APT Online Series India Day 10 winners: M Keerthi Kumar, Aditya Kulkarni, Sandy Lamba, Chirag Sodha, & Paras Jain

The penultimate day of the inaugural APT Online Series India added another five players to the champions list. Emerging victorious were Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba, Chirag “miyagi” Sodha, Paras “PARASJAIN1717” Jain, and M Keerthi “pokerkid08” Kumar who won the Monday Major for his first ever APT win and APT Trophy. Also closing one out was Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni for his second series win. 

The Asian Poker Tour 2021 season opener is down to its last day. The event has been running since January 15 at PokerBaazi.com. Of the 48 tournaments offered, only five are left and two event trophies, one for the MAIN EVENT champion and the other for the Tuesday Major.

The highlighted MAIN EVENT resumes with 240 Day 2 qualifiers hunting down the first ever APT Online Series India championship title, the APT Trophy, APT Championship Ring, and the ₹ 34.06 lakhs (~US$ 46,680) first place cash. Follow the action via our live updates. For all the info, click on the link below. 

MAIN EVENT Day 2 numbers and Chip Counts

Aside from winning events, the APT Player of the Series title is up for grabs. This is the tour’s most distinguished title, awarded to the player with the most points accrued at the end of the festival. The top 25 players will earn a slice of the ₹ 28 lakhs pot. The winner will receive the motherlode APT POS Trophy, APT POS Ring, a luxury watch, and ₹ 5.5 lakhs. Trophies will also be given to 2nd and 3rd place.

As of this morning’s update, it is still anyone’s title. Currently ahead is Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni, trailed closely by Vivekk “Vivek25” Dube. Majority of the players in the top ten have also advanced to Day 2 of the MAIN EVENT. 

APT Player of the Series Leaderboard


APT #48: Monday Major – M KEERTHI “pokerkid08” KUMAR – ₹ 3.89 lakhs (~US$ 5,330)

Monday Major amassed a 489 entry field with 63 earning a cut of the ₹ 20 lakhs guaranteed pot. After seven and a half hours of play, M Keerthi “pokerkid08” Kumar shipped it for his first ever APT win. For his achievement, he locked up ₹ 3.89 lakhs (~US$ 5,330) and an APT Trophy. 

Date: January 25
Buy in: ₹ 4,400 (~US$ 60.30)
Guarantee: ₹ 20 lakhs (~US$ 27,400)
Entries: 489 (271 uniques / 218 re-entries)
Prize pool: ₹ 20 lakhs
ITM: 63 places
Running time: 7 hours and 36 minutes 

Catching the action at the final two tables, consistent deep finishers Arjanveer Chadha “holdbaby” Singh (15th), Vivekk “Vivek25” Dube (14th), and Ashit “nexus010” Sharma (10th) busted. Eventual champion M Keerthi“pokerkid08” Kumar delivered a double KO to Ashutosh “senojwod” Balodhi (12th) and Parikshit “zapdos1234” Dhall with 9 9 set on the flop against A Q and J J. Kumar also finished off DarkShark (9th) to form the final table. 

The final table kicked off with Kumar in the lead. He held it throughout despite his aces getting cracked and paying out two double ups. Just over one hour in, Kumar eliminated player “ender” with K K set to 8 9 two pair on a board K Q 9 10 8. Shockingly ender spent 11 bullets and still walked away with a profit. 

At four handed, Pratibh “pratibhsaluja” Saluja went up and up, doubling up off Kumar then railing Abhishek “theheisenberg” Paul, however three handed was a tough one for him. Saluja fell to player “Arpit” with  7 7 busting to  A J straight on a board Q 3 10 2 K. Heads up lasted all of three minutes. Kumar was up 3:1 and went on to win it with  K J over K 7 on a blank board.

Final table payouts

1st M Keerthi “pokerkid08” Kumar – ₹ 3.89 lakhs
2nd Arpit – ₹ 2.72 lakhs
3rd Pratibh “pratibhsaluja” Saluja – ₹ 1.75 lakhs
4th Abhishek “theheisenberg” Paul – ₹ 1.3 lakhs
5th ender – ₹ 97.2K
6th Guruprasad “fish_calling” Gupta – ₹ 78K
7th Ranjeet “Rj147” Negi – ₹ 65K
8th bongfc – ₹ 51.8K

APT #46: 3 LAC GTD – SANDY “Ziigmund” LAMBA – ₹ 80.4K (~US$ 1,100)

After five final table appearances, Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba finally closed one out at the day’s 3 LAC GTD tournament. Lamba entered the final table as chip leader and never left his post to earn the ₹ 80.4K (~US$ 1,100) first place payout.

Date: January 25
Buy in: ₹ 2,200 (~US$ 30)
Guarantee: ₹ 3 lakhs (~US$ 4,110)
Players : 114 
Prize pool: ₹ 3 lakhs
ITM: 15 places
Running time: 4 hours and 2 minutes

The 3 LAC GTD was the first freezeout tournament of the series with 114 players suiting up. It ran a quick 4 hours. Within that time, Rajneesh “msdhoni” Thakur bubbled in 16th place and Jimmy “jeeven” Arora missed the final table by one spot. 

Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba entered with the largest stack, proceeded to rail Amar “PsykoEko” Iyer (8th) with a lucky pocket Eights set on the turn to crack pocket Tens. Madhab “madhabpal2017” Pal outdrew and booted Amit “quark” Kaushik (7th) with AJo winning against pocket Fives. Lamba claimed a second final table victim in Kunal “Kunal5528” Anand, this time Lamba was slightly ahead preflop with pocket Sixes which held against AQs that missed the board. Pal went toe-to-toe with Lamba, knocking out a second player in “achu0614″, however on the next hand, he was sent packing by player “Junta” with AQ dominating AJ. A few hands after, Junta also railed Tigerr28 to face Lamba at heads up. Lamba was ahead and stayed on top despite Junta able to trim the gap. It took 14 minutes of heads up action for Lamba to secure the win with a dominating A Q full house crushing 2 Q  on a board A 6 5 6 A.

Final table payouts

1st Sandy “Ziigmund” Lamba – ₹ 80.4K
2nd Junta – ₹ 56.31K
3rd Tigerr28 – ₹ 36.21K
4th Madhab “madhabpal2017” Pal – ₹ 26.82K
5th achu0614 – a₹ 20.1K
6th Kunal “Kunal5528” Anand – ₹ 16.08K
7th Amit “quark” Kaushik – ₹ 13.38K
8th Amar “PsykoEko” Iyer – ₹ 10.71K

APT #47: Turbo – CHIRAG “miyagi” SODHA – ₹1.13 lakhs (~US$ 1,549)

Mini Main Event 4th placer Chirag “miyagi” Sodha finally landed himself an APT win at the day’s Turbo event. Sodha defeated Nikhil “blastupinside” Arora at heads up to claim the ₹1.13 lakhs (~US$ 1,549). This was Sodha’s fourth final table appearance. 

Date: January 25
Buy in: ₹ 1,650 (~US$ 22.60)
Guarantee: ₹ 5 lakhs (~US$ 6,850)
Entries: 360 (185 uniques / 175 re-entries)
Prize pool: ₹ 5.4 lakhs (~US$ 7,400)
ITM: 45 places
Running time: 5 hours and 22 minutes

Recapping the final table action, Rugal “Smikijoejr” Advani was chip leader having just railed Ishan23269 in 9th place. The first two busts were delivered by Nikhil “blastupinside” Arora, then Chirag “miyagi” Sodha won a big pot against Advani to take the lead. Advani continued to tumble, paying out a double up to Amit “amit_3103” Sinha, however on the next shove, it was Adavani’s turn to collect. Advani zoomed back up top with A A over Sodha’s K J

Next action saw Arora in a rush. He landed back-to-back double ups, one off Advani and the other off Sodha, then railed PoppyPLO in 6th place. Like earlier, chip leader Advani was again the ATM machine. He lost a showdown when A K missed the board against Sodha’s 9 9, and to “rahulskul” to with A4o behind pocket Jacks. Crippled down, Arora finished off Advani in 5th place. 

From there, the next two eliminations met their end at the hands of Sodha. Heads up lasted three minutes. Sodha was ahead 3:1, Arora doubled up once but was still behind. The final hand came with Sodha pushing all in showing 10 9, Arora risked it with 2 2, the board came J J 7 K K. Sodha outkicked Arora for the win. 

Final table payouts

1st Chirag “miyagi” Sodha – ₹ 1.13 lakhs
2nd Nikhil “blastupinside” Arora – ₹ 79.38K
3rd rahulskul – ₹ 51.03K
4th Amit “amit_3103” Sinha – ₹ 37.8K
5th Rugal “Smikijoejr” Advani – ₹ 28.35K
6th PoppyPLO – ₹ 22.68K
7th Vikram “Poker_lover” Mishra – ₹ 18.9K
8th Prakash “Chennaino1” KC – ₹ 15.12K

APT #49: Monster Stack – ADITYA “adit11” KULKARNI – ₹ 1.26 lakhs (~US$ 1,727)

Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni joined the exclusive club of multi winners after shipping his second series tournament at the day’s Monster Stack. It was redemption after having missed the win at yesterday’s Monster Stack by one spot. Tonight took four bullets to get there, turning his ₹ 11,000 total buy ins to ₹ 1.26 lakhs (~US$ 1,727). Kulkarni also won the Daily Leaderboard for 50K in real cash bonus and has taken over the top spot of the APT Player of the Series leaderboard. 

Date: January 25
Buy in: ₹ 2,750 (~US$ 37.70) 
Guarantee: ₹ 5 lakhs (~US$ 6,850)
Entries: 208 (125 uniques / 83 re-entries) 
Prize pool: ₹ 5.2 lakhs (~US$ 7,130)
ITM: 24 places
Running time: 5 hours and 14 minutes

The Monster Stack event drew 208 runners to nudge the prize pool to ₹ 5.2 lakhs (~US$ 7,130). Only 24 earned a cut. The money flowed at the fall of  Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna on the bubble. Leading up to the final table, among the casualties were Bhanu Prakash Chennaino1” KC (20th), Ashish “Notoriouskonvict” Nailwal (16th), Manish “thekid” Lakhotia (15th), and Yash “scylla” Jain who missed it by one spot. Bringing in the largest stack was PLO 5 LAC GTD winner Gaurav “gaug17” Sood

Action packed at the get-go with Arjanveer Chadha “holdbaby” Singh booting Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla showing pocket Jacks over pocket Eights. On the next showdown however, it was Sood on the bitter end with pocket Tens dominated by PoppyPLO’s  pocket Aces. PoppyPLO seemed to be on a roll, earning another stack by bumping out Rajneesh “msdhoni” Thakur but then he banged the rail in 6th place after losing two shoves. He was eliminated by Singh with A 2 both pairing up to crack PoppyPLO’s K K

With a massive pile to play with, Singh got involved in a flurry of big pots resulting in a double up for Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni and a sizable scoop for Prakash “pinnug” Gupta. Still ahead, Singh recovered some of the lost chips by emptying out Sood. After Kulkarni did the same to Gupta, it was heads up with Singh ahead in the count. Within the first five minutes, Kulkarni cut the gap then doubled up. From there, the lead exchanged multiple times until Kulkarni landed another double up with A J over 8 8 on a board 7 Q A Q K. Crippled down to 8 BB, Singh managed to double up once more until Kulkarni nailed it shut with  Q 7 over 8 2 on a board 2 4 Q 6 6. Singh shoved on the flop and Kulkarni called. 

Final table payouts

1st Aditya adit11” Kulkarni – ₹ 1.26 lakhs
2nd Arjanveer Chadha “holdbaby” Singh – ₹ 88.04K
3rd Prakash “pinnug” Gupta – ₹ 56.58K
4th Gaurav “gaug17” Sood – ₹ 41.91K
5th PoppyPLO – ₹ 31.46K
6th Harsh “harsh1327” Bubna – ₹ 25.17K
7th Rajneesh “msdhoni” Thakur – ₹ 20.9K
8th Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla – ₹ 16.74K

APT #50: Time Bomb – Paras “PARASJAIN1717” Jain – ₹ 20.52K (~US$ 281)

The Time Bomb event was a freezeout tournament that played out only 28 levels with the surviving players earning a piece of the pot. 187 got on the saddle and in just two hours and 38 minutes, it was over. Paras “PARASJAIN1717” Jain topped the 37 remaining players to pocket the ₹ 20.52K (~US$ 281) first prize.  

Date: January 25
Buy in: ₹ 1,375 (~US$ 18.80)
Guarantee: ₹ 3 lakhs (~US$ 4,110)
Players: 187 
Prize pool: ₹ 3 lakhs 
ITM: 37 players
Running time: 2 hours and 38 minutes 

On the last two hands of the final level, PARASJAIN1717  landed a three way pot to drive his stack to 1.53L. He was all in with A K, nandaconda J J, and Dhruv “gowani123” Jain Q 10, the board came 9 2 2 8 A. No one had a club but the ace on the river was good for PARASJAIN1717 to ship it and oust nandaconda.

Immediately following that hand, PARASJAIN1717 pushed on the small blind with 3 2, thesinnerman risked it all on the big blind with 5 5, the board ran 4 A 2 7 2 for trips to PARASJAIN1717 and 1.92L to pocket the largest cash prize of the tournament. 

Top 10 payouts

Daily Leaderboard winners