Gaurav “gaug17” Sood wins the APT Championship Event for IN₹ 12.06L

The first APT Online Series India 2021 featured event has been conquered! Emerging victorious was Gaurav “gaug17” Sood who overcame a field of 273 runners (142 uniques, 131 re-entries) at the Championship Event to claim the APT Championship Trophy, APT Championship Ring, and a handsome payout of IN₹ 12.06L (~US$ 16,250). Congratulations to the winner! 

Taking a look at Sood’s series achievements, he has cashed at six other events including 7th place at the day’s Bounty Knockout event and 2nd place at Day 3’s Turbo 6 Max. Going back further, at the inaugural APT Online Series India in January, among his many deep runs was a win at the PLO 5Lac event. 

Buy in: IN₹ 22,000
Guarantee: IN₹ 50 Lac
Entries: 273 (142 uniques, 131 re-entries)
Prize pool: IN₹ 54.6L (~US$ 73,580)
ITM: 36 places
Running time: 9 hours and 21 minutes

Final table payouts

1st Gaurav “gaug17” Sood – IN₹ 12.06L
2nd Sumit “boronyx” Sapra – IN₹ 8.46L
3rd “tigeronhunt1995” – IN₹ 5.44L
4th Ashish “OMG_spew” Munot – IN₹ 4.03L
5th Laksh Pal “boomtlt23” Singh – IN₹ 3.02L
6th Danish “pagla” Shaikh – IN₹ 2.42L

You can read up on his  win via our live updates.

Championship Event recap

The APT Championship Event attracted 273 runners, and at IN₹ 22,000 (US$ 300) each, it smashed the guarantee for a prize pool worth  IN₹ 54.6L (~US$ 73,580). There was plenty of action from the get-go with tables at 6 Max. Six hours in, the money flowed at the fall of Mohak “Tiltin” Kapoor on the bubble when his 9 9 were outdrawn by Arjanveer “holdbaby” Singh‘s A Q, queen on the board. From there, bust outs were quick and even faster once it was down to the final three tables. Singh fell in 17th place, Pulkit “Ifoldfullhouses” Goyal followed in 16th place, and leaderboard front runner Aman “KarmaPoker” Parakh navigated his way to 14th place which earned him points to keep him up in the standings. 

Holding the chip lead for some time was Sagar “sagarpupul” Choudhury whose run ended in 10th place when his 6 6 lost the flip against Laksh Pal “boomtlt23” Singh‘s A K, ace on the river. Another player assuming command for several levels was Arsh “Button_Hai_Bro” Grover but his hunt ended abruptly in 9th place when his trips were outkicked by “tigeronhunt1995”. As the final table approached, Ashish “OMG_spew” Munot enjoyed a rush that cleaned out two players. Munot railed “Ikka5” (8th) with A K pairing the king to bounce J J, then several hands after, short stacked “boomshankara” bit it in 7th place to form the final table of six. 

The final table kicked off with Danish “pagla” Shaikh falling on the first hand. His two pair a the flop got burned by the board to counterfeit his hand. The next showdown was between the two big stacks, Munot and Sood with the latter getting very lucky. After a preflop raise war that sent both their stacks in, Munot had A K, Sood with A Q, the board ran J 2 4 9 Q to pair Sood’s queen and avoid elimination. From there, Sood stayed ahead to the finish. Laksh Pal “boomtlt23” Singh fell to Sumit “boronyx” Sapra in 5th place, Sood emptied out Munot in 4th place, Sapra eliminated “tigeronhunt1995, to bring about heads up with Sood ahead roughly 4:1.

It only took four hands for Sood to wrap it up. The final hand saw Sood triple barrel on a board 7 4 10 A 5, putting it all in on the river. Sapra tanked then opted to risk it. Sapra had 10 9 second pair, Sood had the winning A 8 top pair. For runner up Sapra, it was another impressive result. This was his third consecutive trophy event final table. 

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