Day 6: Rajat Sharma lifts a trophy at the Super High Roller; hat trick for Vinay Rajpal; Aman Parakh, Tanmay Benara Ritwik Khanna win events

Day 6 at the APT Online Series India 2021 2.0 wrapped up with five players on the pedestal. Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma emerged the richest after outlasting the big guns at the Super High Roller event, Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal bagged his third win, Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh and Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna each claimed their second, and Tanmay “truman” Benara won the lone Freezeout event. Recaps and results can be found down below. 

The festival headliner Main Event was also on the floor with 317 entering Day 1B and 41 advancing to the final day. You can view the chip counts via the links provided. 

Main Event Day 1A
Main Event Day 1B

The online series is down to its last two days at Over IN₹ 5.95 Crore (~US$ 803,000) has already been paid out with more cash to be won including the last three trophies and two rings. 

APT Online Series India 2021 schedule

At the APT Player of the Series race, Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal has widened his lead while Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh has overtaken Chirag “miyagi” Sodha for the second spot. Here are the top 5 in points at the end of Day 6:

Event Recaps

Trophy Event: Super High Roller – Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma – IN₹ 20.64L (~US$ 27,800)

The most expensive event of the series was the Super High Roller event coming in at a hefty  IN₹ 55,000 (~US$ 740) price tag. As expected, it drew many of India’s decorated pros with several cashing in. In the end, the hard fought battle concluded with Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma owning the final table to claim his first ever APT victory. He won an APT Trophy and banked the IN₹ 20.64L (~US$ 27,800) first prize. This is currently the single largest payout of the series. 

The Super High Roller event drew 166 entries to easily exceed the guarantee for a richer IN₹ 83 Lac (~US$ 111,870) prize pool. Just under seven hours of play, the bubble burst at the fall of “shikh2021” to Sagar “sagarpupul” Choudhury with J 10 straight beating K 9 on a board A K 10 7 Q

Myron “priyankAAchoprAA” Pereira was first to cash, quickly followed by Sriharsha “ivey2” Doddapaneni. Priyank “Piko1432” Kothari departed in 15th place, multi APT champion / WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav “griezmann” Iyer crashed out 14th on a set over set. At two tables, Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla was stopped in 12th place, Ashish “rocky3705” Ahuja took 10th, Laksh Pal “boomtlt23” Singh fell 8th, and bubble executioner Choudhury missed the final table by one spot. 

The final table kicked off with Kumar “ender” Vatsal cleaning out shortest stacked  Kartik “TheInternetKid” Ved. What followed was a lengthy five handed match that saw everyone’s stack swing. Vatsal dropped then doubled up through “23offsuits” but still met his doom in 5th place with pocket kings cracked by an ace on the board to pair up Ankur “Stonecold” Sehgal. Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma finished off the ailing “23offsuits” and proceeded to rake in more pots to amass 75 percent of the chips in play. At this point, Ankit “Ankitmodi”” Modi was interested in the ICM numbers but no takers. Sharma went on to rail Sehgal and two hands after, he pushed with 5 4,  Modi risked it with A 6, Sharma rivered the five to bag his first ever APT win. 

Buy in: IN₹ 55,000 (~US$ 740)
Guarantee: IN₹ 80 Lac
Entries: 166 (110 uniques, 56 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 83 Lac (~US$ 111,870)
ITM: 21 places
Running time: 9 hours 

Final table payouts

1st Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma – IN₹ 20.64L
2nd Ankit “Ankitmodi”” Modi – IN₹ 14.47L
3rd Ankur “Stonecold” Sehgal – IN₹ 9.3L
4th “23offsuits” – IN₹ 6.89L
5th Kumar “ender” Vatsal – IN₹ 5.17L
6th Kartik “TheInternetKid” Ved – IN₹ 4.13L

APT #33: Timebomb (Freezeout) – Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh – IN₹ 65.44K (~US$ 880)

The Timebomb event wrapped up in four hours with 23 remaining out of 184 players at the end of the scheduled 27 rounds. Everyone earned a piece of the IN₹ 8L (~US$ 10,780) prize pool with Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh just edging player “quickmaths” for the biggest payout. Parakh closed with 1.51L stack and quickmaths with 1.5L stack. Parakh is currently one of the top 5 in the APT Player of the Series race. This was Parakh’s second win in this series. 

Buy in: IN₹ 2,200
Guarantee: IN₹ 8 Lac
Players: 184
Prize pool: IN₹ 8 Lac
ITM: 23 players
Running time: 4 hours 

Top 8 payouts 

1st Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh – IN₹ 65.44K
2nd “quickmaths” – IN₹ 65.12K
3rd “dev112410” – IN₹ 57.6K
4th “Blackdragon” – IN₹ 55.84K
5th Prabhat “comeon” Kumar – IN₹ 54.32K
6th Abhishek “sharktops” Jaiswal – IN₹ 52.88K
7th “Surya12” – IN₹ 44.24K
8th “Divyansh1995” – IN₹ 39.52K

APT #34: Knockout – Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal – IN₹ 1.05L (~US$ 1,400)

Hat trick for Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal! Rajpal continues to smoke the competition with yet another takedown for his third series win. He is the only player with three wins. Rajpal crushed the final table of Day 6’s Knockout event, cleaning out four players to ship it in just 20 minutes. At heads up, Rajpal was ahead 4:1 against Priyank “Piko1432” Kothari. Final hand was all in preflop, Rajpal A 9, Kothari Q 8, board ran 9 4 K 5 10. In addition to the IN₹ 1.05L first prize, Rajpal had IN₹ 7.5K in bounties. Earning the most bounties was 28th placer “Ragila007” who knocked out 16 players for IN₹ 8K. Rajpal currently leads the APT Player of the Series race. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,650
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lac
Entries: 394 (205 uniques, 189 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 5 Lac
ITM: 45 places
Running time: 5 hours and 10 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal – IN₹ 1.05L
2nd Priyank “piko1432” Kothari – IN₹ 73.5K
3rd Harshit “khooni31” Jaiswal – IN₹47.25K
4th Jyoti Ranjan “joey114114” Nayak – IN₹ 35K
5th “psilocybin7” – IN₹ 26.25K
6th “card_shark” – IN₹ 21K
7th “Ikka5” – IN₹ 17.5K
8th Mithil “mithil19” Easwaran – IN₹ 14K

APT #36: Freezeout – Tanmay “truman” Benara – IN₹ 1.88L (~US$ 2,530)

Tanmay “truman” Benara claimed his first ever APT win after outlasting 251 players at the day’s Freezeout tournament. At the final table, Benara eliminated the last four players to pocket the IN₹ 1.88L first prize. 

Briefly recapping the final table, it ran for nearly an hour. Amit “churu” J (8th) fell to “sumeet1256”, Aniket “Incognito” Waghmare booted Shrey “Kingsb30” Baj (7th) then paid a costly double up to Ujjwal “Mr_Robot” Narwal to plunge down and shortly out in 6th place. At five handed, Benara outdrew Narwal’s pocket Jacks with A-8 offsuit spiking the ace then cleaned out short stacked Radhika “Chiquita” Shankar (4th).

On the next showdown, Benara paid a big double up to “sumeet1256”. The final three players struck a deal and played on for leaderboard points. Benara quickly finished off “urug79” in 3rd place to face sumeet1256 with a 2 bb lead. Within a few hands, sumeet1256 overtook and held the lead until Benara landed a double up (hand pictured above) with 5 4 straight on a board 6 7 3 7 A against sumeet1256’s K 6. The shoves were at the flop. Two hands later, Benara shipped it for his first ever APT win. 

Buy in: IN₹ 3,300
Guarantee: IN₹ 10 Lac
Players: 252
Prize pool: IN₹ 10 Lac
ITM: 27 places
Running time: 5 hours and 5 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Tanmay “truman” Benara – IN₹ 1.88L (three way deal)
2nd “sumeet1256” – IN₹ 1.69L (three way deal)
3rd “urug79” – IN₹ 1.5L (three way deal)
4th Radhika “Chiquita” Shankar – IN₹ 78.6K
5th Ujjwal “Mr_Robot” Narwhal – IN₹ 59K
6th Aniket “Incognito” Waghmare – IN₹ 47.2K
7th Shrey “Kingsb30” Baj – IN₹ 39.2K
8th Amit “churu” J – IN₹ 31.4K

APT #38: Turbo 6-Max – Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna – IN₹ 2.34L (~US$ 3,150)

Second series win for Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna who shipped the Deepstack event in Day 2 then added another in Day 6 at the Turbo 6-Max. It was the lucky third bullet that did it. He bested a field of 719 entries to pocket IN₹ 2.34L. 

At the final table, first to fall was Devashish “Deadmansong” Jain to “ayaansharma”. Khanna then drained Anirban “pottysingh” Das (5th) and Kovid “fzzzyyy” Saraswat (4th). “ayaansharma” cracked Siddarth “CARDashian66” Kadel’s A A with 7 7 set on the flop, to bring about heads up. The players reached a deal then played for the points. Khanna went on to win it for his second takedown. He is currently ranked 5th in the leaderboard. 

Buy in: IN₹ 2,200
Guarantee: IN₹ 12 Lac
Entries: 719 (360 uniques, 359 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 14.38 Lac (~US$ 19,380)
ITM: 90 places
Running time: 

Final table payouts

1st Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna – IN₹ 2.34L (heads up deal)
2nd “ayaansharma” – IN₹ 2.08L (heads up deal)
3rd Siddarth “CARDashian66” Kadel – IN₹ 1.8L
4th Kovid “fzzzyyy” Saraswat – IN₹ 87K
5th Anirban “pottysingh” Das – IN₹ 65.14K
6th Devashish “Deadmansong” Jain – IN₹ 52.63K