APT India Online Series 4.0 pays out ₹11.13 Cr; final wrap and last side event champions

APT India Online Series 4.0 wrapped up its ten-day festival at PokerBaazi.com with games running from July 1 to 10. This was the most ambitious series yet guaranteeing over IN₹ 10+ Crore across 55 tournaments. In the aftermath, it blew past the figures for a final festival prize pool of IN₹ 11.13 Crore (~US$ 1,400,655). Congratulations to all the winners and to Debapriya Manna, the newest APT Main Event champion! 

Festival review

Festival prize pool: IN₹ 11.13 Crore (~US$ 1,400,655)
Total entries: 30,983
Main Event champion: Debapriya Manna “detulelungikhul” 
Single biggest event winner: Vikrant Varma “borntrouble” 
Two time series winners: Karan Malhotra “Karangogi”, Ashish Nailwal “Notoriouskonvict”, Ravinder Singh “Ravikirti”, Alok Birewar “TheProfessional”, Sashank Chakravarthy “TheTamizhDurrr”, Priyanshu Garg “macchi”

Main Event 1.5Cr GTD – Debapriya Manna “detulelungikhul” 
Championship Event 50L GTD – Puneet Mishra “bonomo”

Kickoff 20L GTD – Jasven Saigal 
Friday Major 40L GTD – Anuj Yadav “brockLesnar95”
Saturday Major 25L GTD – Vivek Jain “mittalgang
Sunday Major 40L GTD – Avinash Kumar “I_fart_u_faint” 
Monday Major 25L – GTD – Ratul Steves “luna” 
PLO High Roller 30L GTD – Ashish Nailwal “Notoriouskonvict”
Mini Main Event 75L GTD – Ashish Munot “OMG_spew”
Super High Roller 80L GTD – Vikrant Varma “borntrouble” 
PLO-6 High Roller 20L GTD – Vishal Tulsyan “dilbaghsingh”
Sunday Major 35L GTD – Animesh Tripathi “ogamayaken”

Here are the final side event winners. 

APT 46: Frenzy 5L GTD – “JORACH” – IN₹ 1L (~US$ 1,258)

Anonymous player nicknamed “Jorach” came out on top of the only event that offered add-ons. The Frenzy 5L GTD drew 324 entries plus 38 add-ons. Out of the top 29 that reached ITM, notables Priyanshu Garg “macchi” and Ashish Nailwal “Notoriouskonvict” found their way into the final table. Garg fell in 3rd place and Nailwal came close to series third victory in 2nd place. Champion Jorach earned a first ever victory and first ever APT final table. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,375 (~US$ 18) 
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lac
Entries: 324 + 38 add-ons (183 unique, 141 re-buys)
Prize pool: IN₹ 5 Lac (~US$ 6,290)
ITM: 29 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

APT 47: 7-Max 5L GTD – PRIYANSHU GARG “macchi” – IN₹ 77,410 (~US$ 974)

Prior to this series, Priyanshu Garg “macchi” had yet to bag himself an APT win. Now he has been granted that twice with a victory at the 7-Max 5L GTD and an earlier one at the 6-Max 8L GTD. For his second win, Garg also earned it by striking an ICM deal at heads up while sitting on the biggest stack. He earned IN₹ 77,410. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,100 (~US$ 14)
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lac
Entries: 500 (264 unique, 236 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 5 Lac (~US$ 6,290)
ITM: 83 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

*Heads up deal

APT 53: 5-Max Turbo 8L GTD – SREEPRAKAASH SEETHARAMAN “fitzmagic” – IN₹ 1.42L (~US$ 1,787)

The 5-MaxTurbo 8L GTD built a field of 640 entries and a prize pool of IN₹ 9.6 Lac (~US$ 12,080). The top 107 shaved a portion of the pot with the final three opting to deal. The big stacked Sreeprakaash Seetharaman “fitzmagic” was awarded the fattest cut and his first ever APT win. This was also his first ever APT final table. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,650 (~US$ 21)
Guarantee: IN₹ 8 Lac
Entries: 640 (325 unique, 315 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 9.6 Lac (~US$ 12,080)
ITM: 107 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

*Three way deal 

APT 54: Monsterstack 15L GTD – VINAYAK BAJAJ “salmanbhai” – IN₹ 3.15L (~US$ 3,964)

The highly affordable IN₹ 3,300 buy in Monster Stack 15L GTD brought in a mass of 597 entries to easily crush the advertised guarantee. Awarded the win was Vinayak Bajaj “salmanbhai” who had the commanding stack during the heads up deal with Gaurav Sharma “gauravfrisky” after he eliminated Vikranth Varma “borntrouble” in 3rd place. This was Bajaj’s second APT side event win having first shipped the second edition’s Kickoff Event back in August 2021. 

Buy in: IN₹ 3,300 (~US$ 42)
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lac
Entries: 597 (315 unique, 282 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 17.91 Lac (~US$ 22,540)
ITM: 72 places

Final table payouts in IN₹ 

*Heads up deal

APT 55: PLO-5 10L GTD – KAMAL SINGH “kalludadabanamau” – IN₹ 2.1L (~US$ 2,643)

The PLO-5 10L GTD attracted 379 entries with 45 earning a piece of the pie. Kamal Singhkalludadabanamau” emerged as champion to claim the IN₹ 2.1L (~US$ 2,643) first prize. This was Singh’s first ever APT win and APT final table. 

Buy in: IN₹ 2,750 (~US$ 35)
Guarantee: IN₹ 10 Lac
Entries: 379 (150 unique, 229 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 10 Lac (~US$ 12,585)
ITM: 45 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

APT 58: Megastack 15L GTD – SAURABH ROHILA “twister” – IN₹ 3.16L (~US$ 3,977)

Buy in: IN₹ 3,300 (~US$ 42)
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lac
Entries: 666 (362 unique, 304 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 19.98 Lac (~US$ 25,145)
ITM: 81 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Saurabh Rohila “twister” 3,16,000*
2nd Aishwary Sharma “czarash” 3,12,000*
3rd Manoj Kumar “Karwasra33” 1,67,000
4th Akshay Joshi “akdolos” 1,23,000
5th Priyanshu Garg “macchi” 92,310
6th Mohit Mehta “thejoker” 74,530
7th Shreyas Bhargava “hercules0304” 61,740
8th Pranay Chawla “setmeup” 49,150

*Heads up deal

APT 59: Afterparty 10L GTD – ANKIT MODI “Ankitmodi” – IN₹ 2.1L (~US$ 2,643)

Ankit Modi “Ankitmodi” closed out the last event of the series, the Afterparty 10L GTD, to add a first ever APT title under his belt. Modi overcame the 597 entry field, defeating Shrey Baj “Kingsb30” at heads up. Another player denied the win was Anmol Mehta “anzzzz” in 3rd place. Mehta turned his lowly IN₹ 2,200 (~US$ 28) to a chunky IN₹ 2.1 Lac payday. 

Buy in: IN₹ 2,200 (~US$ 28)
Guarantee: IN₹ 10 Lac
Entries: 597 (353 unique, 244 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 11.94 Lac (~US$ 15,026)
ITM: 101 places

Final table payouts in IN₹