APT India Day 2: Vivek Jain lands first ever APT trophy; Karan Malhotra, Adarsh Subham, Vivi Yeptho, Sourav Mahato win events

Saturday online action at the APT India Online Series 4.0 added another five winners to the list. Among them was Vivek Jain “mittalgang” who captured the day’s only trophy-bearing event. Jain was also the day’s largest earner and the only one who reached two final tables. We’ve got the Day 2 recap for you below. For those in India, the series continues today with another batch of games taking place at PokerBaazi.com. A combined IN₹ 98 Lac is guaranteed across six tournaments with a trophy at the Sunday Major. 

APT India Online Series 4.0 schedule

Day 2 results

Event 7 – 11 prize pool: IN₹ 55,61,000 (~US$ 70,453))
Entries: 2,429
Trophy winner: Vivek Jain “mittalgang”
Biggest event winner: Vivek Jain “mittalgang”
Most final tables: Vivek Jain “mittalgang” (2)

APT 9: Saturday Major 25L GTD – VIVEK JAIN “mittalgang” – IN₹ 5.04L (~US$ 6,385)

The battle for the day’s trophy saw 519 (263 unique, 256 re-entry) enter the Saturday Major 25L GTD resulting in a heavier prize pool of IN₹ 25.95 Lac (~US$ 32,876). While several fought hard for the token prize, with the chip lead exchanging hands numerous times, it was at four-handed when Vivek Jain “mittalgang” began his ascent. At the time Aman Parakh “KarmaPoker” was ruling the felt, amassing over half the chips in play. Jain eliminated Sanish Chhabra “Sanish21” (4th) with a lucky kc} 9 straight on the river to outdraw A Q, then put an end to Parakh’s dominance with a double up holding A 8 top pair over K Q second pair (hand below). 

Sitting on the chip lead for the first time, Jain went on to rail Rahul Sengar “GhatakTheGreat” with A 4 two pair over 6 6 on a board 8 4 3 7 A. After a five minutes of heads up, Parakh shoved on a board 10 5 9 6 2 with 7 8 straight but was still behind Jain’s J 7 flush. 

Buy in: IN₹ 5,500 (~US$ 70)
Guarantee: IN₹ 25 Lac
Entries: 519 (263 unique, 256 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 25.95 Lac (~US$ 32,876)
ITM: 63 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Vivek Jain “mittalgang” 5,04,000
2nd Aman Parakh “KarmaPoker” 3,53,000
3rd Rahul Sengar “GhatakTheGreat” 2,27,000
4th Sanish Chhabra “Sanish21” 1,68,000
5th Gurpal Singh “roothless” 1,26,000
6th Divyanshu Agrawal “Divyansh1995” 1,01,000
7th Rishab Malik “ryuk” 84,340
8th “jalgaonkimachhi”  67,210


APT 7: 4L GTD – VIVI YEPTHO “hirohamada” – IN₹ 63,310 (~US$ 802)

Day 2 opened with the 4L GTD event, and with buy in at a very affordable  IN₹ 1,100 (~US$ 14), it drew 450 for another guarantee breaker. The top 77 claimed a piece of the  IN₹ 4.5 Lac prize pool. On the fifth hour, the final table was formed with “kabirsingh11” bringing in the lead and held it until four handed when Vivi Yeptho “hirohamada” eliminated Sachin Raj “browguy26” with A J cracking pocket Kings (hand above). From there, the final three played for another ten minutes before opting to deal. With the largest stack, hirohamada was awarded the biggest cut and the win. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,100 (~US$ 14)
Guarantee: IN₹ 4 Lac
Entries: 450 (252 unique, 198 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 4.5 Lac (~US$ 5,700)
ITM: 77 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Vivi Yeptho “hirohamada” 63,310*
2nd “kabirsingh11” 59,860*
3rd Anuj Mahajan “technoforever” 53,140*
4th Sachin Raj “browguy26” 27,950
5th “h2owater” 19,620
6th Shakti Soni “allineveryone” 13,810
7th “neerajgothwal” 11,030
8th “Heretowin20” 8,780

*Three way deal

APT 8: PLO 6L GTD – SOURAV MAHATO “kidpoker007” – IN₹ 1.11L (~US$ 1,406)

The series second Pot Limit Omaha event also had a 6 Lac guarantee however unlike previous, it saw an overlay. Among the players at the final table was Vivek Jain “mittalgang” who finished runner up for a payout of IN₹ 77,700. Denying him the win was Sourav Mahato “kidpoker007” for a first ever APT win. Kidpoker007 dominated the counts from three-handed onwards and won it with a higher two pair. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,650 (~US$ 21)
Guarantee: IN₹ 6 Lac
Entries: 353 (157 unique, 196 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 6 Lac (~US$ 7,600)
ITM: 59 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Sourav Mahato “kidpoker007” 1,11,000
2nd Vivek Jain “mittalgang” 77,700
3rd “7thK” 54,240
4th “greyhat” 37,860
5th “addie” 26,400
6th Anant Malik “anant_infiniti” 18,420


APT 10: 6-Max Turbo 8L GTD – ADARSH SUBHAM “lazygamer007” – IN₹ 1.59L (~US$ 2,104)

The evening’s fast paced event 6-Max Turbo 8L GTD was very popular with 510 runners generating a smashing prize pool of IN₹ 10.2 Lac. Five and a half hours in, Adarsh Subham “lazygamer007” jumped out front by railing Sumit Choudhary “blackbuck” in 9th place to form the final table. The next 45 minutes, saw Vikrant Bugalia “Vikrantdeskk” and Subham take turns up top. At three-handed, Subham eliminated Amit Kaushik “quark” in 3rd place, pushing with 8 9 two pair on a board 8 4 K 10 9, and Kaushik risking it all with a lower 9 4 two pair. From there, Subham and Bugalia quickly reached a deal to end the game with Subham awarded the win. 

Buy in: IN₹ 2,200 (~US$ 28)
Guarantee: IN₹ 8 Lac
Entries: 510 (279 unique, 231 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 10.2 Lac (~US$ 12,923)
ITM: 89 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Adarsh Jha “lazygamer007” 1,59,000*
2nd Vikrant Bugalia “Vikrantdeskk” 1,48,000*
3rd Amit Kaushik “quark” 87,620
4th “Tryndamere” 61,100
5th Sumit Advani “runrabbitrun” 42,530
6th Dhawal Guglani “kaizenn” 29,680

*Heads up deal

APT 11: PKO 8L GTD – KARAN MALHOTRA “Karangogi” – IN₹ 1.57L (~US$ 1,989)

The first progressive bounty tournament featured an 8 Lac guarantee. This sparked 597 to action to amass the largest field of Day 2. Of the 597 runners, Karan Malhotra “Karangogi” was the last player standing to collect the IN₹ 1.57 Lac first prize plus the highest amount in bounties of IN₹ 70,230. Malhotra was chip leader for a majority of the final two tables. For runner up Arjanveer Singh “holdbaby” it was a noteworthy comeback down to just 3 BB at four handed. 

Buy in: IN₹ 2,200 (~US$ 28)
Guarantee: IN₹ 8 Lac
Entries: 597 (320 unique, 277 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 8.96 Lac (~US$ 11,352)
ITM: 101 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Karan Malhotra “Karangogi” 1,57,000
2nd Arjanveer Singh “holdbaby” 1,10,000
3rd Pranay Chawla “setmeup” 76,260
4th Rajesh Shukla “intervntion” 53,190
5th “jayesh712” 37,100
6th “Thakurji3017” 25,750
7th Ram Kakkar “mowgumotu” 17,970
8th Harrish Chaudary “Realfc” 14,210