Subhayan “arjun100” Das wins the Main Event for IN₹ 15.17L (~US$ 20,450)

After five hours of fierce Main Event final day action, Subhayan “arjun100” Das emerged victorious to capture the APT Main Event Trophy, APT Championship Ring, and a cool IN₹ 15.17L  (~US$ 20,450). Have a read on his victory down below. You can also review the action via our live updates. 

The Main Event was a four day affair featuring a IN₹ 1 Crore guarantee. After the four qualifying flights drew a cumulative 1,465 entries, the guarantee was breached for a slightly larger IN₹ 1.03 Crore (~US$ 138,800) prize pool). 

Date: August 5 to August 8
Buy in: IN₹ 7,700 (~US$ 104)
Guarantee: IN₹ 1 Crore (~US$ 134,780)
Prize pool: IN₹ 1.03 Crore (~US$ 138,800) 
Entries: 1,465

Day 1A: 267 (188 uniques, 79 re-entries)
Day 1B: 317 (200 uniques, 117 re-entries)
Day 1C: 355 (227 uniques, 128 re-entries)
Day 1D: 526 (330 uniques, 196 re-entries)

Final Day qualifiers: 215 players 
ITM: 147 places
Running time: 5 hours and 19 minutes

The final day kicked off seeing 215 players on the hunt with the top 147 due a cut of the pot. Eventual champion Subhayan “arjun100” Das was ranked 10th having racked up the second largest stack of Day 1A. 

Just past the half hour mark, the money was reached at the fall of player “PayYourDealer”. From there, eliminations were rampant that by the end of the first hour, only 108 remained with “5pranay” leading and “arjun100” ranked 8th. Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal exited in 113th place which was good enough to secure the APT Player of the Series title while the final day’s entering chip leader Rony “bisadip176” Chowdhury went as far as 38th place. 

Leading up to the final table, among the numerous players that  “arjun100” slayed were “Lakshmi7” (15th) and Saurabh “twister” Rohilla (12th). The final table was formed when Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra denied Kovid “fzzzyyy” Saraswat when K 5 outdrew A Q, five on the board.

The final table opened with “arjun100” up top and distanced further from the pack after railing Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma in 8th place. Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra (7th) was next to go with all of his chips claimed by “ifeelitcoming”. Pinguv finished off  Kaushik “kaushik1989” Tibrewal in 6th place with a higher full house but was unable to hold on to the chips, falling to “ifeelitcoming” on a flush over flush. “ifeelitcoming” continued to dominate, taking down “5pranay” (4th) that after “arjun100” railed “royalking7424” (3rd), “ifeelitcoming” still had a sizable chip advantage. 

Heads up ran a fast 15 minutes. Along the way, “arjun100” doubled to even it up. As “arjun100” began to pull away, a deal was struck and they played on for the trophy and ring. “arjun100” closed it out with A 8 outdrawing A 9 on a board 8 3 2 4 8

Final table payouts

1st Subhayan “arjun100” Das  – IN₹ 15.17L (heads up deal)
2nd “ifeelitcoming” – IN₹ 13.45L (heads up deal)
3rd “royalking7424” – IN₹ 8.36L
4th “5pranay” – IN₹ 5.99L
5th Pinguv – IN₹ 4.15L
6th Kaushik “kaushi1989” Tibrewal – IN₹2.95L
7th Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra – IN₹ 2.17L
8th Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma – IN₹ 1.75L