APT Korea X It’s Poker results: In Ho Song wins MAIN EVENT; Gyu Hyuk Lee wins Championships Event

After a five week delay, APT Korea 2021 – “The Real” Hold’em Tournament – finally wrapped up! In partnership with It’s Poker, the last weekend paid out KR₩ 504,100,000 (~US$ 428,490) across six events. The APT would like to thank everyone that participated, and congratulations to all the winners! Stay tuned as this was just the first of many more to come. 

The event kicked off on June 27 with games taking place for seven straight weekends at various poker pubs before it was postponed due to rising Covid cases in the country. It resumed on September 5 with the last of the games held from September 9 to 12. In Ho Song emerged as the biggest winner for his victory at the Main Event. Gyu Hyuk Lee won the Championships Event. We’ve got those results and side event winners listed below. 

Main Event: IN HO SONG – KR₩ 70,000,000  (~US$ 59,700)

Main Event champion: In Ho Song

The Main Event drew 540 entries across multiple starting days with 144 advancing to Day 2. In Ho Song was ranked fourth overall then carried the second biggest stack into the final table. He proceeded to knock out Jae Hyun Bae in 9th place, then went on to victory, defeating APT regular Seongsu Kong at heads up to capture the KR₩ 70,000,000  (~US$ 59,700) first prize, the APT Main Event Trophy, and APT Championship Ring. This was Song’s first ever APT cash and his largest live career payout. 

Other notable players running deep were Daewoong Song who finished 4th, Jeonggyu Cho (27th), Siyoung Lee (36th), Gab Yong Kim (57th), Seungmook Jung (60th), and Jeho Lee (61st). 

Main Event info 

Entries: 540
Prize pool: KR₩ 250,000,000 (~US$ 213,300)
ITM: 61 places

Final table payouts

1st In Ho Song – KR₩ 70,000,000  
2nd Seongsu Kong – KR₩ 45,000,000
3rd Jiwoo Lee – KR₩ 30,000,000
4th Daewoong Song – 20,000,000
5th Boonlil Koo – KR₩ 7,000,000
6th Soomin Jang – KR₩ 5,000,000
7th Jae-ryeon Kim –  KR₩ 4,000,000
8th Min Jin Nam – KR₩ 3,000,000
9th Jae Hyun Bae – KR₩ 2,600,000

Championships Event: GYU HYUK LEE – KR₩ 37,000,000 (~US$ 31,560)

148 entered the Championships Event with the top 15 players claiming a piece of the KR₩ 150,000,000  (~US$ 127,970) prize pool. Gyu Hyuk Lee shipped the lion’s share KR₩ 37,000,000 (~US$ 31,560) for his victory along with the APT Championships Event trophy. This was Lee’s first known victory and first APT cash. 

Lee entered the final table as chip leader, eliminated four players starting with Ji Yeon Park on a bad beat. Park was all in on the flop holding Q Q, Lee had 3 4, the board completed 7 3 5 7 6 for a straight on the river. To ship it, Lee defeated Yoonkwon Woo at heads up with A J over A 10 on a board J Q 5 9 5.  

Championships Event info
Entries: 148
Prize pool: KR₩ 150,000,000  (~US$ 127,970)
ITM: 15 places

Final table payouts

1st Gyu Hyuk Lee – KR₩ 37,000,000 
2nd Yoonkwon Woo – KR₩ 29,000,000
3rd Hyun Jung Kim –  KR₩ 22,500,000
4th Young-ran Gong – KR₩ 13,500,000
5th Ayoung Na – KR₩ 10,500,000
6th Jimmy Minsoo Cha – KR₩ 7,500,000
7th Ji Yeon Park – KR₩ 6,750,000
8th Taeho Kang – KR₩ 4,500,000
9th Sun Ho Yoo -KR₩ 3,750,000

Event 1: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo – JEONG HYUN KIM- KR₩ 4,275,000 (~US$ 3,600)

Entries: 40
Prize pool: KR₩ 15,000,000 (~US$ 12,800)
ITM: 7 places


1st Jeong Hyun Kim – KR₩ 4,275,000 (heads up deal)
2nd Jae Jin Lee – KR₩ 4,275,000 (heads up deal)
3rd Sung Wook Kang – KR₩ 2,250,000
4th Soo Jo Kim – KR₩ 1,500,000
5th So Young Go – KR₩ 1,050,000
6th Seung Pyo Kang – KR₩ 900,000
7th Manseok Yang – KR₩ 750,000

Event 2: Monster Stack – JAE HYUNG PARK – KR₩ 10,726,000 (~US$ 9,150)

Entries: 127
Prize pool: KR₩ 45,100,000 (~US$ 38,470)
ITM: 15 places

Final table payouts

1st Jae Hyun Park – KR₩ 10,726,000
2nd Chang Min Lee –  KR₩ 7,765,000
3rd Ji Hoon Park – KR₩ 4,961,000
4th Chul Woo Park – KR₩ 3,833,500
5th Kyoung Chul Lee – KR₩ 3,382,500
6th Man Seo Han – KR₩ 2,706,000
7th Ji Hun Yun – KR₩ 2,029,500
8th Yun Ho Han – KR₩ 1,804,000
9th Jae Myoung Jo – KR₩ 1,578,500

Event 3: Deep Stack Turbo – KWANG MIN KO – KR₩ 6,500,000 (~US$ 5,500)

Entries: 90
Prize pool: KR₩ 25,000,000 (~US$ 21,330)
ITM: 15 places 

Final table payouts

1st Kwang Min Ko – KR₩ 6,500,000
2nd Hwan Hee Lee – KR₩ 3,750,000
3rd Jinkuk Kim – KR₩ 2,750,000
4th Min Chan Kim – KR₩ 2,125,000
5th Hyung Kuk Ki – KR₩ 1,875,000
6th Byung Ho Park – KR₩ 1,500,000
7th Hak Gyu Lim – KR₩ 1,125,000
8th Hyung Sup Jung – KR₩ 1,000,000
9th Heung Soon Jang – KR₩ 875,000

Event 5: NLH Single Day – HWAN HEE LEE – KR₩ 4,940,000 (~US$ 4,215)

Entries: 72
Prize pool: KR₩ 19,000,000 (~US$ 16,200)
ITM: 15 places

Final table payouts

1st Hwan Hee Lee – KR₩ 4,940,000
2nd Jae Myoung Jo – KR₩ 2,850,000
3rd Jonghyun Park – KR₩ 2,090,000
4th Hojin Kim – KR₩ 1,615,000
5th Uijong Han – KR₩ 1,425,000
6th Seung Hyuk Hans – KR₩ 1,140,000
7th Gil Ung Eom – KR₩ 855,000
8th Min Gyu Lee – KR₩ 760,000
9th Dong In Hwang – KR₩ 665,000