Championships Event: Shoma Ishikawa leads the final 18 players into Day 3

Another elimination round took place today at APT Korea Seoul 2019 with 60 players returning for Day 2 of the CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT held at Grand Walkerhill Paradise Casino. The two starting days drew 102 runners; 22 signed on during today’s last hour of registration for a combined total of 124 entries. With buy-in at KRW 1,980,000 each, this more than eclipsed the advertised guarantee for a healthier prize pool of KRW 216,486,000 (~USD 183,000). Although we are still two days away from crowning a champion, first prize is a sweet KRW 60,430,000 (~USD 51,000).

At the end of the scheduled eight rounds of play, the field trimmed to 18 players which meant the money wasn’t reached. Only the top 13 are bound to get paid. Emerging as chip leader was Japan’s Shoma Ishikawa with a very large 1,023,000 in chips. Shoma was the only player that bagged up over a million. To give you an idea of how enormous his stack is, Shoma will enter Day 3 with 128 times the opening big blind. 

Shoma Ishikawa

The starting day chip leaders, China’s Peng Meng Dian (Day 1A) and Japan’s Masaki Fujitani (Day 1B) also advanced to the next heat. Peng had another strong showing with 910,000 in chips collected. This earned him second rank in the chip rung. As for Fujitani, he closed with 162,000 giving him roughly 20 big blinds at the start. 

On the flip side, amongst the day’s fallen warriors were the three decorated APT champions: Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, Albert Paik, and Jaepil Goeffrey You. With no APT major title-holders remaining, the upcoming champion will be a first-time major winner at the APT. Here’s a look at the final 18 players below. 

Day 3 chip count

  Name Country Chip Count
1 Shoma Ishikawa Japan 1,023,000
2 Peng Meng Dian China 910,000
3 Andrew An United States 527,000
4 Punnat Punsri Thailand 513,000
5 Kainang Ye China 380,000
6 Dawi Yar Kazakhstan 371,000
7 Shoichi Horio Japan 303,000
8 Yusuke Kotake Japan 294,000
9 Philiemon Ip Hong Kong 289,000
10 Weiran Pu China 243,000
11 Daniel H. Lee United States 241,000
12 Suh Seong Hyun Korea 205,000
13 Kengo Sakurai Japan 201,000
14 Masaki Fujitani Japan 162,000
15 Lim Peng Yu China 159,000
16 Zentaro Nakayashiki Japan 147,000
17 Masato Shimizu Japan 117,000
18 Wayne Heung Hong Kong 40,000

Day 3 info

Date: Saturday, June 8, 2019
Game time: 1pm local time 

Opening blinds: 4000-8000 ante 8000
ITM: 13 places
Day 3 duration: players bag up once the Final 8 is reached
Total chips in play: 6,222,700
Average stack: 345,705