Day 3 of APT Philippines II Main Event ends with Final 8 formed; Sofia Fullmer bags the lead

PASAY CITY, Philippines – Day 3 of the APT Philippines II Main Event kicked off with 57 players returning to partner venue Resorts World Manila for the next stage of the race. After a lengthy nine levels of play the Final 8 emerged with half of the pack dominated by Filipinos, namely Marc Rivera, David Erquiaga, Hernan Villa, and Bonifacio Mondalo. The other half was made up of Koreans Jung Ho Young and Hwany Lee, France’s  Jacques Le Guennec, and Sweden’s Sofia Lovgren Fullmer. 

The Final 8 players return to the felt on Tuesday, September 13 Each one is now guaranteed Php 630,800 (~US$ 11,100) however all eyes will be on the jaw dropping Php 5,046,000 (~US$ 88,800) first prize. The eventual champion will also win an APT Champion’s Ring and APT Main Event Trophy.

The player in the best position to bring it home is the lone lady in the running, Fullmer, who crushed her tablemates all day. She  amassed 3,120,000 in chips and was the only player that bagged up over 100 BB. You can read up on the day’s action via the Live Updates or you can also watch the recorded stream on APT YouTube and APT Twitch.

Sofia Lovgren Fullmer

Final 8 players

Seat Name Flag Chips BB
1 Jung Ho Young Korea 2,475,000 82
2 Jacques Le Guennec France 735,000 24
3 David Erquiaga Philippines 1,835,000 61
4 Sofia Lovgren Fullmer Sweden 3,120,000 104
5 Hwany Lee Korea 1,680,000 56
6 Marc Rivera Philippines 480,000 16
7 Bonifacio Mondalo Philippines 555,000 18
8 Hernan Villa Philippines 1,130,000 37

Chips in play: 12,425,000
Average stack: 1,553,125
Resuming blinds: 15k-30k-30k BB Ante (2:47 time remaining)


1st Php 5,046,000
2nd Php 3,364,000
3rd Php 2,338,000
4th Php1,689,000
5th Php 1,263,000
6th Php 975,000
7th Php 774,000
8th Php 630,800

Day 3 recap 

The Main Event drew 497 entries for a prize pool of Php 24,104,500 (~US$ 434,225). Day 3 opened with 57 hopefuls looking to reach the money round which was just seven spots away. An hour and a half in, the bubble burst on Samuel Deering who shoved with second pair only to fall to Hernan Villa’s top pair.

Buy in: Php 55,000
Guarantee: Php 15,000,000
Entries: 497 (Day 1 – 412, Day 2- 85)
Prize pool: Php 24,104,500 
ITM: 50 places

Bubble bursts

Once the money flowed, among the first to the cage was Richard Marquez who crashed out on a three-way. Another local falling in agony was Richard Castillo on a set over set against Kim Jun Hee. At the featured table, Fullmer enjoyed a consistent rise in chips courtesy of nearly every player that joined the felt such as Marc Rivera, day’s entering chip leader Ong Dingxiang, and Tomohiro Tsuchiya who busted to Fullmer.

By the fourth hour, decorated APT Main Event champion Abhinav Iyer suffered a bad beat when his pocket Jacks were outdrawn by You Jun Hong‘s pocket Eights set. This sent Iyer down to just 1 BB which he impressively rebuilt back over 20 BB however was stopped by Neo Zhi Han in 34th place. 

Kai Tse Lee

Down to two tables, satellite winner Kai Tse Lee ran out of gas in 16th place to turn his Php 12,000 buy in into a sizable Php 253,500; Fullmer scored a big pot against Bonifacio Mondalo to boost her up to nearly 3M then picked up more by railing Aron Dermer in 10th place. From what started as 9 tables, it was down to just one. Players didn’t have to wait much longer for the end of the day. On the first showdown, Rivera doubled through Mondalo then three hands after, Rivera cleaned out Morocco’s Soufiane Bakas with A K dominating A Q to form the final 8.  

Payouts 9th to 50th 

9th Denis Pisarev Russia Php 525,700
10th Aron Dermer USA Php 438,100
11th Ryota Oda Japan Php 365,100
12th Kim Jun Hee Korea Php 365,100
13th Denis Pisarev Russia Php 304,200
14th Jung Ho Young Korea Php 304,200
15th Joseroy Jeremias Philippines Php 304,200
16th Kai Tse Lee Hong Kong Php 253,500
17th David Rodwell Australia Php 253,500
18th In Ho Song Korea Php 253,500
19th An Jae Young Korea Php 211,300
20th Masatoshi Ezawa Japan Php 211,300
21st You Jun Hong Malaysia Php 211,300
22nd Carlo Manalastas Philippines Php 211,300
23rd Mike Allen UK Php 176,000
24th Jan Jason Leoncio Philippines Php 176,000
25th Joshua Chargualaf Guam Php 176,000
26th Federick Cruz Philippines Php 176,000
27th Clyde Troy Morales Philippines Php 176,000
28th Ashley De Guzman Philippines Php 146,700
29th Vladimir Mefodichev Russia Php 146,700
30th Ong Dingxiang Singapore Php 146,700
31st Nicola Montalbano Italy Php 146,700
32nd Soongheon Kwon Korea Php 146,700
33rd Justin Geronimo Philippines Php 146,700
34th Abhinav Iyer India Php 146,700
35th Qi Xia China Php 146,700
36th Weon Jae Yoon Korea Php 146,700
37th Bich Nguyen Vietnam Php 122,300
38th Mark Dela Cruz Philippines Php 122,300
39th Ryan Gebow USA Php 122,300
40th Laksh Pal Singh India Php 122,300
41st Tomohiro Kuchiya Japan Php 122,300
42nd Jason Magbanua Philippines Php 122,300
43rd Darren Yu Philippines Php 122,300
44th Richard Magaro Philippines Php 122,300
45th John Costiniano Philippines Php 122,300
46th Mr Willy Indonesia Php 101,900
47th Jaemin Song Korea Php 101,900
48th Richard Castillo Philippines Php 101,900
49th Ji Yang China Php 101,900
50th Richard Marquez Philippines Php 101,900