APT India Day 7: Puneet Mishra claims Championships Event; Alok Birewar bags two; Dhaval Mudgal, Sachin Raj, Binoj S win events

Day 7 at APT India Online Series 4.0 awarded first time winner Puneet Mishra “bonomo” both the APT trophy and APT championship ring for his victory at the featured Championships Event. At the side events, Alok Birewar “TheProfessional” delivered solid performance, claiming both the Monster Stack and 6-Max Turbo. Dhaval Mudgal “rehab77”, Sachin Raj “browguy26”, and Binjo S “snakeeyes” also closed out events. 

The series enters its final three days with the MAIN EVENT ₹ 1.5 Crore GTD as the top attraction. Day 1B is up on the plate starting at 8pm. An hour before that hits the felt is the day’s featured Super High Roller with 80L GTD. This event awards the champion an APT Trophy. Buy in is at the richest of IN₹ 55,000 (~US$ 695). 

Day 7 results

Event 33 – 39 prize pool: IN₹ 1,18,42,000 (~US$ 149,504)
Entries: 2,724
Trophy winner: Puneet Mishra “bonomo”
Two time series winner: Alok Birewar “TheProfessional”
Multiple final tables: Alok Birewar “TheProfessional” (2), Mukesh Surana “Guruuu” (2), Chirag Sodha “miyagi” (2)

Championships Event: PUNEET MISHRA “bonomo” – IN₹ 12.19L (~US$ 15,390)

The featured Championships Event was a 6-Max tournament guaranteeing ₹50 Lac. With 338 ponying up the IN₹ 22K buy in, the guarantee was easily crushed for a richer IN₹ 67.6 Lac prize pool. Just over 9.5 hours, the trophy chase ended with Puneet Mishra “bonomo” locking up his first ever APT Trophy and IN₹ 12.19 Lac ICM payout deal. 

At the ninth hour kickoff, the final table was formed led by eventual champion Mishra with a massive stack. Mishra racked up during the final two tables, eliminating two players that included Gurpal Singh “roothless” in 7th place. 

Mini Main Event champion Ashish Munot “OMG_spew” was hoping for a back to back trophy but after losing a shove against Akshay Joshi “akdolos”, he was outdrawn into 6th place by Mishra with A 4 four on the turn to bust A K. Mishra later cleaned out Harsh Bubna “harsh1327” (4th) then after five minutes of play, an ICM deal was struck among the final three players. Mishra went on to eliminate Chirag Sodha “miyagi” (3rd) followed by Joshi with another coming from behind hand. Mishra had A 6, Joshi A Q, the final board was K 6 8 9 7

Buy in: IN₹ 22,000 (~US$ 278)
Guarantee: IN₹ 50 Lac
Entries: 338 (187 unique, 151 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 67.6 Lac (~US$ 85,345)
ITM: 45 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Puneet MIshra “bonomo” 12,19,000*
2nd Akshay Joshi “akdolos” 8,61,000*
3rd Chirag Sodha “miyagi” 9,73,000*
4th Harsh Bubna “harsh1327” 4,73,000
5th Abhinav Gupta “abhinav” 3,55,000
6th Ashish Munot “OMG_spew” 2,84,000
7th “srishyam” 71,790
8th “virapalli” 57,090

*Three way deal 

ALOK BIREWAR “TheProfessional” wins Monster Stack 7.5L GTD and 6-Max Turbo 8L GTD for IN₹ 4.01L (~US$ 5,063)

Alok Birewar recently won the APT Vietnam Hanoi Loyal No Limit Hold’em event for his first ever APT title. Last night, he added added two more APT wins under his belt winning both the Monster Stack and 6-Max Turbo. For his incredible achievement, Birewar earned a combined IN₹ 4.01 Lac (~US$ 5,063). 

APT 34 : Monster Stack 7.5L GTD
Buy in: IN₹ 2,750 (~US$ 35)
Guarantee: IN₹ 7.5 Lac
Entries: 365 (188 unique, 177 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 9.13 Lac (~US$ 11,526)
ITM: 45 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Alok Birewar “TheProfessional” 1,92,000
2nd Suraj Singh “kioshima6969” 1,34,000
3rd Aditya Kulkarni “adit11” 86,230
4th Priyank Kothari “Piko1432” 63,880
5th “rahullpharm” 47,910
6th Allen Romeo “romeo333 38,330
7th Punya Prabha “madhumangal” 31,940
8th Aditya Singh Punn “gooner67” 25,550

APT 39: 6-Max Turbo 8L GTD 
Buy in: IN₹ 2,200 (~US$ 
Guarantee: IN₹ 8 Lac
Entries: 594 (321 unique, 273 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 11.88 Lac (~US$ 15,000)
ITM: 101 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Alok Birewar “TheProfessional” 2,09,000
2nd Saransh Garg “saransh004” 1,46,000
3rd Arjun Baskaran “Asuran” 1,01,000
4th Shubham Agarwal “backchod” 70,690
5th Mukesh Surana “Guruuu” 49,300
6th Rishab Malik “ryuk” 34,210

APT 38: DST 15L GTD – DHAVAL MUDGAL “Rehab77” – IN₹ 3.46 Lac (~US$ 4,368)

Buy in: IN₹ 3,300 (~US$ 42)
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lac
Entries: 611 (350 unique, 261 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 18.33 Lac (~US$ 23,140)
ITM: 72 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Dhaval Mudgal “rehab77” 3,46,000
2nd Neeraj Kumar “SelfClaimedPro” 2,43,000
3rd Siddhanth Kripalani “ender” 1,56,000
4th Rony Chowdhury “bisadip 176” 1,16,000
5th Girish Bhavnani “gitty17” 86,700
6th “Mrperfecto” 69,470
7th Deepankur Gupta “Dp179” 57,920
8th Aman Parakh “KarmaPoker” 46,190

APT 33: Superstack 5L GTD – SACHIN RAJ “browguy26” – IN₹ 74,460 (~US$ 940)

Buy in: IN₹ 1,100 (~US$ 14)
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lac
Entries: 548 (288 unique, 260 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 5.48 Lac (~US$ 6,918)
ITM: 95 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Sachin Raj “browguy26” 74,460*
2nd Jimmy Arora “jeeven” 71,640*
3rd Gaurav Bhutra “gauravgoru” 65,090*
4th Mukesh Surana “Guruuu” 32,720
5th “Allthewell” 228,900
6th “deepanshu02” 15,890
7th “arunkumar012” 11,070
8th Nishant Bhutoria “Mr.Wonderful” 8,770

*Three way deal

APT 35: Pot Limit Omaha 6L GTD – BINOJ S “snakeeyes” – IN₹ 1.14L (~US$ 1,439)

Buy in: IN₹ 2,200 (~US$ 28)
Guarantee: IN₹ 6 Lac
Entries: 268 (116 unique, 152 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 6 Lac (~US$ 7,575)
ITM: 47 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Binoj S “snakeeyes” 1,14,000
2nd Punya Prabha “madhumangal” 81,000
3rd “marvels” 57,840
4th Vasanth N “volkafilas” 40,500
5th Chirag Sodha “miyagi” 28,620
6th Ashwani Vishwakarma “Leokarma2609” 20,280
7th Shri Bawa “Junta” 16,560
8th “saurav29” 13,500