CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT: Tae Hoon Han dominates Day 2; only 31 players advance to Day 3; chip counts inside

It was a head-chopping day at the CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT race with Day 2 seeing many players fall out of the running. This event is the second highlight tournament of APT Korea Incheon 2019 running since August 9 at Paradise City Casino

Day 2 kicked off with 104 qualifiers back in action from the starting day heats that drew 188 entries. They were led in by Sun Wei Xiong with the largest stack. With registration open for one last hour, another 31 forked out the KRW 1,980,000 buy-in to bring the total number of entries to 219. This pretty much blew away the advertised guarantee for a richer prize pool worth KRW 382,374,000 (~USD 314,700).

Officially, this event amassed the biggest prize pool of the series thus far, easily surpassing the Main Event pot. While a champion won’t be crowned for another two days, it is best to note what players are fighting for…. the KRW 95,082,000 (~USD 78,300) first place purse, the APT Championships Event Trophy, and the APT Championship Ring. 

Championships Event Day 2 recap

At Day 2, after a scheduled 8 rounds running sixty minutes each, the field trimmed down to the final 34 players. That meant the money was not reached with only 22 due to profit. Bagging up the largest stack was an APT regular, New Zealand’s Tae Hoon Han with 963,000 equivalent to 120 times Day 3’s opening big blind. 


Tae Hoon Han racked up quite a big lead against the chasing pack. His closest challenger was Japan’s Yuki Hirata with 800,000. This was another great performance by Hirata who entered Day 2 as second chip leader. He will enter Day 3 with exactly 100 times the opening big blind. The next player down the rung was very far from the leader. Canada’s Louis Bilodeau with 550,000 in chips. Chip counts below (by rank).

Rank Name Country Chips
1 Tae Hoon Han New Zealand 963,000
2 Yuki Hirata Japan 800,000
3 Louis Bilodeau Japan 550,000
4 Kiichi Ogura Japan 531,000
5 Naoki Matsumoto (SB) Japan 507,000
6 Zhu Jingxuan (BB) China 481,000
7 Graeme Siow Singapore 480,000
8 Law Chi Wai Hong Kong 449,000
9 Chi Chung Ho Hong Kong 430,000
10 Li Weun Ngai Vincent (BB) Hong Kong 429,000
11 Chen Dong China 383,000
12 Jwahyoung Kim Korea 349,000
13 Tsang Dicky Siu Hang Hong Kong 343,000
14 Du Ming Tsai (SB) Taiwan 308,000
15 Hiroyuki Noda (DB) Japan 303,000
16 Go Saito (SB) Japan 301,000
17 Chang, Shaotong (DB) China 286,000
18 Hirokazu Kamishiro Japan 284,000
19 Li Cheng Bei China 263,000
20 Kosaku Akashi Japan 259,000
21 Liu Feng China 242,000
22 Tou Ta-Wei (SB) Taiwan 227,000
23 Tian Hao (DB) China 222,000
24 Chan Tsun Ming Hong Kong 194,000
25 Tatsuya Hirose (BB) Japan 194,000
26 Shotashi Mizu (BB) Japan 188,000
27 Wu Po Yi Taiwan 146,000
28 Koichi Haruta Japan 146,000
29 Shinryo Nonin Japan 126,000
30 Su Fang China 119,000
31 Ando Mototsugu Japan 118,000
32 Masaki Fujitani Japan 105,000
33 Daijiro Tomoto (DB) Japan 101,000
34 Lita Hsu Taiwan 83,000

The brutal Day 2 action saw the fall of many big threats: Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, Guo Dong, Hung Sheng Lin, Iori Yogo, Wilson Lim, Alex Lee, Ray Chiu, Jae Kyung Sim, Pete Yen Han Chen, Andy Li, Yuri Ishida, and the day’s entering chip leader Sun Wei Xiong. 

The only players left gunning for a second APT major title are Go SaitoChen Dong and Tsang Dicky Siu Hang. Day 2 qualifiers move on to Day 3 taking place on Monday, August 12 at 1pm. They will battle to reach the money and a seat to the final 8. 

Championships Event Day 3 info

Total entries: 219
Buy-in: KRW 1,980,000
Prize pool: KRW 382,374,000 (~USD 314,700)
ITM: 22

Players remaining: 34
Total chips in play: 10,910,000
Average stack: 320,900
Opening blinds: 4000 – 8000 ante 8000

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