APT Taiwan 2021 MAIN EVENT Day 1A results; action continues at CTP Club Taipei

Day 1A of the APT Taiwan 2021 MAIN EVENT NT$ 2,000,000 (~US$ 71,500) guaranteed is a wrap! 9 players advanced to Day 2 with Taiwan’s Ho-Ru Wu topping the counts with 99,100 in chips, which is equivalent to 49 BB. Also through was Taiwanese pro Pete Yen Han Chen however he will have a tough climb in Day 2 with a 4 BB stack bagged. The festival now moves to the Taipei branch of the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club). We’ve got all the details and Day 1A results down below. 

Dates: February 26 to March 3
Buy in: NT$ 16,500 (~US$ 590)
Guarantee: NT$ 2,000,000  (~US$ 71,500)
Day 1A: 9 advanced out of 19 entries

Location: CTP Taipei
Day 1B: Saturday, February 27
Day 1C: Sunday, February 28
Day 2: Monday, March 1
Day 3: Tuesday March 2
Final 8: Wednesday, March 3 

For those new to the APT, the eventual champion will take home a motherlode of prizes: first place cash, APT Champion’s Ring, and APT Main Event Golden Lion Trophy.

Day 1A chip counts

Ho-Ru Wu – Taiwan – 99,100
Kristof Segers – Belgium – 79,000
Ori Kossonogi – Israel – 76,100
Chun Hsiang Yang – Taiwan – 67,400
Po Cheng Yang – Taiwan – 52,100
Cheng Chieh Huang – Taiwan – 50,400
Li Qian Lin – Taiwan – 22,900
Chien Wen Chen – Taiwan – 20,100
Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – 7,900

Chips in play: 475,000
Average stack: 52,778

Pete Yen Han Chen

 For those that have already qualified for Day 2, while waiting for the remaining starting days to complete, we have side events to enjoy. Make sure to check the schedule. 

APT Taiwan 2021 Schedule 

APT Main Event Format, Shot Clock, and Bubble Protection

The APT MAIN EVENT has a deep format with blinds increasing every 60 minutes. Players start with a 25,000 stack which is 250 times the opening big blind (50-100). All starting days bag up at the end of Level 9. To ensure everyone gets a chance to play, late registration stays open until the start of Level 11 in Day 2. Players that have qualified to Day 2 may attempt for multiple stacks on ensuing starting days however only their largest stack advances.

When the tournament is down to the final six tables, the Shot Clock will be introduced. Players will receive 5 initial time banks worth 60 seconds each then another 5 at the Final 8 table. 

For players that get on the felt early, you will be eligible for the APT’s Bubble Protection incentive. This is a great perk to have in the event that you are short stacked during the bubble round. If a bubble protected player falls on the bubble, that player will receive his/her buy in back in the form of APT tournament credits. To be eligible you simple need to complete these three steps: 

  1. Pre-Register
  2. Draw for your seat before starting time
  3. Have your chips put into play on the first deal of Level 1 

For more information, make sure to review the Player’s Guide.

Side Events on February 27 – 28

When the series moves to CTP Club Taipei, the festival heats up with a slew of thrilling side games running from February 27 to March 8. For Saturday, February 27, Pot Limit Omaha Hi and the High Rollers Single Day, and for Sunday, February 28, the NLH Single Day Event. 

Pot Limit Omaha Hi – two day event – NT$ 7,700 (~US$ 276) buy in
High Rollers Single Day – NT$ 27,000 (~US$ 970) buy in 
NLH Single Day Event – NT$ 6,600 (~US$ 237)