Labadie Sets Pace for APT Philippines Main Event

Clement Labadie from France has emerged on top of the 89 runners who sat down at the poker tables at Resorts World Manila for the much-anticipated Day 1A of the APT Philippines USD $2700 buy-in Main Event. After seven levels of play, only 50 of those from the international field remained. Bagging up 80,300 in chips, Labadie is closely followed by Jeonghoon Ahn on 78,275 and then Pachara Wongwicht further back with 55,250.

Labadie’s campaign began with the first scalp of the tournament in the form of Mike Takayama. On a flop of 5 6 4 Labadie called Takayama’s shove and then turned over 8 7 for the nut straight. However, Takayama still had outs to the flush holding K 3 but they weren’t to come on either the turn or river. Labadie then won a key coin flip with 10 10 against the A K of Mark Rivera. With all the money in preflop, the board of A 10 5 A 7 gave Labadie the full house and busted Rivera from the tournament…

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