Chinese pro Dong Guo tops Day 1A; Chinese players Zigao Yu and Suwei Yang capture event trophies

If anyone ruled the APT Macau Championships 2018 charts today, it was definitely the players from China. Closing Day 1A of the Main Event with the largest stack was pro Dong Guo. At the side events, Zigao Yu and Suwei Yang crushed the competition. We’ve got those recaps for you below.

Main Event Day 1A review

The first starting day of the Main Event drew in 114 players to the tables all of them eager for a chance at the HKD 2 Million Guaranteed prize pool. After 8 scheduled rounds of 60 minutes each, successfully maneuvering his way to the top of the rung was China’s Dong Guo.

For those who may not be aware, Guo is a decorated APT Main Event champion. He won it back in October 2016 at the APT Macau in Casino Lisboa. Tonight, he bagged up 145,850, the largest of the 55 remaining players.

Dong Guo – Day 1A chip leader

Joining Guo in the six-digit range were:

  • Piet Pape – Germany – 117,475
  • Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – 111,050
  • Ben Lai – Hong Kong – 110,975
  • Can Lin Chen – China – 109,175
  • Lee Chin Yong – Malaysia – 100,125

Of course, there were many familiar faces scattered all over the room as well, among those that pulled through were Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, Park Yu Sparrow Cheung, Michael Soyza, Xilian Liu, Fu Bang Huang,  Daniel Tang, Bobby Zhang, Victor Chong, and Phachara Wongwichit. The most recent APT Championships Event winner, Iori Yogo, also made the cut with 35,100 in chips.

We will return for Main Event Day 1B at 1pm on Sunday, April 29. So for those who missed the mark today, no need to fret, here’s another chance. This will be the last starting day before we move on to Day 2 on Monday, April 30. Keep in mind, late registration is open until the start of Level 10 in Day 2. 

Zigao Yu hits the bullseye at the Head Hunter event

The Head Hunter event resumed today with the last 8 players back for their final chase. Unbeknownst to all, China’s Zigao Yu returned with his arrows well-honed ready for merciless target practice at the felt.

In the aftermath, Yu hit the bullseye on six players to capture the trophy and the HKD 47,900 first place purse. Additionally, Yu collected a total of 14 bounties at HKD 1,000 apiece. Now that’s a bounty hunter! 

Zigao Yu – Head Hunter champion

57 head hunters joined the action with only 10 players due to earn a piece of the HKD 164,200 prize pool. The bubble burst with China’s Guo Dong knocked out by Japan’s Yoichi Uesugi. Uesugi proceeded to rail Hong Kong’s Long Chun Pang (10th) while eventual winner Zigao finished off Jek Eeon Everchal to form the Final 8.

Head Hunter – Final 7

Despite Uesugi entering as the Final 8 leader, it was Zigao who commanded the felt. Within minutes, he booted out Wataru Kosugi (not pictured above) then scored a big double up against Mitsuru Sano. Zigao won with A-7 trips over Q-10 two pair on a board of 7-Q-7-5-4. On the next hand, he sent Sano (7th) packing to inch himself closer to the leader Uesugi.

(L) Zigao Yu doubles up through Mitsuru Sano (R)

Taking 6th place was Jianzhao Cheng, unable to get anything going with his short stack. Both Kai Paulsen and Uesugi shaved away at his stack. Back to Zigao, next on his chopping block were short-stacked How Chee Chong (5th) and Hung Sheng Lin (4th). Lin walked away dejected after seeing Zigao’s 8 8 full house on a board K 9 A K 8. Action on the river saw Lin bet, Zigao shoved, and Lin called for his tournament life. 

Entering three-handed, Zigao continued his ruthless hunt delivering a jaw-dropping knockout to Uesugi. With bets at every stage, Zigao three-bet shoved on a turn board of 3 A 5 4 and got Uesugi to risk his tournament life. Uesugi had Q 2 straight that was way behind Zigao’s 6 7 nuts straight. Uesugi missed his flush on the river with the K completing the board.

The heads up round was very lopsided with Zigao ahead nearly 9:1 against Paulsen. Paulsen managed to double up on the first hand but that was all. He too met his end with his A-4 losing the draw against Zigao’s K-Q with a king appearing on the turn.

Prize pool: HKD 164,200 – Bounty fund HKD 57,000 – Buy-in HKD 4,400
1st Zigao Yu – China – HKD 47,900
2nd Danilo Kai Paulsen – Norway – HKD 31,400
3rd Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – HKD 22,200
4th Hung Sheng Lin – Taiwan – HKD 16,000
5th How Chee Chong – Malaysia – HKD 12,000
6th Jianzhao Cheng – China – HKD 9,400
7th Mitsuru Sano – Japan – HKD 7,600
8th Wataru Kosugi – Japan – HKD 6,500
9th Jek Eeon Everchal – Thailand – HKD 5,700
10th Long Chun Pang – Hong Kong – HKD 5,000

Suwei Yang crushes the competition at the NLH One Day Event

It was all China’s Suwei Yang at the NLH One Day Event 1. Yang entered the Final 8 with a big axe which he used to slash his opponents one by one. By the time he was through, he eliminated 5 players and captured the HKD 30,900 first prize.

Suwei Yang – NLH One Day Event 1 champion

Picking up the action at the Final 8, Yang quickly railed three players, Thyronne Yanda (8th), LI Jinkun (7th), and Junko Hirai (7th). Japan’s Koichi Nozaki helped out, sending Yan Li to the exit in 5th place.

Four-handed was by far the longest round but it was also the round that saw Yang muscle with his large stack. He grinded down Peter Hu, winning a majority of the big pots between them. He also zoned in on Nozaki however, Nozaki went pound-for-pound with him to maintain his big stack. Nozaki proceeded to eliminate Hu in 4th place adding more ammo entering the three-handed round.

However, the round didn’t last long. At first it seemed Korea’s Jun Ho Kim would fall fast with his very short stack of 5 bbs and Nozaki and Yang would battle it out. But it was Kim’s lucky day.

(L) Suwei Yang, Koichi Nozaki (R)

Big stacks Nozaki and Yang went at it again which led to them both all in. Nozaki had A J and Yang with 7 7. The board ran 4 5 7 K 2, Yang won the hand and scooped up all of Nozaki’s chips. Soon after, Yang proceeded to rail Kim to claim his first-ever live tournament career trophy.

Prize pool: HKD 102,800 – Buy-in: HKD 2,200 – 53 entries
1st Suwei Yang – China – HKD 30,900
2nd Jun Ho Kim – Korea – HKD 20,600
3rd Koichi Nozaki – Japan – HKD 14,300
4th Peter Hu – Singapore – HKD 10,200
5th Yan Li – China – HKd 9,800
6th Junko Hirai – Japanese – HKD 6,100
7th Li Jinkun – China – HKD 4,900
8th Thyronne Yanda – Singapore – HKD 4,200
9th Wataru Kosugi – Japanese – HKD 3,700

Sunday, April 29: EVENTS

Sunday, April 29 will see more games for players to enjoy. We begin with the event that has had everyone buzzing, the HKD 2 Million Guaranteed Main Event. Day 1B kicks off at 1pm. This is the last starting day to enter. Buy-in is HKD 11,000. Click on the link below for all the information.

All You Need to Know on the Main Event

14:00: Event 7 – NLH One Day Event 2

Weekend warriors this side event is tailor-made just for you! The NLH One Day Event joins the floor at 2pm. The great thing about this tournament is that for only a half day’s work or less, you may end up taking home wads of cash including a trophy to brag about. For players not up for marathons, this is perfect for you so come on over and get in the action. Buy-in is HKD 2,200.

18:00: Championships Event Mega Satellite 1

Now that the main is underway, we have several days before our next featured tournament. For players looking to jump in the Championships Event at a low cost, you can put your skills to the test at the Championships Event Mega Satellite. The first of four of these satellites is at 6pm. Buy-in is HKD 2,400. One seat will be awarded per ten players.

Full APT Macau Championships 2018 schedule