Debapriya Manna “detulelungikhul” wins the APT India Online Series MAIN EVENT for ₹ 18.55L

Debapriya Manna “detulelungikhul” emerged as the newest APT India Online Series 4.0 – MAIN EVENT – champion! Manna outlasted the 209 final day players, coming from a behind at heads up against Sahil Mahboobani “ImHighIshove” to capture his first ever APT title, trophy, championship ring, and a handsome IN₹ 18.55 Lac (~US$ 23,345) payout. Congratulations to the newest champion! 

Picking the action at three handed, Manna eliminated “shahzzadi” with a dominated ace to begin the heads up round. Manna was behind with 255 BB to Mahboobani’s 65 BB. It wasn’t until Manna rivered a flush (hand above) that the counts switched. On a flop X? 9 8, Manna shoved 9 7 two pair and got called by Mahboobani’s much higher 8 7 trips. When the turn and river landed two clubs, K and 10, Manna improved to a shocking flush to stay alive. From there, he stayed ahead and fifteen minutes later he shipped it with 6 6 holding firm against J A (hand below). 

Manna survives with a rivered flush

Victory hand

Although Mahboobani missed his chance at an APT major title, it was still an outstanding accomplishment and overall series performance. At Day 3 of the festival, Mahboobani shipped the Megastack event for IN₹ 3.24 Lac. Adding this to his Main Event runner up payout of IN₹ 14.59 Lac, he walked away with a combined IN₹ 17.83 Lac (~US$ 22,440). Another player displaying fantastic results Sashank Chakravarthy “TheTamizhDurrr” with a 5th place finish at the Main Event to add to his two series side event victories. 

Final table payouts in IN₹

Buy in: IN₹ 11,000 (~US$ 140)
Guarantee: IN₹ 1.5 Crore (~US$ 189,373)
Total entries: 1,593 
Prize pool: IN₹ 1.53 Crore (~US$ 192,546)
ITM: 209 places

Day 1A entries: 376 (189 unique, 127 re-entry)
Day 1A survivors: 38 players

Day 1B entries: 293 (179 unique, 114 re-entry)
Day 1B survivors: 35 players 

Day 1C entries: 364 (247 unique, 117 re-entry)
Day 1C survivors: 43 players

Day 1D entries: 560 (375 unique, 185 re-entry)
Day 1D survivors: 100 players

Payouts 9th – 209th