The last three side event trophies go to Hajime Iwakura, Nakata Kazumori, and Shingo Cho

All good things must come to an end and at the APT Korea Incheon 2017 the poker tables of Paradise City emptied out with the last three side events completed. Here are the recaps of those final events.

Japan’s Hajime Iwakura wins the High Rollers 2

The High Rollers 2 event had a larger entry fee than its predecessor with 23 players coughing up KRW 2,150,000 to drive the prize pool upwards of KRW 44,620,000 (USD 39,000 approx). This was the highest buy-in offered at the festival.

High Rollers 2 Champion, Hajime Iwakura

Last night, the starting day wrapped up with 8 players left, and they returned today to battle it out for the KRW 19,180,000 first prize. With only half the field getting a share of the pie, action was tight with players not giving in an inch.

By the time it rolled to the bubble round, this too took some time that a deal was struck to award 5th place some prize money. Not long after, Masashi Shibata went down and the game moved quicker with the heads up reached between Hajime Iwakura and Tamaya Naohito.

Though Iwakura was behind in chips, he dominated over Tamaya winning the first five hands to take the lead. Two hands later, it was all over with Iwakura slapping high fives in celebration. The final hand saw Iwakura raise to 25k which Tamaya called. On the flop 3 Q 7, Tamaya moved all in and Iwakura tossed in the quick call. Tamaya held Q 9 top pair and Iwakura had K J draw. The turn was no help to Iwakura with 7 coming down but the river 2 was just what he needed to improve to a flush and win the High Rollers 2.

1st Hajime Iwakura – Japan – KRW 19,180,000
2nd Tamaya Naohito – KRW 11,050,000 (deal made)
3rd Noda Hiroyuki – Japan – KRW 6,690,000 (deal made)
4th Gerard Bringley – Japan – KRW 5,100,000 (deal made)
5th Masashi Shibata – Japan – KRW 2,600,000 (deal made)

Japan’s Shingo Cho wins the 6 Handed

6 Handed Champion, Shingo Cho

The only shorthanded event offered at the festival was the 6 Handed Turbo w/ Antes event. This drew in 46 players to the sign up area however only 5 players received a portion of the KRW 13,390,000 prize pool. Earning the victory was Japan’s Shingo Cho who had a rollercoaster finish at the heads up against Kenji Kurashina.

Picking up the action at the bubble, Eric Ahn was chunked down by Kurashina with K-K holding up against A-6. Immediately after, Ahn busted in the bubble and the money quickly flowed with two players collecting. Out in 3rd was French woman Danielle Marie Josset who also took a beating from Kurashina but was sent packing by Cho.

Entering the heads up round, Cho was ahead but Kurashina went on a grinding spree winning pots one after the other. During the rush, Cho exposed a bluff with his A Q top pair on a board of 5 4 3 A 10 with Kurashina betting the river holding only 9 8.

The final hand Kurashina was all in with K 6 and Cho with Q Q. The board drew blanks for Kurashina and the ladies sent Cho to victory.

1st Shingo Cho – Japan – KRW 5,350,000
2nd Kenji Kurashina – Japan – KRW 3,350,000
3rd Danielle Marie Josset – France – KRW 2,010,000
4th Reo Hayano – Japan – KRW 1,470,000
5th Okuda Nobuyuki – Japan – KRW 1,210,000

Japan’s Nakata Kazumori wins the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Champion, Nakata Kazumori

The last event of the festival was the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo with 39 players taking to the felt. Reigning victorious was Japan’s Nakata Kazumori who dominated the heads up round against Ueda Hirashi. But prior to that, Kazumori doubled up through Andrew An with A-A over 5-5 and from there, he cruised while others began to fall.

An was eliminated in 5th even after delivering the bubble. Tyler Tan’s aces were cracked by Hirashi’s 5-5 with a set on the board. Yuri Ishida took 3rd for the final duel between Hirashi and Kazumori. The event closed with Hirashi all in with A 2 and Kazumori with K J. The board ran Q 10 A K{qd) for a victorious straight to Kazumori.

1st Nakata Kazumori – Japan – KRW 2,270,000
2nd Ueda Hirashi – Japan – KRW 1,420,000
3rd Yuri Ishida – Japan – KRW 850,000
4th Tyler Tan – Singapore – KRW 620,000
5th Andrew An – USA – KRW 520,000

You can view all the results of the events right here.