Day 8: Sreekanth Narayan, Sanjay Chauudhury, Anmol Agarwal, Randy Lather, and Satyen Trehan win final day events

Final day of the APT Online Series India 2021 2.0 at fueled in big crowds across the board. Coming out victorious were Sanjay “raskolnikov” Chauudhury, Sreekanth “n0thing” Narayan, Anmol “freakweird0” Agarwal, Randy “randysingh” Lather, and Satyen Trehan. Congratulations to the final day winners! 

Event recaps

APT #46: Hyper Turbo 5-Max –  Sanjay “raskolnikov” Chauudhury – IN₹ 1.36L (~US$ 1,830)

Fast action at the Hyper Turbo 5-Max with the champion emerging in just 3.5 hours. At three-handed, after short stacked Shubham “BamBhole3796” Tyagi doubled up off Day 5 Monster Stack winner Rugal “Smikijoejr” Advani, Sanjay “raskolnikov” Chauudhury railed them both to claim the IN₹ 1.36L first prize. Up against Advani, Chauudhury’s K 10 spiked the king to outdraw A J, and at heads up, his A 8 improved to trips aces to ship his first ever APT victory. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,375
Guarantee: IN₹ 7 Lac
Entries: 536 (253 uniques, 283 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 7 Lac
ITM: 63 places
Running time: 3.5 hours 

Final table payouts

1st Sanjay “raskolnikov” Chauudhury – IN₹ 1.36L
2nd Shubham “BamBhole3796” Tyagi – IN₹ 95.34K
3rd Rugal “Smikijoejr” Advani – IN₹ 61.32K
4th Anmol “airball” Narang – IN₹ 45.36K
5th “PayYourDealer” – IN₹ 34.02K

APT #47: Monster Stack – Satyen Trehan”- IN₹ 2.04L (~US$ 2,750)

Player Satyen Trehan outlasted the 753 entry field of the Monster Stack event to seize the IN₹ 2.04L (~US$ 2,750) first prize. Trehan denied the hot running Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh at victory’s door, to earn his first ever AP series title. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,650
Guarantee: IN₹ 10 Lac
Entries: 753 (378 uniques, 375 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 11.3 Lac 
ITM: 90 places

Final table payouts

1st Satyen Trehan – IN₹ 2.04L
2nd Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh – IN₹ 1.43L
3rd “redsniper11” – IN₹ 92.39K
4th Ravi “rvjn91” Jain – IN₹ 68.33K
5th Navaneesha “np406” P – IN₹ 51.17K 
6th “jacobian” – IN₹ 41.34K 
7th srb9582″ – IN₹ 34.22K 

APT #48: BIG KO – Sreekanth “n0thing” Narayan – IN₹ 3.06L (~US$ 4,120)

The BIG KO event pulled in 663 total entries for a guarantee smashing prize pool of IN₹ 16.58 (~US$ 22,350) Lac. The biggest draw for this event was the IN₹ 1K bounty reward per player eliminated. Minutes before the ninth hour, Sreekanth “n0thing” Narayan‘s A Q outdrew Devang “laila” Yadav‘s A K with two queens turning up to claim his first ever APT win worth IN₹ 3.06L. In addition, Narayan earned IN₹ 16K in bounty rewards, the largest of all the hunters. Runner up Yadav also claimed multiple heads with IN₹ 13K in bounties added to his cash prize. Another player collecting a good amount of scalps was 8th placer Abhishek “singhsaab” Goindi with IN₹ 12.5K in bounties. 

Buy in: IN₹ 3,850
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lac
Entries: 663 (327 uniques, 336 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 16.58 Lac (~US$ 22,350)
ITM: 81 places

Final table payouts

1st Sreekanth “n0thing” Narayan – IN₹ 3.06L + 16k
2nd Devang “laila” Yadav – IN₹ 2.15L
3rd Rony “bisadip176” Chowdhury – IN₹ 1.38L
4th Gurupasad “fish_calling” Gupta – IN₹ 1.02L
5th Puneet “neo1” Dua – IN₹ 76.58K
6th “pottysingh” – IN₹ 61.82K
7th Mayank “Newsolidcash” Maruka – IN₹ 51.22K
8th Abhishek “singhsaab” Goindi – IN₹ 40.77K

APT #50: Megastack – Anmol “freakweird0” Agarwal – IN₹ 2.73L (~US$ 3,680)

Another first time ever APT winner with Anmol “freakweird0” Agarwal emerging victorious at the Megastack event. Agarwal topped the 577 entry field to claim IN₹ 2.73L. At three handed, Agarwal railed Megha “acessorted” Khandelwal with 6 6 holding strong against A J overcards. Agarwal went on to face Jimmy “jeeven” Arora at heads up and denied him as well. The final hand was Arora A 8, Agarwal K 10, the board paired both players 8 9 6 10 5 with Agarwal’s tens dominating. 

Buy in: IN₹ 2,750
Guarantee: IN₹ 12 Lac
Entries: 577 (293 uniques, 284 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 14.43 Lac (~US$ 19,440)
ITM: 72 places

Final table payouts

1st Anmol “freakweird0” Agarwal – IN₹ 2.73L
2nd Jimmy “jeeven” Arora – IN₹ 1.91L
3rd Megha “acessorted” Khandelwal – IN₹ 1.23L
4th Saptarshi “gutsypro” Bhaduri – IN₹ 91.02K
5th Aniket “Anteman” Waghmare – IN₹ 68.23K
6th Manish “thekid” Lakhotia – IN₹ 54.67K
7th Anirban “pottysingh” Das – IN₹ 45.58K
8th Vaibhav “WakhraSwagNi” Sharma – IN₹ 36.35K

APT #51: After Party – Randeep “randysingh” Lather – IN₹ 1.97L (~US$ 2,650)

The last event of the series was the After Party with 726 getting on the horse for one final hurrah. After 8 hours of play, Randy “randysingh” Lather shipped it to claim his first ever APT win worth IN₹ 1.97L. He defeated Gurupasad “fish_calling” Gupta at heads up with A Q dominating A 10. For Gupta, it was his second runner up finish and fifth final table in this series. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,650
Guarantee: IN₹ 8 Lac
Entries: 726 (358 uniques, 368 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 10.89 Lac
ITM: 90 places

Final table payouts

1st Randy “randysingh” Lather – IN₹ 1.97L
2nd Gurupasad “fish_calling” Gupta – IN₹ 1.38L
3rd Sunny Ahuja – IN₹ 89.08K
4th Anirban “pottysingh” Das – IN₹ 65.88K
5th Naman “Instamuck” Agarwal – IN₹ 49.33K
6th Deepankur “Dp179” Gupta – IN₹ 39.86K
7th “daredevilcalls” – IN₹ 33K
8th “ashvviin” – IN₹ 26.24K