APT Online Series India: Devvrat “intelinvest” Himatsingka wins the Mini Main Event

The first featured event champion of APT Online Series India has been crowned! Player Devvrat “intelinvest” Himatsingka rose from ranked 84th at the start of Day 2 to the final table. At heads up, Himatsingka overcame the hot running Sahil “bluffme19” Chutani to lift the APT Guardian Trophy, APT Championship Ring, and the ₹ 8.49L (~US$ 11,600) first prize. 

The Mini Main Event kicked off on January 15th at PokerBaazi.com, drawing a combined 976 entries across three starting days. 114 players returned for Day 2 with money starting at 98th place. 

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Buy in: ₹ 5,500 (~US$ 75)
Guarantee: ₹ 50 lakhs (~US$ 68,350)
Entries: 976
Prize pool: ₹ 50 lakhs
Day 2 qualifiers: 114 players
ITM: 98 places
Running time: 5 hours and 37 minutes (Day 2)

Final table payouts

1st Devvrat “intelinvest” Himatsingka – ₹ 8.49 lakhs
2nd Sahil “bluffme19” Chutani – ₹ 5.62 lakhs
3rd Anmol “anzzzzz” Mehta – ₹ 3.68 lakhs
4th Chirag “miyagi” Sodha – ₹ 2.94 lakhs
5th Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra – ₹ 2.31 lakhs
6th Madhav “goacartel” Gupta – ₹ 1.87 lakhs

Final day rundown 

Within the first minute of play, the first player fell. Sandeep “chor” Batnagar  was booted by big stacked Ab420. Twenty-five minutes later, player “sdb1401” railed Sagar “sagarpupul” Choudhury on the bubble. 

Among the early cashes were Rubin “kornkid” Labroo (95th), Neeraj “SelfClaimedPro” Kumar (89th), Prakash “Chennaino1” KC (88th), Pratibh “pratibhsaluja” Saluja (83rd), and players Rachit “baba_ramdev” Soni (80th) and Guneet “guntz” Kwatra (78th) both that started the day ranked high, 8th and 9th in chips. 

As the game sped on, more notables dropped out: Dhaval “Rehab77” Mudgal (76th), Arsh “Button_Hai_Bro” Grover (47th), Kunal “VasooliChacha” Patni (41st), Himanshu “pokerbrat7” Arora (38th), and Alok “TheProfessional” Birewar (33rd) who was one of the early knockouts delivered by eventual runner-up Chutani. 

As for the starting day chip leaders, Day 1A’s Nikhil “blastupinside” Arora  bowed out in 30th place with top pair dusted by Arjanveer “holdbaby” Singh‘s set of fives, Day 1C leader Prakash “pinnug” Gupta fell in 19th place to Madhav “goacartel” Gupta, and overall chip leader / Day 1B leader Arun “Yoda” Poply took it the furthest in 16th place.  

Down to the final two tables Anmol “anzzzzz” Mehta cracked pocket aces twice to send player “ladda” out in 13th place and Ashit “nexus010” Sharma in 11th place. Chutani eliminated both Abhinav “griezmann” Iyer in 14th place and Paawan “ukissmyace” Bansal in 12th place, then Devvrat  “intelinvest”  Himatsingka  went on a rush railing Monster Stack 6 Max champion Shagun “sogani22” Jain in 10th place with 10 10 flopping a set to burn Q Q

At 9 left, it was bubble time to the final table. A three way shove went down and so did two players – Abhishek “messi010010” Gubba (9th) and Arjanveer “holdbaby” Singh (8th) – both ousted by intelinvest with A K pairing both cards to defeat A 7 and 8 8. Just before the table broke, tks54321’s pocket Kings fell in 7th place to Chirag “miyagi” Sodha‘s A 10 that improved to a straight. This gave miyagi the lead entering the final table. 

Final table

Six players made it through, and was immediately down one when Madhav “goacartel” Gupta’s Q Q was outdrawn by Anmol “anzzzzz” Mehta’s A Q. At five remaining, Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra doubled up through anzzzzz however, Mehrotra couldn’t keep it intact to go out in 5th place with miyagi shipping it. At four remaining, intelinvest won a big pot against miyagi holding a set of fives to build a substantial lead. Sahil “bluffme19” Chutani caught up and overtook after railing miyagi (4th) and anzzzzz (3rd). 

Heads up kicked off with bluffme19 ahead but lost steam while intelinvest hunted hungry. Just over ten minutes of heated exchanges, intelinvest took the lead with Q 6 higher kicker against 8 6 on a board K J 6 A 5. Chutani challenged back and reclaimed it but it was short lived. intelinvest continued to attack Chutani’s stack resulting in a pot that fattened his stack to 2:1. From there, intelinvest went on to close it out with J 4 two pair dusting K K on a board 5 4 J 6 3 with the shoves seen on the turn. 

Congratulations to Devvrat “intelinvest” Himatsingka for his incredible run, going from 84th rank to champion!