 

Congratulations to Zhou Yueyang! He championed the Main Event and once again showed prowess by taking down the High Rollers! This also recognized him as the ultimate winner of the APT Player of the Series race with 970.12 points. 

1st Zhou Yueyang – China – NT$ 697,500
2nd Zhou Huijie – China – NT$ 374,100
3rd Vincent Li Kwun Ngai – Hong Kong SAR – NT$ 217,400
4th Anson Wong Fuk On – Hong Kong SAR – NT$ 136,900

Ori Kossonogi rises at the Monster Stack 

Also resuming from an overnight’s rest was the Monster Stack with the final 27 returning out of 101 that entered. The money was reached when Ori Kossonogi‘s 10 7 improved to a flush to eliminate a player with K 10 top pair. The shoves were on the flop of a board 2 10 6 J 9. From there, short stacks grabbed at the NT$ 1,469,500 prize pool and the final table was soon formed. 

Bubble round

The day’s entering chip leader, Si Yang Phua, emptied out in 8th place. Second to him was Du Ming Tsai who bowed out in 5th place with 3-3 losing the flip against Wei Chieh Lin A-Q on a board Q-Q-10-K-J. However, Lin couldn’t bring his stack further falling in 4th place. Kossonogi proceeded to rail Fung Ping Cheong in 3rd place  with K-8 two pair on a board K-8-J-Q-3 to dust 5-5

Heads up followed, Kossonogi edged Kenichi Takarabe. Kossonogi continued to grow on an uncalled push with the board 3 8 4 4 10. With Takarabe losing chips, he risked it all on a board Q 9 A 10 with 8 7 while Kossonogi held 10 9 two pair. The river 3 was not one of the outs Takarabe needed. He fell in 2nd place. Kossonogi claimed victory and his first-ever APT title. 

1st Ori Kossonogi – Israel – NT$ 380,700
2nd Kenichi Takarabe – Japan – NT$ 253,600
3rd Fung Ping Cheong – Hong Kong SAR – NT$ 176,300
4th Wei Chieh Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 127,400
5th Du Ming Tsai – Taiwan – NT$ 95,200
6th Tu Chia Hui – Taiwan – NT$ 73,500
7th Ya Shu Yang – Taiwan – NT$ 58,400
8th Si Yang Phua – Singapore – NT$ 47,600
9th Shingo Horikoshi – Japan – NT$ 39,600
10th Wang Tzu Wei – Taiwan – NT$ 33,000
11th Hisashi Yamanouchi – Japan – NT$ 33,000
12th Andy Chan Ying Kit – Hong Kong SAR – NT$ 27,500
13th Guo Dong – China – NT$ 27,500
14th Chou Shih Kun – Taiwan – NT$ 27,500
15th Tai Wei Te – Taiwan NT$ 22,900
16th Chu Chi Jen – Taiwan – NT$ 22,900
17th Kelvin Beattie – Japan – NT$ 22,900

Kotake Yusuke ships the High Rollers Single Day 

The last High Rollers Single Day event attracted a strong field of 31 runners at NT$ 55,000 each to build up a healthy pot of NT$ 1,503,500 (~US$ 49,000). As it trimmed down to the final table, Chia Yun Wu knocked out two players simultaneously to deny the bubble round and guarantee the last six players a payout. Chia went on to finish in 3rd place to bring about heads up between Kotake Yusuke and Peter Chien

On a deficit, Chien won a flip with K 10 straight on the flop J 9 Q 7 8 to Yusuke’s 6 6. This tightened the gap to near even. Yusuke retaliated winning a good pot on a board 6 4 J 3 A that didn’t see a showdown. Two hands later, it was over. Chien shoved with Q 10, Yusuke dominated with A K, the Japanese rail celebrated when the board ran A 10 8 2 8

1st Kotake Yusuke – Japan – NT$ 572,100
2nd Peter Chien – Canada – NT$ 351,300
3rd Chia Yun Wu – Taiwan – NT$ 228,100
4th Yip Kwok Chun – Hong Kong SAR – NT$ 156,000
5th Wang Tzu Wei – Taiwan – NT$ 112,000
6th Lau King Sing – Hong Kong SAR – NT$ 84,000

Thrilling victory for Muang Min Feng at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 

A thrilling finish at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo with Muang Min Feng and Sachiko Harima facing off for the title. Both players were looking to ship the last trophy.

After a series of pot exchanges, the all in surfaced with Harima shoving 8 7, reluctantly called by chip leader Feng with K 10. When the flop ran 2 6 4, Harima had a gutshot which she was granted on the turn 5. Her rail immediately celebrated the straight however, she wasn’t in the clear with Feng on a flush draw. When the river came 7, the other rail celebrated wildly with Feng completing his flush. 

1st Muan Ming Feng – Taiwan – NT$ 75,200
2nd Sachiko Harima – Japan – NT$ 50,100
3rd Tsai Feng Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 34,800
4th Chin Te Lai – Taiwan – NT$ 25,200
5th Edward Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 18,800
6th Chien Yu Wang – Taiwan – NT$ 14,500
7th Kim Kwanjung – Korea – NT$ 11,500
8th Lin Chia Ming – Taiwan – NT$ 9,400
9th Im Sangguk – Korea – NT$ 7,800