APT Online Series India Day 9 winners: Niharika Bindra, Sunil Meena, Faiz Alam, Anmol Narang; MAIN EVENT Day 1D draws 777

The Asian Poker Tour 2021 season opener APT Online Series India is down to its last two days at PokerBaazi.com. Only 10 events remain with three trophies to be challenged for. Last night, the MAIN EVENT completed its final entry day with a thunderous 777 entries. Also witnessed were four new winners, Sunil “PKMB” Meena, Faiz “AilaGaya” Alam, Anmol “airball” Narang, and Niharika “nutcracker33” Bindra who picked up an APT Trophy at the Sunday Major to amplify her winnings. Congratulations to the winners! 

Today will see another five events on tap. For a chance at one of the last three trophies, the game to seek out is the Monday Major 20 LAC (~US$ 27,400) guaranteed. Make sure to check the schedule for all the details. 

APT Online Series India schedule


Featured: MAIN EVENT 

The final entry day of the MAIN EVENT dragged everyone out of the woodwork with 777 hitting the felt for a chance at the tour’s prestigious title. Only 105 survived the onslaught with player “squanderer” accumulating the most chips. They return to action on Tuesday, January 26th for the race to the throne where the champion will take home the APT Guardian Trophy, APT Championship Ring, and the lion’s share payout. We will have the official payouts for you soon. 

MAIN EVENT – Day 2 Info and Chip Counts

APT #43: Sunday Major – NIHARIKA “nutcracker33” BINDRA – ₹ 6.54 lakhs (~US$ 8,960)

Guarantee smashed at the last Sunday Major as 708 turned up at ₹ 5,500 (~US$ 75.20) each for a final prize pool of ₹ 35.4 lakhs (~US$ 48,400). Lifting the trophy and the ₹ 6.54 lakhs (~US$ 8,960) first prize was Niharika “nutcracker33” Bindra for her first win this series. She also topped the Daily Leaderboard for another 50,000 in real cash bonus. 

Date: January 24
Buy in: ₹ 5,500 (~US$ 75.20)
Guarantee: ₹ 30 lakhs (~US$ 41,000)
Entries: 708 (376 uniques / 332 re-entries) 
Prize pool: ₹ 35.4 lakhs (~US$ 48,400)
ITM: 81 places
Running time: 9 hours and ten minutes

Five hours in, the bubble burst when Jai “jksisme” Saha railed Madhav “goacartel” Gupta with 7 7 holding against A 10 that missed. 

Two hours later, it was down to the final two tables. Ashish “Notoriouskonvict” Nailwal was first out then Rachit “baba_ramdev” Soni  when Super High Roller winner Abhinav “griezmann” Iyer  A J drew out two aces to dust 10 10. Despite the boost, Iyer still missed the final table, falling to Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba in 11th place. Niharika “nutcracker33” Bindra finished off “bongfc” in 10th place, and Abhishek “AbhishekRathod” Rathod did the same to Raman “ifryu” Gujral (9th) to form the final table.

Heavy betting action continued with big pots moving around the felt. Chip leader Rathod was getting the brunt of it to send his stack plummeting.  Ziigmund was first to win against Rathod, Guneet “guntz” Kwatra next with a double up paid, then Akshay “AksahyP” Pathak finally gave Rathod the boot in 8th place.

Next out was Ratul “luna” Steves, downed by guntz who was fast on the rise. However, guntz met the same fate as Rathod, he suffered two hits to drop out in 5th place. Jatin.ahuja was the new leader but as was the trend, Jatin.ahuja too paid out big with Bindra and Lamba capitalizing. After Lamba’s A 10 formed a wheel to oust AkshayP’s set of fours, Jatin.ahuja took 3rd place with Bindra delivering the axe. Heads up was a fast one minute. Bindra shipped it with A Q dominating Lamba’s A 2. While this was Bindra’s first final table appearance this series, for runner up Lamba, it was impressively his fifth. 

Final table payouts

1st Niharika “nutcracker33” Bindra – ₹ 6.54 lakhs
2nd Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba – ₹ 4.58 lakhs
3rd Jatin.ahuja – ₹ 2.96 lakhs
4th Akshay “AksahyP” Pathak – ₹ 2.18 lakhs
5th Guneet “guntz” Kwatra – ₹ 1.64 lakhs
6th Vivekk “Vivek25” Dube – ₹ 1.32 lakhs
7th Ratul “luna” Steves – ₹ 1.09 lakhs
8th Abhishek “AbhishekRathod” Rathod – ₹ 87.08 lakhs

APT #41: 4 LAC GTD – SUNIL “PKMB” MEENA – ₹ 80.4K – (~US$ 1,100)

First player to close out an event at Day 9 was Sunil “PKMB” Meena who outlasted a field of 485 entries at the 4 LAC GTD event. At the final table, it was eventual runner up   “UncleJack” who brought in the largest stack until Meena grabbed it after booting Amit “quark” Kaushik (7th). From there, the lead switched from Meena to UncleJack until three-handed when Meena won a big pot between them showing a full house. At heads up, Meena had such a wide lead to close it out within two minutes with A 3 over J 3This was Meena’s first ever APT victory which came with a ₹ 80.4K (~US$ 1,100) payout. 

Date: January 24
Buy in: ₹ 880 (~US$ 12)
Guarantee: ₹ 4 lakhs (~US$ 5,470)
Entries: 485 (278 uniques / 207 re-entries) 
Prize pool: ₹ 4 lakhs 
ITM: 54 places
Running time: 5 hours and 39 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Sunil “PKMB” Meena – ₹ 80.4K
2nd UncleJack – ₹ 56.36K
3rd Chaitanya “chaitanyadhingra” Dhingra – ₹ 36.24K
4th Pokemoon – ₹ 26.8K
5th anujdagar – ₹ 20.12K
6th akdolos – ₹ 16.12K
7th Amit “quark” Kaushik – ₹ 13.44K
8th Angel999 – ₹ 10.72K

APT #42: Monster Stack 6 Max – FAIZ “AilaGaya” ALAM – ₹ 1.68 lakhs (~US$ 2,300)

377 runners were seen at the Monster Stack 6 Max with Faiz “AilaGaya” Alam shipping it along with ₹ 1.68 lakhs (~US$ 2,300). At heads up, Alam denied Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni a second win. Impressively, this was Kulkarni’s sixth final table appearance. 

Date: January 24
Buy in: ₹ 2,200 (~US$ 30)
Guarantee: ₹ 8 lakhs (~US$ 10,935)
Entries: 377 (208 uniques / 169 re-entries)
Prize pool: ₹ 8 lakhs
ITM: 45 places
Running time: 4 hours and 50 minutes

Brief rundown of the action, Ashish “Notoriouskonvict” Nailwal bubbled to the final table while two time series event winner Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla was chip leader. First to fall was Wednesday Major champion Jayjit “england” Ray (6th) followed by Rohilla who suffered two big hits before crashing out in 5th place. Kulkarni disposed of the next two players then lost a chunk to Alam at heads up with 6 6 set to A 10 top pair. From there, Alam pulled further ahead to a 10:1 advantage and won it K 3 two pair over Q 8 second pair. 

Final table payouts

1st Faiz “AilaGaya” Alam – ₹ 1.68 lakhs
2nd Aditya “ adit11” Kulkarni – ₹ 1.18 lakhs
3rd Arun “vazharmorghulis” Sriram – ₹ 75.6K
4th Dhaval “dhavhe” Heda – ₹ 56K
5th Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla – ₹ 42K
6th Jayjit “england” Ray – ₹ 33.6K

APT #44: Megastack – ANMOL “airball” NARANG – ₹ 2.08 lakhs (~US$ 2,850)

The Megastack event ran a lengthy 7 hours and 25 minutes before the field went from 413 runners to the last man standing. Earning the ₹ 2.08 lakhs (~US$ 2,850) first prize was Anmol “airball” Narang who overcame a substantial deficit at heads up against player “akdolos”

Date: January 24
Buy in: ₹ 2,750 (~US$ 37.60)
Guarantee: ₹ 10 lakhs (~US$ 13,670)
Entries: 413 (237 uniques / 176 re-entries)
Prize pool: ₹ 10.33 lakhs (~US$ 14,150)
ITM: 54 places
Running time: 7 hours and 25 minutes 

Recapping the tournament, the bubble burst at the fall of Parikshit “zapdos1234” Dhall to Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla with KQo both pairing up against A8 top pair. An hour and a half later, the final table was formed when Anant “antypanty93” Chaudhary busted with 8 8 to Amar “PsykoEko” Iyer A Q ace on the flop.

Up top was Utsav “ranny006” Taneja which was stolen by akdolos after railing Ratul “luna” Steves (6th). The lead then jumped to Anmol “airball” Narang which he widened to over half the chips in play by busting PsykoEko (4th) with 4 5 straight over K 10 two pair on a board K 6 3 2 10. Three handed saw the rise of akdolos to chip leader who then eliminated ranny006 to have a near 5:1 advantage at heads up. Akdolos continued to climb until a costly double up to Narang switched them up. From there on, Narang never relinquished. The final hand saw both players all in on a turn board  J 9 6 5 with  J 10 spiking the jack to best A 4 missed draw. River was  8 

Final table payouts

1st Anmol “airball” Narang – ₹ 2.08 lakhs
2nd akdolos – ₹ 1.45 lakhs
3rd Utsav “ranny006” Taneja – ₹ 93.544K
4th Amar “PsykoEko” Iyer – ₹ 69.18K
5th Ashish “rocky3705” Ahuja – ₹ 51.93K
6th Ratul “luna” Steves – ₹ 41.61K
7th PoppyPLO – ₹ 34.69K
8th Ashish “Notoriouskonvict” Nailwal – ₹ 27.67K

Update: APT Player of the Series race leaders

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