APT India Day 6: Ashish Munot takes down the Mini Main Event for ₹13L; Ravinder Singh, Mohit Mehta, Shri Bawa, Shivam Khandelwal win events

Wednesday night at APT India Online Series 4.0 was the richest day yet amassing IN₹ 1.24 Crore over five games. The bulk of it was paid out at the Mini Main Event 75 Lac where decorated pro Ashish Munot “OMG_spew” banked the champion’s cut IN₹ 13.13 Lac and his first ever APT title and trophy. He is currently the series’ largest earner.

As the series enters its seventh day at PokerBaazi.com, two featured events are guaranteed to spice things up, the Championship Event 50L GTD and Day 1A of the headliner Main Event 1.5 CR GTD. These are the only events where the champions win an APT Trophy and APT Championship Ring. 

APT India Online Series 4.0 schedule

Day 6 results

Event 28 – 32 prize pool: IN₹ 1,23,95,000 (~US$ 156,985)
Entries: 3,214
Trophy winner: Ashish Munot “OMG_spew”
Most final tables: Abhishek Sonu “chipndchair” (2)

APT 30: Mini Main Event 75L GTD –  ASHISH MUNOT “OMG_spew” – IN₹ 13.13L (~US$ 16,629)

Last month, highly decorated Indian pro Ashish Munot fell one spot short of his first ever APT title at the brand’s inaugural Hanoi Vietnam series Main Event. Last night, he made up for it by clinching the featured Mini Main Event, outlasting the 913 entry field. The event ran for a heated nine hours with 108 players earning a piece of the pot. Munot walked away with the largest cut amounting to whopping IN₹ 13.13 Lac and an APT Trophy to add to his poker shelf. This was the series largest winner’s payout to date. 

The final table only took half an hour with Munot picking up momentum at four handed. Leading up to it, Chandan Arora “darkfish” was the player to catch with a big stack since the start of the table. To help Arora maintain his lead, he delivered a bad beat to Sanish Chhabra “Sanish21” (6th) with 10 10 set on the turn against Q Q. One bust later, it was Munot’s turn to crack heads. He eliminated Shriram Varma “MasterBet10” to tighten the gap between him and Arora, then quickly grinded to chip leader. Anmol Mehta “anzzzz” joined the shoving spree and successfully dragged in two pots, the second one sending Arora’s stack below 10 BB. Arora the rest of it to Munot who proceeded to finish off Mehta with A Q over A 10 on a board 3 Q Q J 9

Buy in: IN₹ 8,250 (~US$ 105)
Guarantee: IN₹ 75 Lac
Entries: 913 (486 unique, 427 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 75 Lac (US$ 94,989)
ITM: 108 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Ashish Munot “OMG_spew” 13,13,000
2nd Anmol Mehta “anzzzz” 9,20,000
3rd Chandan Arora “darkfish” 5,95,000
4th Shriram Varma “MasterBet10” 4,39,000
5th Rajat Mahajan “happyfish” 3,29,000
6th Sanish Chhabra “Sanish21” 2,65,000
7th Puneet Mishra “bonomo” 2,20,000
8th Rahul Rana “Rurrr” 1,75,000


APT 28: 5L GTD – SHRI BAWA “Junta” – IN₹ 88,900 (~US$ 1,126)

The 5L GTD opened the day with a very affordable IN₹ 1,100 buy in. This saw 485 take interest however it wasn’t enough to breach the guarantee. Throughout the final table Shri Bawa “Junta” was the player up top and never dropped rank. Bawa amassed 75 percent of the chips after knocking out Priyanshu Garg “macchi” (4th). Despite being behind, Bhavit Jain “tyrogambit” pressured the leader and cut the gap significantly but ultimately could not overtake. Both players opted to check the numbers twice and both times it was rejected. Bawa closed it out with 8 8 set over K 9 on a board K 2 4 5 8 for his first ever APT win. 

Buy in: IN₹ 1,100 (~US$ 14)
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lac
Entries: 485 (264 unique, 221 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 5 Lac (~US$ 6,332)
ITM: 83 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Shri Bawa “Junta” 88,900
2nd Bhavit Jain “tyrogambit” 61,950
3rd Abhishek Sonu “chipndchair” 43,150
4th Priyanshu Garg “macchi” 30,050
5th Suraj Yadav “MR8BEAST” 20,950
6th kingkong123aces” 14,600
7th “hazardous” 11,100
8th “p0kerguru” 9,100


APT 29: PKO 5L GTD – SHIVAM KHANDELWAL “skshivam43” – IN₹ 1.21L (~US$ 1,528) 

Another first time winner with Shivam Khandelwal “skshivam43” holding his head high at the PKO 5L GTD. For his win, he earned IN₹ 97,340 plus IN₹ 23,220 in bounties to collect just under IN₹ 1.21 Lac. Before taking it to the limit, Khandelwal watched as Amir Iyer “PsykoEko” took charge at the start of the final table. Iyer brought in the chip lead and piled in more by eliminating somilsoni96” (7th) and Rugal Advani “Smikijoejr” (6th).

Down to five, Khandelwal made his move. He stole the lead on a double up through the Iyer with Ace-Queen outdrawing pocket Jacks. From there, he was steamrolled, booting Abhishek Sonu “chipndchair” (5th) and “addie” (3rd) with a set over set (hand above). It took just one heads up hand to claim the win with J 9 flush beating nbara’s K 4 two pair on a board 6 K 10 6 3

Buy in: IN₹ 1,650 (~US$ 21)
Guarantee: IN₹ 5 Lac
Entries: 437 (234 unique, 203 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 5.46 Lac (~US$ 6,915)
ITM: 77 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Shivam Khandelwal “skshivam43” 97,340
2nd “nbara” 68,440
3rd “addie” 48,230
4th Amir Iyer “PsykoEko” 33,920
5th Abhishek Sonu “chipndchair” 23,820
6th Rugal Advani “Smikijoejr” 16,770
7th somilsoni96 13,380
8th Deepankur Gupta “Dp179” 10,650


APT 31: Superstack 15L GTD – RAVINDER SINGH “Ravikirti” – IN₹ 4.11L (~US$ 5,188)

The Superstack 15L GTD was the hottest side event of the day seeing 803 entries to crush the guarantee and build a larger IN₹ 24.09 Lac (~US$ 30,510) prize pool. Out of the top 99 that reached the money, Ravinder Singh “Ravikirti” earned the biggest take totaling IN₹ 4.11 Lac on a heads up deal. Entering the final table, Singh was ahead of the pack and held it until “gauravfrisky” railed Sreekanth Narayan “n0thing” and doubled up through him to drop down. Singh eliminated Unnikrishnan Nair “TigerGemini1974” (3rd) to even up with gauravfrisky at heads up. After one hand, a deal was discussed but rejected. Singh landed a huge double up with Q Q holding firm against K J to amass a big 85 BB lead to gauravfrisky’s 15 BB. The players discussed a deal again and this time it was achieved to end the game.

Buy in: IN₹ 3,300 (~US$ 42)
Guarantee: IN₹ 15 Lac
Entries: 803 (383 unique,420 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 24.09 Lac (~US$ 30,510)
ITM: 99 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Ravinder Singh “Ravikirti” 4,11,000*
2nd “gauravfrisky” 3,18,000*
3rd Unnikrishnan Nair “TigerGemini1974” 1,94,000
4th Sreekanth Narayan “n0thing” 1,43,000
5th Faiz Alam “AilaGaya” 1,07,000
6th Shakti Soni “allineveryone” 86,720
7th “srishyam” 71,790
8th “virapalli” 57,090

*Heads up deal


APT 32: 6-Max Turbo 10L GTD – MOHIT MEHTA “thejoker” – IN₹ 2.51L (~US$ 3,168)

Mohit Mehta “thejoker” scored his second ever APT win at the 6-Max Turbo 10L GTD. He won his first back in August last year at the Hyper Turbo 4-Max. For his win, Mehta collected the larger IN₹ 2.51 Lac payout on a heads up ICM deal with Mayank Maruka “Newsolidcash”.

Buy in: IN₹ 2,750 (~US$ 35)
Guarantee: IN₹ 10 Lac
Entries: 576 (323 unique, 253 re-entry)
Prize pool: IN₹ 14.4 Lac (~US$ 18,238)
ITM: 72 places

Final table payouts in IN₹

1st Mohit Mehta “thejoker” 2,51,000*
2nd Mayank Maruka “Newsolidcash” 2,12,000*
3rd Arjanveer Singh “holdbaby” 1,23,000*
4th Sawan Awasya “sawan1990” 90,860
5th Bharath Kumar “hzgod” 68,110
6th Anurag Srivastava “13anurag” 54,580

*Three way deal