Final five trophy winners of the APT Finale Macau Championships

And that’s a wrap! We’ve concluded all of the APT Finale Macau Championships 2017 games here at the Macau Billionaire Poker at Babylon Casino! The final five side event trophies have been claimed. Here are the festival’s tail end champions:

Monster Stack: Tin Lam Wong (Joey Wong)

Monster Stack Champion, Tin Lam Wong

On the final day of the Monster Stack event, it took only four hours for the champion to emerge with Tin Lam Wong defeating Kosei Ichinose at the heads up round. Despite the Japanese pro’s efforts, Wong was too tough to crack at heads up claiming a majority of the pots.

The final hand saw Ichinose shove on a flop of J 9 4 with J 6 top pair but Wong was still ahead with K K. The turn 8 and river Q sealed the win for Wong and he captured his first-ever APT title.

Wong bested a field of 58 entries to pocket the lion’s share HKD 77,900 out of the HKD 281,300 prize pool. APT Main Event champion Varun Gupta also cashed in this event, finishing in 6th place.

No Limit Hold’em 3: Tin Yan Timothy Yim

NLH 3 Champion, Tin Yan Timothy Yim

Entries: 41 / Prizepool: HKD 278,400
1st Tin Yan Timothy Yim – Hong Kong – HKD 111,300
2nd Wenling Gao – China – HKD 69,600
3rd Yang Peng – China – HKD 41,800
4th Jia Tang – China – HKD 30,600
5th Kosaku Akashi – Japan – HKD 25,100 Deep Stack Turbo: Hok Shing Ho

WLS Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Hok Shing Ho

Entries: 17 / Prizepool: HKD 24,700
1st Hok Shing Ho – Hong Kong – HKD 12,400
2nd Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – HKD 7,400
3rd Yusuke Nishiuchi – Japan – HKD 4,900

6 Handed Turbo: Wenhai Xu

6 Handed Turbo Champion, Hok Shing Ho

Macau player Wenhai Xu represented his region well with a victory at the 6 Handed Turbo event. Xu is the only player from Macau that captured an APT event title at the series. To get there, he had to overcome a deficit at the heads up round against China’s Jia Tang then muster up the courage to make a huge call for the win.

The final hand saw Tang three-bet shove preflop, and with stacks very close (Xu ahead by just 2bbs), Xu tanked for a few minutes. A crowd gathered to witness the moment when Xu finally tossed in the one-chip call. Xu turned over 7 7 and was ahead of Tang’s A K. After the board bricked, Xu’s excitement was written all over his face. A total of 46 players participated in this event for a prize pool of HKD 89,200. Xu earned the biggest share worth HKD 35,700 and the event trophy.

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo: Peng Yu Lin

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Champion, Wenhai Xu

The final event of the series and of the year was the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo with 41 vying for that last trophy. With the blinds escalating astronomically during the deep rounds, the race to the title was pretty much an all in fest.

At bubble time with six remaining, the lone female Peng Yu Lin doubled up when her K-J improved to a full house. After two players were sent to the rail, she eliminated Dean Aldred with yet another K-J boat. With her massive stack, she proceeded to take all of Boon Kean Chan’s chips with J-J over K-3, then closed it out by grinding down Hueng Yiu and finishing him off with her pocket sixes.

Lin earned the HKD 15,800 first place cash and the last event trophy of the APT Finale Macau Championships.

Congratulations to all the winners! You can view all the festival payouts in the Events and Results page. We also have daily video highlights of the finale uploaded in the APT YouTube channel so make sure to check it out!

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