APT 2022 Philippines: a celebration of the Filipino’s love for poker

PASAY CITY, Philippines – This country experienced the first wave of the poker boom in the mid-2000s and its rise after pandemic restrictions eased shows that the love for the game never waned. It just got stronger over time.

That was evidenced by the enormous turnout and unwavering support poured into the recently concluded Asian Poker Tour (APT) 2022 Philippines wherein 3,013 entries pushed the initial PhP29M (US$505,359.00) in guaranteed prize pools to a ridiculous PhP89,996,800.00 (US$1,568,148.00)–more than tripling the amount of money won by those who competed and cashed.

But perhaps the most underrated number is that 714 unique entries were noted and that because travel restrictions to the Philippines have become more lenient, players representing 40 countries took part in the festivities.  

However, the dust has barely settled at the Grand Wing Casino, Newport World Resorts–arguably the most extensive of venues the APT has ever held a staging in–it is now off to Taiwan at the CTB Club Taipei for yet another undertaking that now has players eyeing a slice of the NT$6M GTD prize pools staring September 23rd and not long after that the APT Korea leg beginning in the middle of October.

But in putting a proper ending to what has been thirteen days of thrills, drama and amazing poker, we salute the winners of the 26 events that went down and thank everyone who helped make this series among the most successful in 2022.

Here are your champions:

Hernan Villa (PHI) won the APT 2022 Philippines Main Event

APT 2022 Philippines MAIN EVENT – Hernan Villa (PHI) PhP4,563,300.00

Event #1 (Mystery Bounty) – Son Jangwon (KOR) PhP746,100.00

Event #2 (PhP215K VIP High-Rollers) – Lester Edoc (PHI) PhP1,992,800.00

Event #3 (POPL Head-Hunter) – Royly Oracion (PHI) PhP399,000.00

Event #4 (Pot Limit Omaha) – Don Carmona (PHI) PhP236,900.00

Event #5 (PhP65k Single-Day High-Rollers I) – Flo Campomanes (PHI) PhP696,300.00

Event #6 (Super Deep Stack Turbo I) – Masayuki Suzuki (JPN) PhP350,000.00

Event #7 (PhP65k Single-Day High-Rollers II) – Jung Seungmook (KOR) PhP740,100.00

Event #8 (Single-Day NLH I ) – Artem Fedula (RUS) PhP359,800.00 

Event #9 (PhP65k Single-Day High-Rollers III) – Yasuhiro Waki (JPN) PhP740,100.00

Event #10 (PhP22k NLH I) – Kai Danilo Paulsen (NOR) PhP346,000.00

Event #11 (PhP100k High-Rollers I) – Victor Chong (MAS) PhP1,892,400.00

Event #12 (Short Deck) – Martijn Gerrits (NED) PhP189,700.00

Event #13 (PhP22k NLH II) – Jasven Saigal (IND) PhP532,300.00

Event #14 (PhP76k Single-Day High-Rollers I) – Wen Fang Po (TPE) PhP758,900.00

Event #15 (Single-Day NLH II) – Yosuke Nazakawa (JPN) PhP334,500.00

Event #16 (Super Deep Stack Turbo II) – Sean Hwa Teik Chuan (SGP) PhP324,300.00

Event #17 (Deep Stack Hyper Turbo I) – Dek Cruz (PHI) PhP189,800.00

Event #18 (PhP22k Pot Limit Omaha) – Samuel Deering (GBR) PhP318,300.00

Event #19 (Deep Stack Turbo I) – Jason Wong (SGP) PhP283,000.00

Event #20 (PhP160K High-Rollers) – Aleksandr Merzhvinskii (RUS) PhP1,352,200.00

Event #21 (Monster Stack) – Masatoshi Ezawa (JPN) PhP997,500.00

Event #22 (Deep Stack Turbo II) – Stephen Au Yeung (GBR) PhP121,600.00

Event #23 (Deep Stack Hyper Turbo II) – Hernan Villa (PHI) PhP146,900.00

Event #24 (PhP87k Single-Day High-Rollers) – Martijn Gerrits (NED) PhP320,200.00

APT 2022 Philippines Championship – David Erquiaga (PHI) PhP3,925,300.00

Player of the Series (POS) – DAVID ERQUIAGA (PHI)

Dave “Spade” Erquiaga won the APT 2022 Philippines Championship and the APT Player of the Series

And the final “MEDAL” Tallies (including the final POS standings):

Country      G      S      B

PHI                 9      10     11

JPN                 4       6      3

KOR                2       2      5

SGP                 2       2       1

NED                2       1       1

GBR                 2       1      0

RUS                 2       0      1

MAS                 1       2      0

NOR                 1       0      1

IND                   1      0      0  

TPE                   1       0      0

USA                  0       1      2

AUS                  0       1      0

HKG                 0       1      0

SWE                 0       0      1