Azerbaijan’s Farhad Aghayev wins APT Korea Incheon 2022 Main Event

INCHEON CITY, Korea – A three-way deal notwithstanding in the end, Farhad Aghayev of Azerbaijan got not only his biggest career payout but can now lay claim to the distinction of being called a champion as he took down the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Korea Incheon 2022 Main Event at the Paradise City Hotel and Casino here.

Farhad Aghayev (AZE) is feted by APT General Manager and Executive Tournament Director Lloyd Fontillas after his historic Main Event triumph

Aghayev had been most an online player and has gained enough skill and knowledge to cash in four WSOP online events with his biggest win coming when he finished 309th in the WSOP online Housewarming Event last August for US$1,691 and did have one live cash prior by placing 802nd in the 2022 WSOP Mini Main Event for US$1,602.

Today–after a deal was reached with three players remaining to basically flatten the podium finishers’ money–he receives KRW170,228,000 (US$119,404), literally a life-changing sum. 

He is Azerbaijan’s first APT champion and this victory will catapult him into the Top 20 of his nation’s All-Time Moneylist where before coming into today’s finale he was at 55th

Aghayev battled Japan’s Yosuke Takagi–who came into the last battle as the overall chip-leader. Takagi was on the hunt for his second APT title after winning one of the High-Rollers events way back in the 2017 APT Manila

Yosuke Takagi (JPN) was vying for his second APT trophy

However, it was Aghayev who came into the Heads-Up duel with a massive 5-1 edge in chips against his Japanese opponent with about ten million in holdings versus Takagi’s stack of about over two million.

Takagi did well to get his stack up to around the four million range but then came the hand that sealed his fate as he decided to go for it all with 3 3 but was then called by Aghayev who tabled a dominating J J.

The board ran: K K 2 10 A ending hostilities to secure a place in history to the Azerbaijanian.

Takagi received KRW132,151,000 (US$92,724) for his runner-up finish.

The two combatants share a moment together during the awards ceremonies with Mr. Fontillas and the lovely Korean models

Kono Reiji of Japan, who had already taken down the Mystery Bounty event, padded his lead in the Player of the Series (POS) race via his third place finish and KRW110,870,000 (US$77,793)

Rank Name Country / Region Prize Points
1 Aghayev Farhad AZE 170,228,000* 700.80
2 Yosuke Takagi JPN 132,151,000* 567.53
3 Kono Reiji JPN 110,870,000* 524.55
4 Chan Yu Hoi HKG 66,356,000 337.25
5 Gary Moon KOR 49,624,000 278.68
6 Sua Shung Er MAS 38,299,000 239.05
7 Miyabe Tadayoshi JPN 30,413,000 211.45
8 Yashiro Naoki JPN 24,779,000 191.73

*Deal made (ICM chop)