APT Korea Seoul 2018: Final wrap and last 6 side event winners

APT Korea Seoul 2018 is a wrap! Our first visit to Paradise Casino Walkerhill in Seoul has been a lot of fun and we hope everyone enjoyed the 10 day festivities. The series ran from June 15 to June 24 drawing over 1000 entries with 20 countries represented, and  KRW 500,000,000 in cash prizes. 

We’d like to thank all the players that came out to support our event as well as the staff and dealers that ensured everything ran smoothly and professionally. 

Here’s a review of the top winners at the series:

Jinwoo Kim: Main Event champion

Jinwoo Kim topped the KRW 1,100,000 buyin Main Event, overcoming the 170 entry field. This was a great victory for Kim whose previous APT attendance was in Incheon last year where he finished 2nd in the Main Event. For his victory in Seoul, he earned himself KRW 26,225,000, the trophy, and the APT Championship Ring. You can read up on his victory via this link.

Stephane Blouin: APT Player of the Series

Stephane Blouin, APT POS winner

Stephane Blouin accrued the highest number of points at the series cashing in four events including a victory at the Welcome Event. For his great performance, he won the APT Player of the Series title. He was awarded the APT POS trophy, customized ring, exclusive luxury watch, and USD 800. 

Finishing 2nd was Jinwoo Kim and in 3rd was Roman Shcherbakov. Both players won an APT POS trophy and USD 100. 

APT Player of the Series standings

Here are the final 6 side event winners: 

CoinPoker High Rollers: KAI JAN CHOU

Kai Jan Chou, CoinPoker High Rollers winner

The only player to capture two titles at the series was Taiwan’s Kai Jan Chou. Chou won the PLO Hi event (see below) and the High Rollers event. At the CoinPoker High Rollers, Chou topped the 45 entry field, defeating John Paul at heads up. By doing so, he became the second biggest earner at the festival pocketing KRW 27,577,000 for this event and shipping in a grand total of KRW 32,078,000. He closed the night with Q J running a better spread against A 6 on a board running J 7 8 6 3.

Prizepool: KRW 87,300,000 – Buyin: KRW 2,150,000 – 45 entries
1st Kai Jan Chou – Taiwan – KRW 27,577,000
2nd John Paul – Poland – KRW 18,371,000
3rd Han Tae Hoon – New Zealand – KRW 12,698,000
4th Chan Tsun Ming – Hong Kong – KRW 9,100,000
5th Xiaoling Li – China – KRW 6,761,000
6th Tingyi Tsai – Taiwan – KRW 5,208,000
7th Stephen Nathan – UK – KRW 4,160,000
8th Sang Soo Park – USA – KRW 3,445,000

Pot Limit Omaha Hi: KAI JAN CHOU

Kai Jan Chou, PLO HI winner

The Pot Limit Omaha Hi event drew in 16 players and at KRW 550,000 each, the top three places earned a piece of the KRW 7,760,000 prize pool. Earning the victory was Taiwan’s Kai Jin Chou defeating Yosuke Shindo at heads up. 

Prize pool: KRW 7,760,000 – Buyin KRW 550,000 – 16 entries
1st Kai Jan Chou – Taiwan – KRW 4,501,000
2nd Yosuke Shindo – Japan – KRW 2,095,000
3rd Stephane Blouin – Canada – KRW 1,164,000

Monster Stack: TAKUSHI IZUMI

Takushi Izumi, MOnster Stack winner

Details: Prizepool – KRW 58,200,000 / Buyin: 660,000  /100 entries /17 ITM

The Monster Stack event saw 100 players charge to the tables with 17 guaranteed a return. The final day saw Japan’s Takushi Izumi and China’s Yakai Li face off for the title. With about even stacks, they struck a deal leaving KRW 2M and the trophy to play for. Izumi went on to win it to earn a slightly higher payout of KRW 13,028,000. Li earned KRW 11,840,000 for runner-up. Results via this link.


Deep Stack Turbo 2: MIROSLAW KLYS

Miroslaw Klys, Deep Stack Turbo 2 winner

The Deep Stack Turbo 2 event heated up the action in the evening with players piling in the registration area. Due to a full room, the event began with one table and a roster of 22 alternates. Everyone did get in, bringing in the total entries to 57 for a prize pool of KRW 8,293,000. Taking the title was Poland’s Miroslaw Klys after a deal reached with runner-up Hung Sheng Lin. Klys earned KRW 2,052,000 for his win. You can view the payouts via this link

Six Handed Turbo w/Antes: LUKE ROMYN

Luke Romyn, Six Handed winner

South Africa’s Luke Romyn claimed one of the last trophies of the series. He topped the 35 entry Six Handed Turbo to capture the event trophy and KRW 3,898,000. At three-handed, Romyn faced two Japanese players, Sera Ota and Shota Masuda. He proceeded to knock out Ota to amass an incredibly huge stack entering heads up. On a board of K 4 4 2, Romyn shoved on the river with 4 6 trips and Masuda called with all his chips holding K 10 two pair.  

1st Luke Romyn – South Africa – KRW 3,898,000
2nd Shota Masuda – Japan – KRW 2,388,000
3rd Sera Ota – Japan – KRW 1,573,000
4th Timothy Wanki An – USA – KRW 1,043,000
5th Lawrence Chung – Canada – KRW 749,000
6th Miroslaw Klys – Poland – KRW 570,000

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo: YOICHI UESUGI

Yoichi Uesugi, Deep Stack Hyper winner

Japan’s Yoichi Uesugi shipped in the last event of the series defeating Vladimir Muntis at heads up of the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo. The final table was quite exciting with lots of shoves happening per orbit. Muntis railed a player with his pair of fours to crack open the money round. From there, the dropouts were quick. Uesugi amassed a dominating stack entering heads up and went on to win it with K J over 4 5 on a board of J 3 8 10 7.

1st Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – KRW 2,113,000
2nd Vladimir Muntis – Russia – KRW 1,256,00
3rd Joshua Podhurst – USA – KRW 908,000
4th Sungha Kim – Canada – KRW 634,000
5th Yongzhi Jin – China – KRW 463,000
6th Tei Yoshikawa – Japan – KRW 354,000
7th Masaki Fujitani – Japan – KRW 283,000

Congratulations to Jinwoo Kim for his victory at the Main Event, to Stephane Blouin for winning the APT Player of the Series, and to all the side event champions

The APT will head to Vietnam next month for APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Championships on July 11 to July 22 at the Pro Poker Club. We hope to see all of you there! 


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Festival side event winners:

Stephane Blouin: NLH Welcome Event
John Young Lee: Ante Up for Charity
Kelvin Beattie: Main Event Warm Up
Andrew An: No Limit Hold’em 1
Calvin Lee: PLO High Rollers
Artur Gaynanov: Head Hunter
Anthony Trujillo: Super Deep Stack Turbo
Stephen Nathan: No Limit One Day
Andrew Lunde: WeLoveSport Deep Stack Turbo
Ryan Park: No Limit Hold’em 2
Eric Ahn: Deep Stack Turbo 1
Hanmin Cho: Ante Only Turbo