All-International Finale: 8 Countries in Final 8 of APT Asian Series Cebu 2014 Main Event

The final table of the APT Asian Series Cebu 2014 Main Event has been set. Eight players from the original 299 runners who coughed up the PHP 50,000 buy-in have advanced and will be aiming for the title Wednesday afternoon at the All-In Poker Club in Cebu, Philippines.

The final table will feature eight players from eight different countries.

APT Asian Series Cebu 2014 Main Event Final Eight

A lady from China, Mo Yong Wei leads the pack entering the final table play with 1,317,000 in chips. Curiously, another lady in Maria Bernadette Lina (568,000) from the Philippines also made the final day. This is the first time in APT history that a main event will have two women in the final table.

Wei’s closest rival is Ivan Zalac from Australia with 1,263,000 for second place while Stephen Miles (England) has 838,000 at third.

Do Hoang Anh (Vietnam) with 708,000, Azusa Maeda (Japan) with 567,000, Paul Hockin (New Zealand) with 460,000 and Sun Tan (Malaysia) with 246,000 completest the final table cast in Cebu.

It took just under five hours for the last eight to be decided. Bust outs were fast and furious early and some notable pros just couldn’t get it done on this day.

The unfortunate final table bubble was Antonio Martins from Portugal who had one of the larger stacks for most of the day.

It was Miles who crippled Martins when the former’s pocket jacks won a huge pot off the latter on a board of J 8 6 6 7. A few hands later, Zalac finished him off via a suckout when the Zalac’s big slick made the straight on a board of 10 8 Q K J. Martins had pocket tens and was busted out at 9th place for PHP 294,000.

Ousted early were notable pros Czardy Rivera (Philippines) at 28th place (PHP 100,000), Daryl Green (United Kingdom) at 24th place (PHP 120,000), Ben Abrahams (Thailand) at 23rd place (PHP 120,000), Samad Razavi (United Kingdom) at 21st place (PHP 120,000), Min Soo Kim (South Korea) at 19th place (PHP 120,000), Michael Chong (Australia) at 16th place (PHP 147,000), Hoylt Corkins (USA) at 14th place (PHP 180,000), Sim Jae Kyung (South Korea) at 13th place (PHP 180,000), Bryan Huang (Singapore) at 12th place (PHP 227,000), Linh Tran (Canada) at 10th place (PHP 294,000).

Whoever is the last man standing on Wednesday will be named the APT Asian Series Cebu 2014 champion and will get PHP 3,235,000 from the total prize pool of PHP 13,341,000.

The APT Asian Series Cebu 2014 Main Event final table begins at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 19th. One more side event, the WeLoveSport 6 Handed event is scheduled on the final day at 1:00 p.m. Check the APT Asian Series Cebu 2014 Events page for more details.