APT Releases 2019 Calendar and Confirmed Events

The Asian Poker Tour has released its full 2019 schedule for 11 events lined up with eight of the stops confirmed. For the second year in a row, the tour will kick off in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

APT General Manager and Executive Tournament Director Lloyd Fontillas stated,

“We are releasing our event dates so players can start planning ahead of time and other tournament organizers can start setting their dates to avoid unnecessary overlaps. Most organisers keep to the informal gentleman’s agreement that in Asia poker events should not clash thereby giving players at all levels the opportunity to play the maximum number of poker tournaments which can only be good for the continued growth of the sport.”

“Players can expect an all-new destination to be added to our stops while events to be announced are with our partners and are just waiting for the concerned parties to give the go ahead.”

2019 APT Calendar:

  • APT Kickoff Vietnam Ho Chi Minh:  January 9 to January 20
  • TBA: February 20 to March 3
  • APT Macau: March 22 to April 2
  • APT Philippines I: April 24 to May 5
  • APT Korea Seoul: May 29 to June 9
  • APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh: July 3 to July 14
  • APT Korea Incheon:  August 7 to August 18
  • APT Philippines II: September 11 to September 22
  • TBA: October 2 to October 13
  • TBA: November 6 to November 17
  • APT Finale Macau: November 26 to December 5


APT Event Calendar on the website will be updated soon

(Please note original article was posted on August 11, 2018)