APT India Day 3: Avinash Kumar lifts APT Trophy; Gurpal Singh, Arun Sriram, Dishani Vijay, Sahil Mahboobani, Mohit Mahi win events

Sunday at the APT India Online Series 4.0 was massive with over IN₹ 1.16 Crore paid out across six tournaments. Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint” emerged the day’s biggest winner after taking down the Sunday Major for his first ever APT trophy. He was also one of three players that reached multiple final tables. Check out the highlights below. Great value tournaments continue to heat up PokerBaazi.com with five games on the plate and one trophy up for grabs today at the Monday Major.

APT India Online Series 4.0 schedule

Day 3 results

Event 12 – 17 prize pool: IN₹ 1,16,09,000 (~US$ 147,040)
Entries: 4,668
Trophy winner: Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint”
Biggest event winner:  Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint”
Most final tables: Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint”, Akshay Joshi “akdolos”, Ram Kakkar “mowgumotu”

APT 15: Sunday Major 40L GTD – AVINASH KUMAR “I_fart_u_faint” – IN₹ 8.08L (~US$ 10,234)

The evening’s festivities turned up notches higher with a big crowd of 939 saddling up for the Sunday Major 40L GTD. This was the only trophy event of the day and it tore past the guarantee for a larger IN₹ 46.95 Lac (~US$ 59,567) prize pool. It was also the largest turnout of all the trophy events to date.

On the ninth hour of play, the final table was formed led by eventual champion Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint”. As the first few players fell, Kumar still held command and claimed more chips by railing Ankit Modi “Ankitmodi” in 5th place. Leading to the next bust, “vishakdelhi” went on a rush, winning a massive pot off Mukesh Surana “Guruuu” to steal the  lead. At that point, vishakdelhi was interested in looking at the numbers but got no response. 

As the hunt for the trophy continued, the top spot became vulnerable. Tasaduq Hussein Rather “Tasduq” landed a double up off vishakdelhi to grab it, Kumar grinded to earn his time, then Kumar finished off Tasduq with a full house 10 10 over trips 4 J on a board 3 10 9 4 4 (hand below) to amass a 2.5:1 advantage against vishakdelhi at heads up. Ten minutes later it was all over. Kumar emptied out vishakdelhi with 8 7 outdrawing A 6 with a seven on the board. 

Buy in: IN₹ 5,500 (~US$ 70)
Guarantee: IN₹ 40 Lac
Entries: 939 (480 unique, 459 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 46.95 Lac (~US$ 59,567) 
ITM: 117 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint” 8,08,000
2nd “vishakdelhi” 5,66,000
3rd Tasaduq Hussein Rather “Tasduq” 3,67,000
4th Mukesh Surana “Guruuu” 2,71,000
5th Ankit Modi “Ankitmodi” 2,02,000
6th Taliwabang Jamir “Meverick” 1,64,000
7th Kapil Arora “spady” 1,36,000
8th Harshad Barve “omglukbox” 1,08,000


APT 12: Sunday Kickoff 12L GTD – GURPAL NANDA SINGH “roothless” – IN₹ 2.8 Lac (~US$ 3,546)

Day 3 opened with a bang with the Sunday Kickoff 12L GTD attracting 592 for a crushing prize pool of IN₹ 14.8 Lac (~US$ 18,745). Seven hours in the final table was formed with Bharath Kumar “hzgod” bringing in the chip lead. After Akshay Joshi “akdolos” busted 8th to Imtisushi Jamir ïmtijamir”, a long round followed with the next casualty not seen until 35 minutes later. Getting dusted was Jamir to Gurpal Nanda Singh “roothless”. Singh went on to clean out three more players Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint” (5th), Sarthak Aswal “sarthak2222” (4th), and Pratibh Saluja “pratibhsaluja” (3rd) to amass a 2.5 lead against Kumar at heads up. It didn’t take long to nail it shut. Singh outdrew Kumar with A 7 seven on the river to beat A Q

Buy in: IN₹ 2,750 (~US$ 35)
Guarantee: IN₹ 12 Lac
Entries: 592 (312 unique, 280 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 14.8 Lac (~US$ 18,745)
ITM: 72 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Gurpal Nanda Singh “roothless” 2,80,000
2nd Bharath Kumar “hzgod” 1,96,000
3rd Pratibh Saluja “pratibhsaluja” 1,26,000
4th Sarthak Aswal “sarthak2222” 93,390
5th Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint” 70,000
6th Ram Kakkar “mowgumotu” 56,090
7th Imtisushi Jamir “imtijamir” 46,770
8th Akshay Joshi “akdolos” 37,300


APT 13: Monsterstack 15L GTD –  ARUN SRIRAM “vazharmorghulis” – IN₹ 3.33 Lac (~US$ 4,212)

Impressive comeback from just 3 BB by Arun Sriram “vazharmorghulis” to seize the win at the Monsterstack 15L GTD. The event was another big one with 735 heating up the online felt for a sweeter prize pool of IN₹ 18.38 Lac (~US$ 23,280). At four-handed, Sriram was down to 3 BB and doubled up through Navneet Tanwar “Navneet78” when he rivered 9 9 set to survive J 10 second pair (hand below). 

From there, he sent Utkarsh Srivastava “Sam20542” crashing to just 1 BB then faced Tanwar at heads up. Initial action saw Tanwar grip hard on the lead but Sriram persistently chipped at it until he found himself up top. He closed it out with J J staying ahead of J A on a final board }2h} 5 Q 4 6.

Buy in: IN₹ 2,750 (~US$ 35)
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lac
Entries: 735 (391 unique, 344 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 18.38 Lac (~US$ 23,280)
ITM: 90 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Arun Sriram “vazharmorghulis” 3,33,000
2nd Navneet Tanwar “Navneet78” 2,33,000
3rd Utkarsh Srivastava “Sam20542” 1,50,000
4th Unnikrishnan Nair “TigerGemini1074” 1,11,000
5th Aman Parakh “KarmaPoker” 83,240
6th Punya Prabha Behera “madhumangal” 67,250
7th Retheesh KR “shaddy” 55,680
8th Ram Kakkar “mowgumotu” 44,280


APT 14: 6-Max Turbo 7L GTD – DISHANI VIJAY VERJIYA “Dishvish” – IN₹ 1.31 Lac (~US$ 1,659)

First female champion of the series with Dishani Vijay Verjiya “Dishvish” unbreakable at the 6-Max Turbo 7L GTD. Vijay outlasted the 594 entry field to turn her IN₹ 1,375 buy in into IN₹ 131,000 first prize. On her path to victory, she eliminated Aikansh Ghusinga “aikansh98” (6th) and Akshay Joshi “”akdolos” (3rd) to carry in the lead at heads up against Saurabh Rohilla “twister”. Despite Rohilla’s attempts, Vijay’s stack only grew. The final hand saw Vijay outdraw Rohilla with Q 3 river the queen against K J

Buy in: IN₹ 1,375 (~US$ 17)
Guarantee: IN₹ 7 Lac
Entries: 594 (328 unique, 266 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 7.42 Lac (~US$ 9,398)
ITM: 101 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Dishani Vijay Verjiya “Dishvish” 131,000
2nd Saurabh Rohilla “twister” 91,030
3rd Akshay Joshi “akdolos” 63,340
4th “VanlalNEIGH” 44,180
5th “virapalli” 30,810
6th Aikansh Ghusinga “aikansh98” 21,380


APT 16: Megastack 15L GTD – SAHIL MAHBOOBANI “ImHighIshove” – IN₹ 3.24L (~US$ 4,103)

The Megastack 15L GTD held its weight as another popular event of the night. Throughout the 3+ hours of  late registration, 828 signed up to bump up the prize pool to a larger IN₹ 20.7 Lac. Just under 7.5 hours the final table was formed with “Speedevil” eliminating Anshul Bagai “Bags05” in 9th place. Speedevil proceeded to dust Md Zeeshan “007Bahulbali” in 7th place to take the lead however it didn’t hold with Chirag Sodha “miyagi” and Sahil Mahboobani “ImHighIshove” hot on the hunt. By three handed, action was uber-aggressive with Mahboobani grabbing control from Sodha with a double up. Sodha recovered some of the chips off Speedevil who in turn plunged to 1 BB with A 10 outdrawn by K 8. From there, Mahboobani quickly reached a deal to end the game. Mahboobani was awarded the win for having the bigger stack. 

Buy in: IN₹ 2,750 (~US$ 35)
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lac
Entries: 828 (434 unique, 394 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 20.7 Lac (~US$ 26,218)
ITM: 99 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Sahil Mahboobani “ImHighIshove” 3,24,000*
2nd Chirag Sodha “miyagi” 3,02,000*
3rd “Speedevil”  1,66,000
4th Saransh Garg “saransh004” 1,23,000
5th “NathanDrake” 92,110
6th Anmol Mehta “anzzzzz” 74,520
7th Md Zeeshan “007Bahubali” 61,690
8th Vaibhav Shah “vaibsaarav” 49,060

*Heads up deal

APT 17: 6-Max Turbo 5L GTD – MOHIT MAHI “miim90” – IN₹ 1.03L (~US$ 1,305)

The last event on tap was the 6-Max Turbo 5L GTD and it too exceeded its guarantee with a roaring 980 entries, each contributing the very affordable IN₹ 880 buy in. This was the cheapest event in the series menu. After seven+ hours of play, Mohit Mahi “miim90” eliminated “sherry19” then the final three players opted to deal. Mahi was awarded the win for having the biggest stack. 

Buy in: IN₹ 880 (~US$ 11.15)
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lac
Entries: 980 (514 unique, 466 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 7.84 Lac (~US$ 9,930)
ITM: 161 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Mohit Mahi “miim90” 1,03,000*
2nd “Surya12” 92,080*
3rd Ajhar Hashmi “ajharhashmi” 84,440*
4th “sherry19” 43,335
5th Saurav Ghosh “saurav0073” 30,180
6th “kriptron” 21,090

*Three way deal