Final day of APT Korea Incheon sees Monster Stack, 2-day KRW4M High-Rollers finale; last two events unfold

INCHEON CITY, Korea – This is the ninth and final day of competition in the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Korea Incheon 2022 and four trophies will be awarded before the proceedings officially close with the finale of (Event #17) the two-day KRW4M (US$2,771) High-Rollers and (Event #18) the Monster Stack tiff while (Event #19) the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo and (Event #20) the fifth and last of the KRW3M (US$2,103) High-Rollers will be bringing the leg to its conclusion at the Paradise City Hotel and Casino here.

Australia’s Jason Lee has the overall chip-lead heading into the finale of the Monster Stack tilt that has seen its guaranteed prize pool more than double to KRW140,553,000 (US$98,607) and with the eventual winner pocketing KRW30,474,000 (US$21,363) the remaining 54 aspirants must now battle to the ITM level of 35 and initially be guaranteed KRW1,063,000 (US$738)

A total of 207 entries were tallied in this crowd favorite event.

The Monster Stack event had its original guarantee of KRW70M more than double due to 207 entries

The finale of the KRW4M (US$2,771) High-Rollers has climaxed at 42 entries, now with a total prize pool of KRW162,960,000 (US$114,291) with the champion winning KRW56,006,000 (US$39,279). Seven places get paid.

Prize pools and payouts for the last two singe-day events will be announced later.