APT #17: Mini Main Day 1C sees massive turnout of 1,409 entries; Day 2 chip counts and prize pool inside

The hottest ticket of the day was the Mini Main with everyone coming out of the woodwork for the last starting flight. In the aftermath, a thunderous 1,128 signed up with 281 re-entering for 1,409 Day 1C entries. Adding that to the previous qualifying days of 598 entries (Day 1A – 281, Day 1B – 317), the event amassed 2,007 total entries to easily smash the guarantee. Players are now looking at a much richer IN₹ 60.21 Lac prize pool with a top prize of  IN₹ 10.7L (~US$ 14,419). Payouts are at the bottom of the page. 

Date: August 1 to August 4
Buy in: IN₹ 3,300 (~US$ 44)
Guarantee: IN₹ 50 Lac (~US$ 67,380)
Cumulative entries: 2,007
Prize pool: IN₹ 60.21 Lac (~US$ 81,140)
ITM: 201 places

Day 1A: 39 advanced out of 281 entries
Day 1B: 34 advanced out of 317 entries
Day 1C: 171 advanced out of 1,409 entries
Day 2 qualifiers: 241 players (three double qualifiers removed) 

With all three starting days in the books, the qualifiers await Day 2 which takes place on August 4 at 730pm India time. Leading the hunt is Day 1C chip leader Sachin “abhi2129” Jain who racked up 3.87L. In fact, the top nine players of Day 2 are all from the Day 1C flight. 

Chips in play: 3.01 Cr
Average stack: 1.25L (31 bb)
Day 2 opening blinds: 2K – 4K ante 500 
Blinds intervals: 12 minutes

Day 2 Chip counts: 241 players

Payouts = 201 places 

1st  IN₹ 10.71L
2nd IN₹ 7.74L
3rd IN₹ 5.98L
4th IN₹ 4.81L
5th IN₹ 3.79L
6th IN₹ 2.94L
7th IN₹ 2.24L
8th IN₹ 1.61L
9th IN₹ 1.09L
10th – 11th IN₹ 73.46K
12th – 14th IN₹ 45.76K 
15th – 17th IN₹ 29.5K
21st – 23rd IN₹ 21.07K
24th – 35th IN₹ 13.25K
36th – 53rd IN₹ 10.24K
54th – 77th IN₹ 8,429
78th – 113rd IN₹ 7,827
114th – 149th IN₹ 7,225
150th – 201st IN₹ 6,623