Day 3: Vikash Mantri claims PLO HR trophy; Nathaniel Fancon, Ankit Mathani, Shivam, and Arish Taraporewala win events

Action packed day at APT Online Series India 2021 as another five players walked away victorious. Bringing home the the third APT trophy of the series was Vikash “Mantvik” Mantri  for his victory at the PLO High Roller event. Other winners were Nathaniel “ante2410” Fancon, Ankit “ankit9300” Mathani, Shivam “Pabloescobat”, and Arish “YKNjonsnow” TaraporewalaCheck out our recaps below. Drawing the biggest crowd was Mini Main Day 1C with 1,409 entries. Chip counts can be found via this link: 

Mini Main 

The series is ongoing at with games running daily from August 1 to 8. The festival guarantees IN₹  8 Crore (~US$ 1,075,570) across 44 tournaments. A total of IN₹ 2.02 Crore (~US$ 272,220) has already been paid out. More cash to be won including seven trophies and two rings on the plate. Browse the schedule and sign up! 

APT Online Series India 2021 schedule

The APT Player of the Series race is officially underway. Players that have cashed at any of the APT events (satellites not included) received points towards the leaderboard. The player with the highest number of points accrued at the completion of the festival wins the APT POS Trophy, APT POS Ring, and a luxury watch. Top 25 players will also receive a piece of IN₹ 30 Lac (~US$ 40,35) in Real Cash Bonus (RCB) with the winner guaranteed IN₹ 6 Lac (~US$ 8,100). After three days of games, Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh continues to hold the top spot. Here are current top 10 in the standings:

Event recaps

Trophy Event: PLO High Roller – Vikash “Mantvik” Mantri – IN₹ 6.16L (~US$ 8,300)

Vikash “Mantvik” Mantri became the next proud owner of an APT trophy after taking down the PLO High Roller event. He outlasted a field of 262 entries (124 uniques, 138 re-entries) to claim his first APT win and the handsome first prize of IN₹ 6.16L.

Clearly a force to reckon with, Mantri carried in the biggest stack to the final table and pumped in more after railing “dilbaghsingh” in 6th place. Next busts were delivered by Sumit “boronyx” Sapra, first booting Vikranth “borntrouble” Varma (5th) then three levels later, he cleaned out Anirban “pottysingh” Das (4th) to amass two-thirds of the chips in play. As quick as it came, the rush was gone. Mantri and “shades92” took stabs at Supra’s stack. Mantri landed a monster double up to cripple Supra down to 3 bb. The hand (pictured above) saw both players all in on a flop Q 9 2, Supra with A 9 A Q two pair, Mantri Q Q 6 6 trips, the turn 10 and river 2 improved Mantri further to a full house. Mantri eliminated Supra on the next hand then finished off “shades92” immediately after. For Supra, it was his second trophy event final table with a 4th place finish at the Monday Major.

Buy in: IN₹ 11,000 
Guarantee: IN₹ 25 Lac 
Entries: 262 (124 uniques, 138 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 26.2 Lac
ITM: 27 places
Running time: 8 hours and 42 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Vikash “Mantvik” Mantri – IN₹ 6.16L
2nd “shades92” – IN₹ 4.33L
3rd Sumit “boronyx” Sapra – IN₹ 2.78L
4th Anirban “pottysingh” Das – IN₹ 2.06L
5th Vikranth “borntrouble” Varma – IN₹ 1.55L
6th “dilbaghsingh” – IN₹ 1.24L

APT #14 Hyper Turbo (4 Max) – Nathaniel “ante2410” Fancon – IN₹ 71.98K (~US$ 970)

The Hyper Turbo 4 Max kicked off at super speed with the field trimmed from 568 entries to a champion in just 3 hours and 19 minutes. Among the players that reached the final four was Aditya “KesarDa” Kesharwani for his second final table in this series. Kesharwani fell in 4th place to Nathaniel “ante2410” Fancon. After several hands played, the final three struck a deal. Fancon was guaranteed the highest pay of IN₹ 71.98K followed by “chickendinner” then Insanium. Fancon went on to clean out his opponents to earn the highest number of leaderboard points. 

Buy in: IN₹ 880
Guarantee: IN₹ 4 Lac 
Entries: 568 (257 uniques, 311 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 4.54 Lac 
ITM: 72 places
Running time: 3 hours and 19 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Nathaniel “ante2410” Fancon – IN₹ 71.98K (deal)
2nd “chickendinner” – IN₹ 59.14K (deal)
3rd Insanium – IN₹ 53.69K (deal)
4th Aditya “KesarDa” Kesharwani – IN₹ 28.67K

 APT #15 Hyper Turbo (5 Max) – Ankit “ankit9300” Mathani – IN₹ 1.26L (~US$ 1,700)

Another fast one was the Hyper Turbo 5 Max with the 410 entry field completing in just 3 hours and 40 minutes. Emerging victorious was player Ankit “ankit9300” Mathani who staged a stunning comeback with just one big blind at four handed. On the road to recovery, Mathani doubled up twice, tripled up once, then after the fall of Kritagya “Kritagya_17” Sharma (4th), Mathani doubled up once more with chip leader “dilbaghsingh” paying up. When action continued, Mathani was interested in a deal but no takers. Mathani proceeded to boot Bhanu “Chennaino1” Prakash with A Q dominating K J to enter heads up slightly behind “dilbaghsingh”. It didnt’ take long for Mathani to even up which led to war for the chip lead. After several pots went flying to each side Mathani finally closed it out. “Dilbaghsingh” pushed with 7 9, Mathani had better A 10, the board ran 9 Q J K 4. Mathani pocketed IN₹ 1.26L for his impressive win. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,375 
Guarantee: IN₹ 6 Lac 
Entries: 410 (204 uniques, 206 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 6 Lac 
ITM: 45 places
Running time: 3 hours and 40 minutes

Final table payouts

1st “ankit9300” – IN₹ 1.26L
2nd “dilbaghsingh” – IN₹ 88.2K
3rd Bhanu “Chennaino1” Prakash KC –IN₹ 56.7K
4th Kritagya “Kritagya_17” Sharma – IN₹ 42K
5th Pawan “Pawan46” S – IN₹ 31.5K

APT #18: Megastack – Shivam “Pabloescobat” – IN₹ 2.12L (~US$ 2,850)

The Megastack event was another big attraction of Day 3 with 695 entries (351 uniques, 344 re-entries) for a guarantee smashing prize pool of IN₹ 11.47 Lac. Just under 8 hours of play, Shivam “Pabloescobat” shipped it to claim the IN₹ 2.12L first prize.

On his road to victory, “Pabloescobat” knocked out five players at the final table which included a double bust at seven handed. “Pabloescobat” had A Q, “Pandits” 8 8,” redsniper11” A J, the board ran a clean 4 K K 7 Q. His third victim was Srijan “pokerdawn” Batra whose 4 4 got burned by the board’s higher two pair to put Pabloescobat’s A J in play. Next on the chopping block was Yash “Riraizer” Chitre to face Prince “NaNki” Singh at heads up.

With some help from lady luck, “Pabloescobat” was able to overcome the last hurdle. Ahead in the count, “Pabloescobat” pushed A 10 top pair on a flop 10 6 3, Singh called for all he had with K K overpair, the turn J was safe for Singh but the river 10 gave “Pabloescobat” lucky trips and the win.

Buy in: IN₹ 1,815 
Guarantee: IN₹ 8 Lac 
Entries: 695 (351 uniques, 344 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 11.47 Lac
ITM: 81 places
Running time: 7 hours and 40 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Shivam “Pabloescobat” – IN₹ 2.12L
2nd Prince “NaNki” Singh – IN₹ 1.49L
3rd Yash “Riraizer” Chitre – IN₹ 95.75K
4th Ujjwal “Mr_Robot” Narwal – IN₹ 70.75K
5th Srijan “pokerdawn” Batra – IN₹ 52.98K
6th “Pandits” – IN₹ 42.77K
7th “redsniper11” – IN₹ 35.43K
8th Imdad “rahuljohn1983” Ahmed – IN₹ 28.21K

APT #19: Turbo 6-Max – Arish “YKNjonsnow” Taraporewala – IN₹ 1.47L (~US$ 1,980)

Late game surge for Arish “YKNjonsnow” Taraporewala to take down the last event of the day. Taraporewala topped the 503 entry field of the Turbo 6 Max to claim his first APT win and IN₹ 1.47L.

Action at the final table saw Tanay “TanayParekh” Parekh in command, railing two players to amass two-thirds of the chips in play by three-handed. However, what followed was a beating as both Taraporewala and Gaurav “gaug17” Sood took turns shaving him down. Taraporewala doubled up through Parekh then finished him off to enter heads up ahead of Sood. The final hand arrived quickly. Sood shoved K 9, Taraporewala called with   A Q, the board ran 3 7 A J 4.

Buy in: IN₹ 1,650 
Guarantee: IN₹ 6 Lac 
Entries: 503 (275 uniques, 228 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 7.55 Lac 
ITM: 63 places
Running time: 5 hours and 22 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Arish “YKNjonsnow” Taraporewala – IN₹ 1.47L
2nd Gaurav “gaug17” Sood – IN₹ 1.03L
3rd Tanay “TanayParekh” Parekh – IN₹ 66.09K
4th Arun “Devillll27” Thakur – IN₹ 48.89K
5th Priyank “Piko1432” Kothari – IN₹ 36.67K
6th Rohit “mrblue1205” Malhotra – IN₹ 29.43K