APT India Day 9 & 10 trophy winners: Vishal Tulsyan ships the PLO-6 High Roller; Animesh Tripathi clinches Sunday Major

The last two days of APT India Online Series 4.0 at online client PokerBaazi.com awarded trophies to players Vishal Tulsyan “dilbaghsingh” and Animesh Tripathi “ogamayaken”. Congratulations to the winners! 

PLO-6 High Roller – VISHAL TULSYAN “dilbaghsingh” – IN₹ 5.27 Lac (~US$ 6,632)

At nearly every APT India Online Series event, player Vishal Tulsyan “dilbaghsingh” can often be found at the top of the charts. It was no different at the fourth edition with a takedown at the Saturday’s featured PLO-6 High Roller event. After a heads up deal, Tulsyan outdueled Chirag Sodha “miyagi” to win the trophy and collect a cool IN₹ 5.27 Lac (~US$ 6,632). This was Tulsyan’s second ever APT trophy with the first one claimed back in February at the Super High Roller event. Another achievement by the champion was becoming the first player to win three side events at the inaugural series in January 2021. 

Recapping the action, the event pulled in 251 entries for a crushing prize pool of IN₹ 25.1 Lac (~US$ 31,590). Seven hours in, the final table was formed with Tulsyan fairly deep and wedged in the middle. Up top was Mohammad Azhar “chandlerbing”. After Tulsyan railed “Thedarkhorse”  in 5th place, he cleaned out Azhar with J A 8 9 9 7 flush over J A 4 5 7 6 on a board 3 5 10 8 10. This gave Tulsyan a massive lead at three handed. The rush continued sending Abhishek Jaiswal “sharktops” out next with a queen high full house over a flush. Ahead over 3:1 against Sodha, Tulsyan hoped to close it out fast but instead paid two double ups. Ten minutes in, a deal was struck with Tulsyan guaranteed the higher payout. The next fifteen minutes saw stacks swinging until Tulsyan was able to tame it and take it to the limit. As for runner up Sodha, it was another impressive r result. This was his seventh final table and third 2nd place finish. 

Buy in: IN₹ 11,000 (~US$ 140)
Guarantee: IN₹ 20 Lac
Entries: 251 (114 unique, 137 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 25.1 Lac (~US$ 31,588)
ITM: 27 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

*Heads up deal

Sunday Major 35L GTD: ANIMESH TRIPATHI “ogamayaken” – IN₹ 6.46L (~US$ 8,130)

The Sunday Major 35L GTD was the last daily feature where players could snag an APT trophy. The battle came down between Animesh Tripathi “ogamayaken” and Samit Mehta “Superkid7777”, both players first striking an ICM deal. In the end it was the shorter stacked Tripathi bringing it home for his first ever APT victory. 

The event attracted a whopping 871 entries to totally obliterate the 35L guarantee in place of richer IN₹ 43.55 Lac prize pool. The top 108 dipped in the money jar. Among the players that reached final table was two time series winner Ashish Nailwal “Notoriouskonvict” who finished in 9th place. 

Buy in: IN₹ 5,500 (~US$ 69)
Guarantee: IN₹ 35 Lac
Entries: 871 (436 unique, 435 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 43.55 Lac (~US$ 54,806)
ITM: 108 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

*Heads up deal